Re: using NSPR logging with NSS

2006-01-05 Thread Peter Djalaliev
Well, I actually used SSL_TRC instead, since this is already in the
code.  However, no, I could get NSPR logging to work for me.  I am
using Red Hat Linux 8 with the 2.4 kernel.

The problem was that I didn't see any output - neither in the terminal
window, nor in the log file if I specified one.  Should I use
PR_SetLogFile or the NSPR_LOG_FILE environment variable?

What I did exactly was:

I put in my program code similar to the one in

I defined a log module with PRLogModuleInfo, initialized it with
PR_NewLogModule and then used PR_LOG for logging debugging information.
 Alternatively, I tried using PR_SetLogFile to output into a log file.

Together with these, I tried setting the environment variables


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Re: using NSPR logging with NSS

2005-12-27 Thread Nelson B
Peter Djalaliev wrote:

 I am running NSS with modified SSL3/TLS library in Mozilla Firefox.  I
 used the NSPR logging functionality (to track the status of the
 modified TLS handshake) as described in
 Additionally, I tried using the PR_SetLogFile to specify the location
 of the log file.
 Is this the best way to do this?

Did it fail to work for you?

On what platform were you using it?

Nelson B
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