[MPB-discuss] Epsilon input file with anisotropic media

2011-11-17 Thread Rafael Gonzalez
Hi everyone I've been goofing around with MPB for some days and I found it very useful by using the epsilon-input-file variable in order to avoid the time consuming generation of the geometric object generations. It's not that it takes too long it's just that I run several simulations with minute

[MPB-discuss] Difference beetween methods

2012-08-10 Thread Rafael Gonzalez
Hello I'm trying to reproduce a paper on bandgaps for 2D lattices. These authors report using a FEM method. I understand this approach is different from the one that MPB uses. And so are the results. I get very similar in shape dispersion diagrams but the bandgaps reported by them are completely

Re: [MPB-discuss] error: guile-config is broken

2013-02-04 Thread Rafael Gonzalez
Hi If you're using Ubuntu, why don't you install the package with 'apt-get install mpb'? Either way it seem to me that you should try to reinstall guile or check the installation issues in the MPB wiki http://ab-initio.mit.edu/wiki/index.php/MPB_Installation. Best regards. 2013/2/4 Francisco

Re: [MPB-discuss] problem in compiling mpb 1.5

2014-05-07 Thread Rafael Gonzalez
Hi I would recommend to check if the configure script finds the HDF5 library because when it doesn't the compiling process succeds but with limited functionality. That might be the problem Rafael 2014-05-07 0:13 GMT-05:00 Ehsan Saei e.s...@hotmail.com: Dear community, I tried to install

Re: [MPB-discuss] swg

2014-11-12 Thread Rafael Gonzalez
Hi, As far as I know MPB will solve the dispersion curves and the group velocities when given a propagation direction (k-point) and a structure, assuming the latter is periodical. So, you'll may end up simulating a lattice of several segmented waveguides but if they are separated enough there

Re: [MPB-discuss] Problem in installation of MPB

2015-08-09 Thread Rafael Gonzalez
Ubuntu is not a requisite to install MPB. You can use MPB on Windows via Cygwin (http://ab-initio.mit.edu/wiki/index.php/MPB_download). Also, someone found the way to compile the source code to a Windows executable to avoid using Cygwin (http://www.ugcs.caltech.edu/~victorl/code/mpb.html). If you