[MPB-discuss] Introducing Simpetus: A Complete, On-Demand Photonics Simulation Platform

2015-08-10 Thread Ardavan Oskooi
complete simulation platform will make it easier than ever to use our software tools to catalyze your productivity and innovation. We would love to show you a live demonstration of the future of computational photonics. Contact us to learn more. Cordially, Dr. Ardavan Oskooi Founder and CEO

[MPB-discuss] Job Opportunity: Python Software Engineer to develop new API for Meep & MPB

2016-11-23 Thread Ardavan Oskooi
free to forward this announcement to your colleagues. Cordially, Ardavan Oskooi, Sc.D. Founder and CEO, Simpetus 1515 Sutter St, Suite 333 San Francisco, CA 94109 +1.415.920.3025 http://www.simpetuscloud.com ___ mpb-discuss mailing list mpb-discus

[MPB-discuss] new tutorials demonstrating MPB's advanced functionality

2017-07-19 Thread Ardavan Oskooi
, Ardavan Oskooi ___ mpb-discuss mailing list mpb-discuss@ab-initio.mit.edu http://ab-initio.mit.edu/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/mpb-discuss

[MPB-discuss] installation instructions for MPB on Ubuntu 16.04

2017-07-26 Thread Ardavan Oskooi
irectories. The entire installation takes less than an hour on an Intel Xeon 2.90 GHz machine, mainly due to the suite of tests in "make check". These instructions are also available as a bash script. Cordially,

[MPB-discuss] migration of MPB documentation to ReadTheDocs

2017-09-22 Thread Ardavan Oskooi
Dear MPB community: The MPB documentation has migrated to a new home on ReadTheDocs . The previous MediaWiki documentation has been retired and all the links now redirect to new and updated pages on ReadTheDocs. The documentation is in markdown format

Re: [MPB-discuss] Number of processes of MPB via parallel PyMeep

2019-02-15 Thread Ardavan Oskooi
On 2/15/2019 2:17 PM, Michael A. Klatt wrote: How can I choose the number of processes when I run MPB? The Python interface for MPB, available through the pymeep-parallel Conda package, is for the serial version as described in the documentation