[Mpls] Green Party endorsements

2001-01-18 Thread HolleB
The Minneapolis/5th District Green Party is the local endorsing body for Minneapolis GP candidates. At our last membership meeting on January 6 we agreed that we would meet bimonthly throughout 2001, and that candidates could be considered for endorsement at any of these meetings as long as

Re: [Mpls] Olson reappointment confirmed

2001-01-20 Thread HolleB
In a message dated 1/19/01 9:39:32 PM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: There was a lot of discussion and congratulation about the fact that crime is down. OK, I totally agree that crime is a bad thing, crime is a very bad thing. But there seemed to be an unspoken assumption that a certain amount

Re: [Mpls] transportation

2001-01-22 Thread HolleB
To D. Klein - wow - what a schedule. Thanks for sharing the personal background - it's a really good snapshot of urban life, and how complex it can be even for the "stay-at-home" parent (a contradiction in terms, it would seem). When I was at home with my infant daughter, and in the years

Re: [Mpls] Cleaning up campaign pollution

2001-02-02 Thread HolleB
What's wrong with Minneapolis following the state's policies for financial disclosure? Political parties and candidates for state office are required to report the names and addresses of individuals who donate $100 or more. This is public record, although I don't think you can find these

Re: [Mpls] Mpls reps' proposed law affecting Mpls neighborhood organizations

2001-02-10 Thread HolleB
(i) a Minnesota driver license, Minnesota identification card, or some form of residency verification issued by a public agency that indicates the individual resides within the geographic boundaries of the neighborhood organization; or This discriminates against renters. I think there

[Mpls] Minneapolis/5th District candidate screening and endorsements

2001-02-11 Thread HolleB
The Minneapolis/5th District Green Party is in the process of screening candidates for city offices: Mayor, City Council, and Park and Library boards. Candidates interested in seeking the Green Party endorsement should contact me at [EMAIL PROTECTED] or call (612) 822-6593 for a screening

[Mpls] Green Party candidate workshops

2001-02-11 Thread HolleB
As an addendum to the announcement about Green Party candidate screening and endorsement - I would like to encourage people who are thinking about running for office as Greens to attend the Green Party of Minnesota membership meeting next Saturday, February 17 at Minneapolis Community and

[Mpls] Mpls/5th District Green Party Endorsing Meeting March 3

2001-02-22 Thread HolleB
Minneapolis/5th District Green Party MEMBERSHIP and ENDORSING MEETING Saturday, March 3 Noon - 4 p.m. University Lutheran Church of Hope 601 13th Avenue Southeast, Minneapolis Meeting open - everyone welcome Near #6 busline. For information call (612) 822-6593 -- AGENDA --

Re: [Mpls] Strib columnist blasts Stonewall DFL

2001-02-25 Thread HolleB
In a message dated 2/25/01 10:27:19 AM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: Doug Grow's column has said it all. It certainly does speak to the need for a non-partisan Gay and Lesbian group to start up for the purpose of evaluating Minneapolis Candidates. Impact Minnesota is focusing on state races.

[Mpls] RE: Election Tidbits

2001-03-01 Thread HolleB
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote.. The question I ask the Greens who are coming to the DFL Party conventions and meetings, is it okay for me to start organizing DFLers in large numbers that agree with the issues of the Green Party and getting them to attend Green Party meetings and endorsing

Re: [Mpls] Weak Candidates

2001-03-02 Thread HolleB
In a message dated 3/2/01 9:34:30 PM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: I can't speak for others on the list, but I love Minneapolis. I've lived in the Netherlands and traveled through Britain, France, Greece and Autstria. I wouldn't want to live anywhere but south Minneapolis. And I rail because

[Mpls] Green Party endorsements - Wards 2 6

2001-03-03 Thread HolleB
The Minneapolis/5th District Green Party met today and endorsed Cam Gordon (unopposed) for Minneapolis City Council, Ward 2. Dean Zimmerman and Tamir Nolley ran for endorsement for Minneapolis City Council, Ward 6. Dean was endorsed with 67% of the vote. Further endorsements will be

[Mpls] Mpls/5D Green Party endorses candidates, charter amendment for IRV

2001-03-04 Thread HolleB
March 4, 2001 Green Party Endorses Minneapolis City Council Candidates, Charter Amendment for Instant Runoff Voting For information contact: Holle Brian, Chair Minneapolis/5th District Green Party (612) 822-6593 [EMAIL PROTECTED] David Kaminsky Mpls/5D GP Ballot Iniatives

Re: [Mpls] Green Party endorses

2001-03-06 Thread HolleB
In a message dated 3/5/01 11:38:33 PM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: Is this accurate? 46 votes to endorse a City Council candidate? And they call this grassroots participation? A DFL Convention for a single Ward that was this small would be considered a serious flop, and would lead

Re: [Mpls] What Makes Minneapolis Feel Like My City

2001-03-07 Thread HolleB
I'd like to echo and expand on what Eric, Scott and Jan wrote on this subject. Diversity of housing, architecture and land use - yes! I love what my neighbors do with their 1910, 1920, 1930 houses that have seen many owners and have taken on the rumpled character of an old hat... I love the

Re: [Mpls] CODEFOR community meeting

2001-03-10 Thread HolleB
In a message dated 3/10/01 6:14:28 AM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: CODEFOR COMMUNITY UPDATE MEETING Wednesday, March 21 at Richfield Lutheran Church 7:00pm to 9:00pm Why is this meeting being held at this location (60th Nicollet) - is this a neighborhood that has been impacted

[Mpls] re: 38th St ramps

2001-03-15 Thread HolleB
The increase in traffic if the I35W ramps are moved to 38th Street would have a significant impact on our neighborhoods. 35th and 36th Streets have natural "traffic-calming" features - they are narrow and don't shoot straight through South Minneapolis in either direction. 38th street would

Re: [Mpls] re: 38th St ramps

2001-03-15 Thread HolleB
In a message dated 3/15/01 9:07:43 AM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: What if there was NO freeway entrance at all between 46th Street and Lake Street? 46th would be a nightmare. That street already carries much more traffic than 35th or 36th, and planners insist it would fail with several

[Mpls] South High evacuated

2001-03-21 Thread HolleB
If any of you have kids at South High School, you might want to run over to the YWCA on Lake Street to pick them up. The school was evacuated for the day because of a bomb threat. Students are being held at the YWCA gym, and are only being released to their parents, legal guardians or other

[Mpls] Minneapolis/5D Green Party membership meeting 4/7

2001-03-27 Thread HolleB
Minneapolis/5th District Green Party -- MEMBERSHIP MEETING -- Saturday, April 7 • 10 a.m.-1 p.m. Martin Luther King Community Center 41st Street and Nicollet Avenue South, Minneapolis Meeting open - everyone welcome On #18 busline. For information

[Mpls] Birds (was: Dirty City)

2001-03-28 Thread HolleB
In a message dated 3/28/01 6:42:39 PM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: When I take my (usually) daily walks in my neighborhood I see many wonderful and not-so-wonderful things. The dirty city thread has focused on the not-so-wonderful side. Today, I saw the first northern cardinal of the spring in

[Mpls] Re: Dean Zimmermann's silencing

2001-04-03 Thread HolleB
In a message dated 4/3/01 3:02:01 PM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: You all have me so confused. Today I received a notice from the "5th District Green Party" announcing a membership meeting on Saturday, 4/7 at MLK Community Center in MLK Park. On it it is endorsing for the Minneapolis Library

[Mpls] Minneapolis/5th District Green Party endorsing meeting results

2001-04-07 Thread HolleB
The Minneapolis/5th District Green Party held its second of three endorsing meetings today at Martin Luther King Community Center in Minneapolis. Green Party members voted to endorse Fran Dassier for Minneapolis Parks Recreation Board District 6, Scott Vreeland for Minneapolis Parks

[Mpls] Petition to make Police Brutality and Misconduct a Federal Crime

2001-04-17 Thread HolleB
The following petition is being circulated by the national Black Radical Congress. I am posting it to the Minneapolis issues list because of the ongoing discussion of police brutality and its effects on our city. I wouldn't mind hearing some discussion about this... more and more people are

Re: [Mpls] Mission to destroy our biosphere

2001-05-01 Thread HolleB
In a message dated 4/29/01 7:12:44 PM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: The question stands. How is our government trying to destroy the biosphere,   or on a smaller level, what are the city governments anti-environmental policies? It's too nice a day to go into a long rant. But since you

Re: [Mpls] Fresh air

2001-05-07 Thread HolleB
In a message dated 5/6/01 10:42:27 AM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: You're all invited to join the R.T. Rybak For Mayor campaign-- fresh from our stunner at the DFL convention--- at the May Day Parade in Powerdown Park today. We will be unveiling a giant object that will show what we need more

Re: [Mpls] Problem with public schools is private schools

2001-05-17 Thread HolleB
In a message dated 5/17/01 6:41:31 PM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: Holle Brian wrote that she has known two insightful men. I don't where you got that quote... sounds like the beginning of one of those weird ethnic jokes: Two insightful men went into a bar... -- Holle Brian Bancroft (612)

[Mpls] Green Party Forum on Reparations, Wed. 5/23 7 p.m.

2001-05-23 Thread HolleB
Green Party Forum == Reparations for African-Americans == Wednesday, May 23 - 7-8:30 p.m. Discussion of the book “The Debt: What America Owes Blacks” by Randall Robinson First in a series of discussions Sabathani Community Center 310 E. 38th

[Mpls] Weekly Green Party volunteer and orientation meetings

2001-05-23 Thread HolleB
Who:The Minneapolis/5th District Green Party What: Weekly volunteer and orientation meetings When: Every Saturday from 10 a.m.-noon Where: Powderhorn Park Community Center at 34th St. and 15th Avenue S. (the Lakeside Room) Why:Come find out how you can help build the Green Party

[Mpls] Fwd: History made in Santa Monica

2001-05-24 Thread HolleB
A model for economic justice from Santa Monica, CA... the local tie-in is that the discussion of affordable housing in Minneapolis is inextricably tied to the living wage. -- Holle Brian Bancroft (612) 822-6593 With two Green Party elected officials casting decisive votes, the Santa

[Mpls] Minneapolis Green Party nominations

2001-06-04 Thread HolleB
Below is a press release about the Minneapolis/5th District Green Party convention - sorry it's a little late. The vote totals for endorsed candidates were: Freeman Wicklund, School Board - 48 out of 56 Frank Zaragoza, School Board - 42 out of 56 Brother Shane Price, City Council Ward 3 - 52

[Mpls] Green Party candidates to file for city elections Monday 7/16

2001-07-13 Thread HolleB
PRESS ADVISORY - JULY 12, 2001 10 Green Party Candidates to File for City Elections Monday, July 16 at 3:00 p.m. Press conference at Room 220, City Hall from 3:30-4:30 p.m. For information contact: Holle Brian, Chair Minneapolis/5th District Green Party (612) 822-6593 [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: [Mpls] Still no PAC money

2001-10-02 Thread HolleB
In a message dated 10/2/01 8:26:11 AM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: Will Mr. Rybak be accepting something more valuable than cash donations, volunteers provided by the union? There isn't a difference between taking cash donations or getting volunteers which mean that you have to spend less

Re: [Mpls] union label

2001-10-30 Thread HolleB
In a message dated 10/30/01 5:08:54 PM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: As an aside , I have seen a number of lawn signs from a variety of candidates that appear to have a bleed-through characteristic when the sun hits the sign just right. Just never thought anything about it. maybe if you look

[Mpls] Nuts

2001-10-30 Thread HolleB
I just heard that the City Council narrowly approved the demolition permit for the Guthrie Theatre. Down goes a piece of Minneapolis history and a cool stage. Up goes a parking ramp. Time for a change... -- Holle Brian Bancroft ___ Minneapolis Issues Forum

Re: [Mpls] Green ? Party sample ballots, etc.

2001-11-01 Thread HolleB
In a message dated 11/1/01 2:04:27 AM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: It is hoped that the Green Party will not act so un-Green in the days just before the General Election as it did before the Primary in my neighborhood. All cars in the two blocks East and the two blocks North of my residence

Re: [Mpls] Stop the Dangerous New 40th Street Greenway

2001-12-03 Thread HolleB
Some comments about the proposed 40th Street Greenway: - A little background - This project was conceived as an extension of the recreational bike paths that ring South Minneapolis; however it's neither a true greenway (car-free bike path) nor a primary bike commuter route. Its main purpose

Re: [Mpls] Rondo in Kingfield?

2002-02-20 Thread HolleB
I think this is a good example of the neighborhood fiefdom dynamic that some have written about on this list. Given a system, it is human nature to expect that system to work. The system of moving people around the city in cars is not working well. When asked how the system could be improved,

Re: [Mpls] Council Votes 7-6 Against Subpoena Power

2002-03-23 Thread HolleB
Voting for the power were Council Members Paul Zerby, Natalie Johnson Lee, Dan Niziolek, Joe Biernat, Dean Zimmermann and Schiff. Thanks to these councilmembers who are pushing for better police accountability. I'm very appreciative of steps the police department has taken to train officers

[Mpls] Critical Mass

2002-04-02 Thread HolleB
Maybe it's time to make the Critical Mass ride a legal, city-sponsored event, to build awareness of bike safety and support for alternative transportation. I think a lot of people (myself included) would enjoy coming out once a month for the ride, who right now are reluctant to risk injury or

Re: [Mpls] Mpls Police Department

2002-04-08 Thread HolleB
I wonder how many people from greater Minnesota were watching the TV footage of police brutality last night... and how many have kids who are attending the U of M... and how this may affect future state funding requests for metro area needs. -- Holle Brian Candidate for state representative,

Re: [Mpls] CMs Challenge Redistricting Plan

2002-04-23 Thread HolleB
In a message dated 4/23/02 5:07:59 PM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: Press Advisory – April 23, 2002 COUNCILMEMBERS CHALLENGE LOCAL REDISTRICTING PLAN Thank you to Dean, Natalie, Cam, Eric and others for taking the initiative in challenging this plan. I see no justification for packing low

[Mpls] That open state senate seat in 62 looks good to me

2002-05-21 Thread HolleB
For those who may have been wondering, this is my informal but official announcement that I will be running for the open state senate seat in District 62. For a Green future - -- Holle Brian Bancroft ___ Minneapolis Issues Forum - A Civil City Civic

Re: [Mpls] Re: Yucca Mtn. Consequences for Minneapolis

2002-07-13 Thread HolleB
In response to Kevin Trainor - A good public servant will not dismiss concerns about transporting high-level nuclear waste through the metro area as scaremongering. Nuclear waste transport poses an unprecedented risk to the environment and human health. The short- and long-term affects of an

[Mpls] Green Party Rally by the River September 28

2002-09-22 Thread HolleB
I'd like to invite list members to a Green Party Rally by the River, to be held this Saturday, September 28 from 1-4 p.m. at 35th Street and West River Road (also known as Giggly Hills) in Minneapolis. Green Party candidates for local, county, state and federal offices will be there. Live

Re: [Mpls] Glass, heating, and new library

2002-10-03 Thread HolleB
My two cents -- Glass may raise possibilities for solar heating. But when I look at the proposed glass faced Library, all I can think of is the bombing of Dresden. There is a reason why libraries and museums traditionally look like fortresses. They house irreplaceable cultural relics. Their

Re: [Mpls] Glass, heating, and new library

2002-10-04 Thread HolleB
In a message dated 10/3/02 9:21:36 PM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: Traditionally libraries and museums were meant for the privileged class. We want the library to be for everyone. The new library should invite people in--we want to invite people to use the books, use the resources, use the

Re: [Mpls] Legalize drugs now

2002-10-23 Thread HolleB
Thanks to Mark Anderson for his thoughtful assessment of the viability of the war on drugs. It shouldn't have to be political suicide to acknowledge that a system has failed, and to propose alternatives. And drug abuse, drug prohibition and accompanying antisocial behavior are not marginal

[Mpls] keep on STRIDEing!

2002-11-01 Thread HolleB
I am very busy during these last days before the election, but I just wanted take a moment to express my support and appreciation to those neighborhood activists who are challenging the I35W expansion plans. I don't support any more highway construction or expansion in the metro area until we

[Mpls] More from MnDOT - emergency meeting called

2002-11-16 Thread HolleB
From the other side of the transportation trenches ... The Hiawatha LRT Community Advisory Committee (CAC) has called an emergency meeting this Wednesday, Nov. 20 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at the Nokomis Community Center, 2401 E. Minnehaha Parkway. The purpose of the meeting is to address concerns

Re: [Mpls] Mayor Rybak and his promised veto of a City Council Anti-War Resolution

2002-12-06 Thread HolleB
I would like the Mayor to support an anti-war resolution from the Council for the following reasons: - Increased military aggression in the Middle East will do NOTHING to protect the U.S. from further terrorist attacks - on the contrary - it will incite more. This is a critical issue for

[Mpls] A plea to Minneapolis dog owners

2002-12-15 Thread HolleB
Please, please, please put an identifying tag WITH YOUR PHONE NUMBER on it on your dog - especially if she/he is big and likes to roam. A license tag is USELESS on the weekends, because the city offices are closed. Yesterday was the third or fourth time I've been faced with a difficult

Re: [Mpls] Re: Bike Racks and Paths

2003-01-03 Thread HolleB
I have just been skimming this thread, so maybe this has already been pointed out, but when I went outside this morning at 7 a.m. the air smelled like gasoline. And a cough that had cleared up during my holiday vacation has returned. This is not the Minneapolis I moved to in 1979. Winter was

Re: [Mpls] My love-hate relationship with Block E

2003-01-05 Thread HolleB
In a message dated 1/4/03 3:24:29 PM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: I'll chime in on Block E. I was very pleasantly surprised at how great the new theaters are. Yes - the new theater is very nice. If it helps make downtown more user-friendly I'm there. A friend and I went to see The Two Towers

[Mpls] Chicago Passes Anti-War Resolution (forward)

2003-01-17 Thread HolleB
For Immediate Release Chicago Passes Anti-War Resolution 46-1 Vote Follows Extensive and Personal Debate (Chicago, Jan. 16, 2003) After one of the most mesmerizing, impassioned and personal debates ever to occur in Chicago's City Council Chamber, Chicago has become the largest and most

Re: [Mpls] Finance: Libraries and Cops. WE NEED A LITTLE MORE CAKE AND A LOT LESS FROSTING

2003-03-08 Thread HolleB
In a message dated 3/8/03 5:11:48 PM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: If we have to immediately have a large building to house the books of the Minneapolis Library, lets look at the Sears building. The City already owns it. Take one or two floors and have a huge library with historical context.

Re: [Mpls] City Hall Stomps on One Man's Dream

2003-10-31 Thread HolleB
In a message dated 10/30/03 4:56:56 PM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: The other night my husband and I headed over to one of my favorite Italian restaurants, Duigi's on 22nd Avenue S. and 38th Street for a nice dinner. As we approached I saw that it was dark and worried that the street

Re: [Mpls] Wrath of Kahn: gunning for politicians' salaries to force early elect

2003-11-25 Thread HolleB
In a message dated 11/25/03 8:06:44 AM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: When focusing on the issue, let's remember something: the Minneapolis City Council unanimously opposes Kahn's early-election initiative - that includes the 10 out of 13 who are DFLers! And her bill died in the state Senate - the

[Mpls] Re: Smoking

2004-11-22 Thread HolleB
In a message dated 11/20/04 9:13:23 PM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: Freedom is about choices, and responsibilities. Just because you don't like smoking doesn't mean that I shouldn't be able to enjoy it. Enjoy it? Freedom may be about choices, but smoking is about addiction, and anybody who's

[Mpls] City Council politicking - Ward 2

2005-01-11 Thread HolleB
This month's Southeast Angle and Seward Profile have a story on the Ward 2 City Council candidates -- see http://www.southeastangle.info/ or http://profile.tripark.org/ Paul Zerby is not running for re-election so this is an open seat. Five candidates are already in the race to replace Paul