[mou-net] Surf Scoter - Lake Waconia, LeConte's Sparrows continuing at Tiger Lake

2016-10-17 Thread William Marengo
A single Surf Scoter is currently present on the east side of Lake Waconia. The bird is just north of Lake Waconia a Regional Park about 50 yards from shore. For what it's worth, the handful of Scoters I have seen on this lake over the years have all been in the same general area on the east

[mou-net] Notes from west central MN

2016-10-17 Thread William Marengo
Paul Egeland, Esther Gesick and I spent the weekend in Yellow Medicine, Lac Qui Parle and part of Chippewa county. Some highlights: Spotted Towhee located in the eastern half of the Lac Qui Parle county park on Saturday. This park also held many of the usual sparrows, kinglets and late season

[mou-net] Fwd: flicker research

2016-10-17 Thread dan
-- Forwarded message -- From: dan Date: Mon, Oct 17, 2016 at 8:17 AM Subject: flicker research To: SD Birds Hi all— Thought you might be interested in this research reported by the American Ornithologists’ Union:

[mou-net] 2016 MOU Paper Session exhibitors

2016-10-17 Thread Bob Dunlap
Hello MOU members and MOU-net subscribers, We're less than two months away from the last(!) MOU Paper Session at the Bell Museum of Natural History on Saturday, December 3. Several of you have contacted me already and reserved an exhibition table. If you would like to be an exhibitor at this

[mou-net] October 18 is Twin Cities Birds and Beers Day

2016-10-17 Thread Curt Rawn
Have you ever heard of Birds and Beers or attended one once and thought, “Cool idea, but too far from where I live.” Well now you have two options. On October 18 there will be a Birds and Beers in both Minneapolis at the Black Forest and St Paul at Moscow on the Hill. This is a great way to

[mou-net] sand hill cranes

2016-10-17 Thread kbo...@frontiernet.net
I just had three sandhill cranes fly over heading back tords county road 8.  Mike LehrkeClearwater  Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android Join or Leave mou-net: http://lists.umn.edu/cgi-bin/wa?SUBED1=mou-net Archives: http://lists.umn.edu/archives/mou-net.html

[mou-net] Blue Earth Black-neck Stilt

2016-10-17 Thread Bob Ekblad
The Black-necked Stilt is still present at the previously reported spot on flooded CR13 between CR30 and CR32. We couldn't pick it out from the east side so we went around to the west side and located it sitting on the road in the middle of a bunch of yellowlegs. We did not spot the godwit.

[mou-net] Ibis

2016-10-17 Thread David Herzog
The Ibis is still at the Albany WTP, lower, eastern most pond. Oct 17, 1:30. David Join or Leave mou-net: http://lists.umn.edu/cgi-bin/wa?SUBED1=mou-net Archives: http://lists.umn.edu/archives/mou-net.html

[mou-net] Great Gray Owl - Bobcat Creek Trail east of Melrude

2016-10-17 Thread Elizabeth Copper
This afternoon my husband spotted a Great Gray Owl along Bobcat Creek Trail east of Melrude. We were able to watch the bird for a couple of minutes before it flew off into the woods. Elizabeth and Robert Copper Melrude Join or Leave mou-net: