Re: [MPB-discuss] Problem in installation of MPB

2015-10-07 Thread Mike Taverne
If you used "sudo apt-get install mpb" and it did not give you any
errors, then all the dependencies like Guile, libctl, etc should have
been installed as well.

However your command looks wrong. You seem to have tried to run a script
in interactive mode.

There are two ways to run MPB:
1) Interactively
2) With a script

1) Interactively:
Just type "mpb" in a terminal and press enter.
After that, your command prompt should change to something like "mpb>".
You can then directly enter the commands from the wiki, such as:
  (set! num-bands 8)

2) With a script:
In this case, you pass a .ctl file to mpb, such as the one attached to
this e-mail, which runs the first simulation from the official tutorial.
To do this, you run the following command:
  mpb MPB-official-tutorial.ctl

All the output will be printed in the terminal.
If you want to save it, you redirect the output to a file using ">" like
  mpb MPB-official-tutorial.ctl > MPB-official-tutorial.out

Here are some command-line tutorials if you want more info about
redirections, etc:

And the MPB tutorial, which explains all the MPB basics:

On 06/10/15 17:31, ASHINA wrote:
> I have installed MPB through command line using the following command
> sudo apt-get install mpb
> but whenevr I try to run the following
> mpb> abc.ctl >& abc.out
> I get an error of unbound variable.
> Is there a problem in my installation of MPB. Are all the packages like
> BLAS, LAPACK etc not installed or am I doing anything else wrong?
> ___
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; based on (first 
part only)
(set! num-bands 8)

(set! k-points (list (vector3 0 0 0) ; Gamma
 (vector3 0.5 0 0)   ; X
 (vector3 0.5 0.5 0) ; M
 (vector3 0 0 0)))   ; Gamma

(set! k-points (interpolate 4 k-points))

(set! geometry (list (make cylinder 
   (center 0 0 0) (radius 0.2) (height infinity)
   (material (make dielectric (epsilon 12))

(set! geometry-lattice (make lattice (size 1 1 no-size)))

(set! resolution 32)

(run-te) ; Not in a code block on the wiki, but mentioned in the text.

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Re: [MPB-discuss] Problem in installation of MPB

2015-08-09 Thread Rafael Gonzalez
Ubuntu is not a requisite to install MPB. You can use MPB on Windows via
Cygwin ( Also,
someone found the way to compile the source code to a Windows executable to
avoid using Cygwin (

If you want to build MPB from the sources you'll have to install the
prerequisites (hdf5, fftw, blas, lapack,...). So, actually the installation
of MPB in Ubuntu and other Debian based distributions is relatively easy,
you just have to open a command line and run the following:
sudo apt-get install mpb

2015-08-09 7:08 GMT-05:00 Ashina

 Hey. I have downloaded Ubuntu which is required for mpb installation. But
 I am unable to understand the installation of mpb. Please help me install
 it from the beginning.

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Rafael González García
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