[Mpls] Parks debate

2005-02-06 Thread List Manager
Trying to keep all sides from getting in a food fight... I found Jason's comments on Carol Kummer not accepting funds donations from park board contractors such as attorneys to be as usual condescending if not rude. I appreciate Carol Kummer's comments as a positive and deliberative approach.

[Mpls] Big egos, big spending, big taxing: It must be Minneapolis

2005-02-06 Thread Victoria Heller
Today's Pioneer Press To pay for the new library and other system improvements, Minneapolis residents voted to raise their property taxes by $140 million. A private campaign is raising an additional $15 million, Ulseth said. The library is scheduled to open in the spring of 2006. [VH] The

[Mpls] Teacher pensions + other SW Journal stories

2005-02-06 Thread David Brauer
As promised some weeks ago, the Southwest Journal has finally unleashed its take on the teacher pension issue. If you have a few hours before the Super Bowl, you can read it here: Main story: http://www.swjournal.com/articles/2005/02/04/news/news01.txt Sidebars:

Re: [Mpls] Library Wing Thing

2005-02-06 Thread md
Before they tacked on the Wing thing...my first impression of the New Central Palace was that the structure lacked imagination, with the exception of the parking ramp that's off to an angle it looks pretty much like the old library supersized! Yes, the stone comes from a Minnesota quarry, and

[Mpls] Tony Scallon's charter school questions

2005-02-06 Thread Jason C Stone
Tony, if your objectives include 1) educating public officials (or future public officials) and 2) lobbying for the needs of charter school children and youth, I encourage you to give me a call so we can get together for coffee and discuss charter schools further. As with most important

Re: [Mpls] Council committee passes anti-idling ordinance

2005-02-06 Thread Michael Thompson
I tend to look at the anti-idling ordinance from a bit larger Minneapolis perspective, seeing it as evidence of a more insidious problem that the citizens of this city are facing courtesy of the city council. I don't know of anyone who likes trucks idling. The neighborhood residents don't like

Re: [Mpls] Council committee passes anti-idling ordinance

2005-02-06 Thread Dennis Plante
Has anyone researched the alternatives available to truckers? What is the nearest rural rest area at which they are able to sit idling to wait for the business they're unloading at to open in the morning? How large of an inconvenience is it to have to do so? What hours does the new ordinance

RE: [Mpls] Council committee passes anti-idling ordinance

2005-02-06 Thread Gregory Luce
Dennis Plante wrote: What hours does the new ordinance actually cover? [Greg]: The text of the proposed ordinance is pasted below my name. It applies only to residentially used areas between the hours of 10:00 pm and 6:00 am, so truckers and anyone else can idle to their hearts content outside

Re: [Mpls] Minneapolis Bonding Requests/Colin Powell Boondoggle

2005-02-06 Thread Eva Young
Eva Young wrote: Actually, I'm skeptical that Powell would have supported an organization that undermines Jewish parents by attempting to proceletize to their kids, when their kids go to participate in socer games which are not promoted as evangelism opportunities - but rather as soccer games. I

Re: [Mpls] Library Wing Thing

2005-02-06 Thread WizardMarks
At the time Pelli was chosen, the only thing Rockcastle Sheerer did not have was experience with so big a project. Personally, I think Rockcastle did a lovely job on Hosmer, but I can understand the committee's choice of someone with the experience of creating a big building from the

Re: [Mpls] Council committee passes anti-idling ordinance

2005-02-06 Thread joan thom
For those of you who need further info on why Kemps has there lot where it is. The Neighborhood and those of us that live close by went to the City and said YES we want this parking lot! Now our council members who don't believe in very Livable wage jobs within the city are trying to drive them

[Mpls] Re: Should Minneapolis DFL Delay Endorsements?

2005-02-06 Thread Tim Bonham
An interesting notion put forth at the end of Booker Hodges's latest Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder column: I believe that the Minneapolis DFL should not endorse candidates in this year's mayoral, 8th, 5th ward city council races until after the primary. Endorsement in these races would do nothing

Re: [Mpls] Minneapolis Bonding Requests/Colin Powell Boondoggle

2005-02-06 Thread WizardMarks
Eva Young wrote: Eva Young wrote: I would have trouble believing that Powell would approve of the practice that Liz Greenbaum described on this list: WM: Nonetheless, all you have is speculation. That and a buck eighty-three will get you coffee is some places. Eva Young (from a previous post)

[Mpls] Minneapolis office vacancies have gotten worse - OVER 26 MILLION SQUARE FEET!

2005-02-06 Thread Nick Frank
Vicky Reports Collier-Towle Real Estate in Minneapolis shows vacancies for the nearly 26 million square feet of office space available downtown .the amount of sublease space bumps the vacancy rate up to more than 21 percent. That's more than four times the rate for what's considered a

[Mpls] Library Wing Thing

2005-02-06 Thread Steve Cross
*WizardMarks said:* Themore grandiose technocrats are declaring that books will become a thingof the past and libraries will switch to CDs and DVDs for all print. I recall a statement by Microsoft's Bill Gates sometime a long time ago. It was something to the effect that, Books are extremely

Re: [Mpls] Library Wing Thing

2005-02-06 Thread Elizabeth Wielinski
Was downtown and checked out much of the new architecture, the library, the Walker and the Guthrie. I think we now have some great venues for extreme sports. Bungee jumping off the wing, tire swing river dive off the Guthrie and Monster Truck Limbo at the Walker. Let's just hope access to

Re: [Mpls] Re: Should Minneapolis DFL Delay Endorsements?

2005-02-06 Thread Tamir Nolley
I've been following this thread, and other threads on the city races for a while, and there are so may things that are easily forgotten or simply not discussed. No one brings up the fact that Peter McLaughlin is running on an anti-progressive law-and-order campaign message at a time when

[Mpls] Anti-idling: let's all do it, and more to clean up our air!

2005-02-06 Thread Sean Gosiewski
Hello Everyone, I am glad that the issue of idling vehicles has come up on the list serve. I hope that a solution can be found to help the Kemps plant on West Broadway to work through any potential problems that might come out of the new Anti-Idling ordinance. It is important for all of us-

[MPLS] MPRB highlights 2-2-05 part 2

2005-02-06 Thread Elizabeth Wielinski
5:43 Planning Committee Action Item 4.1 That the Board Approve the Schematic Plans for the Proposed University Rowing Facilities in East River Flats Park Head of Planning Judd Reitkerk showed a power point presentation on the history of the park from the MPRB acquiring it in 1883 to the present.

[Mpls] Cabs and Anti-idling ordinance

2005-02-06 Thread David Strand
There are similiar concerns with cabs idling at cab stands in downtown but I don't know exactly what can be done about it. Some of the nastiest air in all of downtown is at the several locations downtown where cabs continously idle throughout the day outside hotels. On Nicollet the problem is

[Mpls] Zimmermann Will Run in 6th Ward

2005-02-06 Thread Craig Cox
ZIMMERMANN WILL RUN IN 6TH WARD Ending weeks of speculation, Council Member Dean Zimmermann said Sunday he has purchased a house in the redistricted 6th Ward and will run against fellow Council Member Robert Lilligren. CITY TEACHERS PENSION FUND HEADED TOWARD BANKRUPTCY The pension fund for

Re: [Mpls] Council committee passes anti-idling ordinance

2005-02-06 Thread Dyna
389.100. Prohibited acts. (a) The following acts are not allowed in the city and the causing thereof are prohibited: Our council members might want to take a look at the state and federal level laws regarding safe transport of refrigerated foods, rest time for drivers, and the Americans with