[Mpls] illegal to be homeless

2002-10-22 Thread m1r3201
The city of Minneapolis has a "no camping ordinance" on its books which makes it illegal to camp on public property in the city. This is selectively enforced against the poorest of our people who camp along the rive and other out of the way places. The City Council needs to revoke this ordinance

[Mpls] homeless camp out

2002-10-22 Thread m1r3201
There will be an "Illegal to Be Homeless" camp out on the lawn of the Hennepin County Government Center the end of January,2003. Specific dates will be announced soon. All of the City Council, the Mayor and the County Commissioners have been sent information on this camp out and an invitation to

[Mpls] a different take on Wellstone

2002-10-26 Thread m1r3201
Although tragic that those people, including Wellstone, died in that plane crash, I never did or ever will see him as a true fighter for justice. He voted for the sanctions against Iraq that have killed so many in that nation as a result. He voted for the Patriot Act. He was actively involved in

Fwd: [Mpls] a different take on Wellstone

2002-10-27 Thread m1r3201
---BeginMessage--- Kindly refrain from replying to me. I assure my niceness is not the norm. You're entitled to your opinion, even if it shows the world that you are an Ass. The truth is not as you see fit to your agenda. Eric Mitchell Director of Outreach MN -DFL Party 255 Plato

[Mpls] 35W access project

2002-11-15 Thread m1r3201
Rybak and Ostrow's portrayal of council member Rober L's crtiticisms of the access project as "not based in reality" are ridiculous. Lilligren is saying what many of us know to be true. This is truly a boondoggle for the benefit of politicians and corporations. It will further rip apart our

[Mpls] housing

2002-11-22 Thread m1r3201
In my opinion, the right to housing for everyone should be a right protected by Federal Law. I noticed in reading about the 35 W access project that the law of Imminent Domain might be applied: I noticed that it was mentioned that housing would be torn down to make way for that project. I am

[Mpls] Re:frankline avenue

2002-12-11 Thread m1r3201
K.Miller writes, "People want to tell the war stories because you want sympathy and you want our "black" neighborhoods to sound like a war zone full of drugs, pimps and prostitutes--that way, you are the heroes who deserve the praise of cleaning up the neighborhoods and getting people

[Mpls] an addition to something else for the Mpls. City Council

2002-12-24 Thread m1r3201
Rep. Kahn voices her concern about the violation of civil rights of citizens and included the following: Nearly two dozen cities have passed resolutions urging federal authorities to respect the rights of local citizens. The city of Mpls. has had ordinances for at least the past twenty

[Mpls] campout re: homelessness and homeless civil rights

2003-01-04 Thread m1r3201
  Dear Friends,    A peaceful campout will take place on the South Lawn of the Hennepin County Government Center in Downtown Mpls. from 3p.m. Thursday, January 30th throughout the night to 8a.m. Friday, January 31st.    This is to call for the Mayor of Minneapolis and the City Council to

[Mpls] response from council members

2003-01-09 Thread m1r3201
I guess it depends on the issue. Barb Johnson has yet to respond to my several requests for her stance on the way homeless and poor people are criminalized by the city's no camping ordinances. Forced into the streets but then told they are breaking the law. When will people hold them (our

[Mpls] what I sent to the city council

2003-01-11 Thread m1r3201
I am sending along the e-mail I sent to the city council so folks can know what it was that Barbara Johnson received from me and my request for a response. Margaret Hastings-Mpls., Kingfield To The City Council:    I want to interview (and film) city council members, county commissioners,

[Mpls] the democrats

2003-01-15 Thread m1r3201
I liked what one man referred to on this list re: the way that "career politicians "play games and work to secure their power... with the resulting lack of trust and involvement among citizens. I have no great love for Republicans but I really like what film maker Michael Moore said in an

[Mpls] The Mayor breaks his promise to do filmed interveiw re: homelessness

2003-01-17 Thread m1r3201
Several weeks ago Mayor Rybak agreed to do a filmed interview I requested regarding the fact that people are being forced into the streets due to shelters being overcrowded and the Catch-22 that, if forced to the streets, they are breaking city ordinances that prohibit sleeping, camping in public

Fwd: [Mpls] The Mayor breaks his promise to do filmed interveiw re: homelessn...

2003-01-18 Thread m1r3201
I also thought David Shove's response was in the tradition of political satire. I disagree that it was inappropriate. Margret Hastings-Mpls-Kingfield ---BeginMessage--- it is obvious that David S. is engaging in political satire about a powerful elected offical in order to make a statement of

[Mpls] Exploiting a photo op versus taking a moral stand

2003-01-18 Thread m1r3201
In a message dated 1/18/2003 3:40:31 PM Central Standard Time, [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: The Mayor has a busy schedule, and unfortunately we can't accommodate every scheduling request. As I mentioned in my phone conversation, Mayor Rybak intends to attend the campout on Ms. Sether I anticipated

Fwd: [Mpls] The Mayor breaks his promise to do filmed interveiw re: homelessn...

2003-01-19 Thread m1r3201
Mr. Bonham (below) says he does not know what his response has to do with Mpls. issues. I think it reflects the attitude of some people in our city, who respond to severe injustice and suffering with the troubling attitude displayed below. If I am correct, Mr. Bonhom's comment indicates

[Mpls] How did Steve Cramer get the housing job with County Commissioners

2003-01-26 Thread m1r3201
Does anyone know the process involved in hiring Steve Cramer for his current job in housing with the Hennepin County Commissioners' The man has a terrible record on poverty issues, issues regarding homelessness and low income housing. Yes, I know his stint with PPL, but every good politico needs

[Mpls] Thankyou to Zerby and Zimmerman

2003-01-27 Thread m1r3201
It gives me hope to know that we do have people that represent us who are taking a stand against war and its costs both abroad and at home. We keep hearing form Mayor Rybak and other city council members about not supporting this resolution due to "pressing issues at home"... yet we all know

[Mpls] The Great Port A Potty Debacle

2003-01-29 Thread m1r3201
As some of you may remember, I had written previously about the Mayor agreeing (in writing) to a filmed interview about homelessness and then breaking that promise. I have been told consistently "It was a miscommunication. Not to be out done-- The County has its own version of "give and take".

[Mpls] Enough Is Enough!

2003-01-30 Thread m1r3201
The latest outrage of police brutality already has the Chief of Police putting "spin" on it. Is he really serious when he talks about all the steps forward that have been taken by the police department? What world does he live in? Certainly not the world of reality. I have had countless people who

[Mpls] Recognition of compassion and courage can never be done enough

2003-02-01 Thread m1r3201
As I understand it, this list is a place for critiques of our local politicians and thus I would assume it must also be a place for recognition of them at times as well. I also think it is important for list members to be updated by activists about who supports efforts on a variety of issues.

[Mpls] This Friday's City Council Meeting and Middle Class Affordable Housing

2003-02-01 Thread m1r3201
The statements of Council Persons Barbara Johnson and Colvin-Roy (sp?) at today's City Council meeting brought home the continued struggle for poor people and people who are experiencing homelessness. Ms. Johnson used the term "special interest" groups as she referred to poor and

[Mpls] Quitting the Kingfield Board

2003-02-01 Thread m1r3201
I appreciate David Brauer's comments... we need more people putting their positions out there clearly and directly.. As to my "quitting" the Kingfield board. My beloved mother of 84 years died from a painful form of cancer last year and myself, my brothers and sister stayed with her constantly,

[Mpls] Loppett and homelessness

2003-02-02 Thread m1r3201
I found it very difficult to get our elected officials involved in the campout this past week (note Dean, Natalie and Gail were the exception) regarding the horrible oppression of people living on the streets i.e. homeless. I now know why. With all of the passionate debate on this forum

[Mpls] Apologies to Peter McLaughlin

2003-02-03 Thread m1r3201
I have already apologized to Peter McLauhgline in a private post... Peter also stopped by (not for a photo op either) and stayed and talked with people at the campout. Over the years I have found Peter to be quite kind and respectful.. so I wanted to correct my oversight...not intentional

[Mpls] No Longer the Giveaway County Board

2003-02-04 Thread m1r3201
As preparations for a second campout re:homelessness takes shape for early March (this directed at the County Commissioners) I was wondering if people on the list have any information about county funds that you would consider to be "give aways" to developers, or other entities. I would guess

[Mpls] The Needy Masses

2003-02-05 Thread m1r3201
Ann McCandless in her post comments "I do not remember where it is said that only the largest municipalities are responsible for taking on the care and feeding of all the needy masses. " A point that takes me back to my original question about whom is Mike Opat incuding when he speaks of "no

[Mpls] selfless and pure

2003-02-06 Thread m1r3201
David Brauer writes: "Frankly, I find the demonizing of disagreement to be particularly distasteful. It seems like so much of our civic discussion lately does not recognize legitimate differences of opinion - someone must be corrupt, or selfish. We, on the other hand, are selfless and pure and

[Mpls] Let's have long memories about our local politicians

2003-02-14 Thread m1r3201
As I look forward to participating in this Saturday's antiwar rally and march and as I also prepare for the next campout to again decry the terrible manner in which people who are poor and homeless are treated in our fair city I urge all of us to have long memories ... remember the city

[Mpls] Rememer the War at Home

2003-02-15 Thread m1r3201
Myself and my partner also participated, marched in today's anti-war rally... it brought tears to our eyes. As our "empire" continues to destroy human life and quality of life abroad... so it also grinds down so many here at home... if you have a home that is I would ask that those who

[Mpls] Who Is Paul Ostrow?

2003-02-16 Thread m1r3201
Mayor Rybak has been taking a lot of (I believe deserved) criticism from many people ranging from his opposition to the anti-war resolution to lack of much significant action on issues of homelessness and poverty. However, the person who seems to be his relatively silent partner in many of these

[Mpls] the war has been going on for years

2003-02-16 Thread m1r3201
I appreciate Peter Schmitz and Michael Calvin's reminders that this is not really Bush's war... War has been ongoing and waged for years under both Demos and Repubs.. covert, sanctions, "war on crime", "war on drugs", war on poor people,... Unfortunately we seem to be a nation of people that

[Mpls] R-E-S-P-E-C-T

2003-02-26 Thread m1r3201
I watched Mayor Rybak (on T.V. last night) talk about respect in response to Clyde Bellecourt's and others of the Indian Community talking about the total lack of respect shown to them over the generations... I am not sure why Mayor Rybak thought it was such a big deal that apparently two police

[Mpls] The Mayor and Homelessness

2003-03-05 Thread m1r3201
As I type this little note ,I am listening to Mayor Rybak's interview with me regarding the no camping, no sleeping in cars ordinances. The Mayor gave a thoughtful and respectful interview. He also said that he would welcome information sent to him about these types of ordinances and how other

[Mpls] Give it up Phyllis

2003-03-06 Thread m1r3201
Phyllis Kahn's excuses, rationales, etc... they are not true and she knows it... what she should be paying attention to is the steadily rising resentment towards her and other DFLer's who continue to act as if they are immune from accountability. I was raised a Democrat and have been so soured on

[Mpls] Saying what I mean

2003-03-06 Thread m1r3201
David's encouragement to say what I really mean about Ms. Kahn has inspired me... I did not mention that I also think her behavior is opportunistic in the extreme. Margaret Hastgings-Mpls-Kingfield

[Mpls] It's cold outside!

2003-03-08 Thread m1r3201
Pretty cold out today! Minnesota weather is particularly tough on people experiencing homelessness. And certainly our city of Minneapolis is cold both literally and in spirit towards our fellow humans out in the cold. In Philadelphia, the city requires that when the temp drops below a certain

[Mpls] Steve Brandt in the Strib

2003-03-09 Thread m1r3201
Steve Brandt's article in today's Tribune is an example of the rather sloppy manner that the issue of "affordable housing" tends to be discussed among many sectors: reporters, politicians, advocates, etc. 1) He does not clearly define the terms he uses: He uses the term affordable housing but:

[Mpls] a sincere question

2003-03-09 Thread m1r3201
In response to David Brauer's sincere question. I have been having difficulty getting "the other view" represented in the documentary I am doing on homlessness in the twin cities. I keep trying to find people who will go on film, who believe in what they say enough to have it recorded for public

[Mpls] please keep the comments coming

2003-03-09 Thread m1r3201
David Brauer has finally succeeded in getting the responses I have been trying to draw out from those who dispute homelessness exists in Mpls. I particulalry was struck by the term "undercover spot checks" used by Ms. Heller Again, I really want to interview some of you folks on film... let me

[Mpls] homeless

2003-03-09 Thread m1r3201
David, you can post this later, as I know this is my third one. My irritation at having to prove the obvious was outweighed by my irritation with some of the ridiculous comments I have seen posted regarding people who are homeless: Per Simpson Emergency Shelters Website : " We offer shelter to

[Mpls] clarification

2003-03-10 Thread m1r3201
Bill, Caitlin said their were four empty beds in simpson for women, the men were full and Caitlin did not say how many were turned away. Also, she did not report on Marie Sanvik, St. Stephen's, Our Saviors, and safe waiting and 519 Portland, I am not able to remember the name of a shelter up on

[Mpls] Stride must be doing something right

2003-03-12 Thread m1r3201
Actually Stride is doing a lot right... I figure whenever I see the word demonize on this list.. the target of this term has said something truthful. Margaret Hastings-Kingfield-Mpls

[Mpls] Those who support STRIDE

2003-03-14 Thread m1r3201
I have never been to a STRIDE meeting, I have educated myself about their position and support them... There are plenty of us out there who are allies, supporters of STRIDE who are busily organizing around other issues so do not make it to meetings. So, doing a head count of atetndacne at their

[Mpls] Mpls campout

2003-03-17 Thread m1r3201
The campout Saturday, March 15th into Sunday March 16th was peaceful and without arrests.     County security guards made their sympathy for the campout obvious by the respectful manner in which they treated us.     One guard expressed his gratitude that we were there..."I worked at 519 for a year

[Mpls] No response from city officials

2003-03-29 Thread m1r3201
Jordan Kushner wrote: "I have not received any feedback from any city officials about my suggestion a few days ago that the city should refuse to spend money to suppress protests against the federal government." Jordan's experience is not unique. It seems if you do not have some sort of

[Mpls] Fwd: still want to get interviews of those with different point of view

2003-04-01 Thread m1r3201
---BeginMessage--- Ms. Heller's comments about lead bullets flying reminded me of my original request to list members who have similar negative views towards people who are homeless- to please let me interview them for my documentary on the way homeless persons are viewed and treated in

[Mpls] Need footage video or still of Mayor Rybak and donut contest

2003-04-03 Thread m1r3201
I need video or still photos of Mayor Rybak and his dontut contest with Chief Olson. Also of Mayor Rybak at the dedication of the Mary Tyler Moore Statue. If you have such footage please contact me. I want to use it in a docymentary. I do not need advice on going to the major T.V. stations, etc.

[Mpls] Update on the Criminalization of Homelessness

2003-06-02 Thread m1r3201
The Public Safety Committee did instruct the inspections department to consult with The Advisory Board on Homelessness as to how the no camping/no sleeping in cars ordiances impacts people who are homeless. Below is my response to the Public Safety Committee Margaret Hastings - Mpls- Kingfield

[Mpls] Thanks to Mpls City Council

2003-06-02 Thread m1r3201
I noticed in a report in the Southwest Journal that the Mpls. City Council approved submitting a letter to Hennepin County expressing the City's concern regarding its (the county's) policy closing homeless emergency shelters during the summer months. This was an 11-0 vote. This deserves some

[Mpls] Poice brutality and harassment re: people who are homeless

2003-06-08 Thread m1r3201
A friend of mine said he e-mailed Council Member Lisa Goodman asking for a moratorium on the no camping laws so people who are homeless will not be harassed by the police to keep moving on, having camp sites destroyed and abuse delivered. If my friend misquoted Ms. Goodman, I hope she corrects

[Mpls] The Need to Know re: Federal Mediation

2003-06-10 Thread m1r3201
I hope Michelle Gross continues to voice her views about Federal Mediation and the co-optation of it. I, for one, need to know her perspective on this issue and her experience with how the process was derailed. I do not know Ms. Kambui personally, so am not invested in making a judgment of her

[Mpls] The Homeless Problem is Worse Tonight

2003-06-12 Thread m1r3201
Bill wrote: "The homeless problem in Mpls is worst tonight.  And, like you, he is a good person.  He is frightened.  He cried." Bill tells the story not of just one man when he speaks of this...he is telling the story of so many good, decent people who this very night are in crappy overcrowded

[Mpls] if not, why not?

2003-06-17 Thread m1r3201
Why has 519 not been reopened for the summer? The lame excuse is lack of funding. Another is that it was "inhumane". I was down there the last night it was open. The men I spoke with found it a lot more inhumane to be forced into the streets: At 519 they had a sense of community, safety, toilets

[Mpls] 519 Portland

2003-06-17 Thread m1r3201
A few weeks ago I went to the County Commissioner's public forum to talk about 519 among other homeless issues.   At that time the Commissioners said that 519 will reopen in the fall (we shall see).   The Mpls. City Council sent a letter to the County Commissioners urging them to keep shelters

[Mpls] Coming to a bridge near you

2003-07-03 Thread m1r3201
Today I was at the Community Advisory Board on Homelessness. One, among many, troubling pieces of information mentioned at that meeting is that there is a possibility that Minneapolis may follow St. Paul's (relatively new) initiative of placing rods under bridges that prevent a human being from

[Mpls] Mayor Rybak needs to do some explaining

2003-07-13 Thread m1r3201
Regarding Jim Mork's comment on the appointment of the two development directors "It looks like tax dollars going to what should be lower priorities.  It looks like an elite taking care of its own and blowing off those of us who pay the bills." I think Jim's point is well taken. Mayor

[Mpls] Mayor Rybak's CDEP appointees

2003-07-14 Thread m1r3201
It seems time for our city council to voice their outrage at the CDEP appointments coming from Mayor Rybak. This is an insult to Minneapolis residents. Recent history has shown that the majority of Minneapolis residents are sick of the quality of life and the money of Minneapolis being

[Mpls] Oh yeah, CEPD continued ...and what about that MCDA appointment?

2003-07-14 Thread m1r3201
Hennepin County is planning a major reconstruction of Lake Street. Unfortunately, this project is heavily influenced by another road-building project, the controversial 35W Access Project. Both of these projects are linked in many ways. Both projects are managed by Smith Parker, a law firm with no

[Mpls] Straight talk from the Mayor

2003-07-15 Thread m1r3201
Jim Mork writes: "We need some straight talk.  And R. T. needs to be on notice that he's excited a lot of suspicions among those who dig in our pockets for hisexpenditures.  He doesn't have a huge amount of credit with us. And if he starts looking like Belton-Cherryhomes, the bandwagon

[Mpls] the clock ticks along and still no answers from City Hall

2003-07-16 Thread m1r3201
I really like Craig's $1 a year man example from Roosevelt. It does seem like a great idea. H, still nothing from City Hall posted on the list to answer the questions many of us want answered. Out of sight out of mind (or off the list, off the hook) seems to be the tactic at hand.

[Mpls] City Pages Article entitled Bum-B-Gone

2003-07-17 Thread m1r3201
This weeks City Pages has an article by Mike Mosedale entitled "Bum-b-Gone" about the "Transient Barriers " (steel rods) being installed under bridges to prevent people who are homelss a place to rest, get out of the rain. one quote from the article is the following: ...The DOT estimates it has

[Mpls] Politicians versus leaders

2003-07-24 Thread m1r3201
I was pretty impressed with a column written by Steve Perry in this week's City Pages: He gave me the words I could not find to describe our current politician culture: and I think it could be applied to our current Mayor: that "In American politics, professed intentions always count more than

[Mpls] Law and Order Mayor

2003-08-14 Thread m1r3201
I too noticed what Mayor Rybak chooses to respond to on the list.    At least he reads the list, so he knows the questions he is being asked, even if he does not respond.    I have noticed a pattern that the issue that Mayor Rybak tends to come on strong about is "law and order".    When all

[Mpls] Police

2003-08-16 Thread m1r3201
My admiration for Natalie Johnson Lee continues. And my disgust with the way police are allowed to conduct themselves in this city continues to rise. Minneapolis is the city of "pick and choose" for many police officers. They decide when and whom they are going to hassle in the name of the

[Mpls] Intermittent Enforcement

2003-08-16 Thread m1r3201
The issue about Natalie Johnson Lee and the police officer speaks to me of a bigger issue: SELECTIVE ENFORCEMENT It is the way in which laws are enforced (i.e. unequally) that cause me such concern. Over the past several years I have witnessed and dealt with reports of people who are homeless

[Mpls] At Home On the Island- the usual negatives in print

2003-08-19 Thread m1r3201
I have now read "At Home on the Island" Having worked with folks who are homeless, who have had to live outside and make the best of it...I am saddened at the oversimplification and triteness of this article. Trauma, mental health issues, the stress of trying to survive that then can create

[Mpls] Death of Eric Stonechild

2003-08-19 Thread m1r3201
Eric Stonechild, outreach worker with American Indian Housing Inc. died last week. Eric testified at the Public Safety Committee of the Mpls City Council advocating for the people he served with such compassion-- Native people who are homeless. I did not know Eric very long. Was fortunate

[Mpls] Fwd: Kingfield's (soon to be gone) NRP mural

2003-09-18 Thread m1r3201
---BeginMessage--- I have read two articles by Doug Growe recently where he berates the tedium of following established protocol related to Kingfield's NRP steering committee. He is referring to the mural on a dry cleaner shop in Kingfield that was paid for by NRP money- he said it cost $1,500

[Mpls] MNDOT does filmed interview about transient barriers for documentary on homeless

2003-10-12 Thread m1r3201
The Minnesota Department of Transportation granted me a filmed interview about their installation of "transient barriers" under bridges in Minneapolis and St. Paul to prevent persons experiencing homelessness from using bridges for shelter. they were quite accomodating even when I told them it

[Mpls] Mayor Rybak and the Stadium

2003-10-17 Thread m1r3201
I remember the Mayor saying he would not support a publicly funded stadium. And I remember that, in a debate with Lisa McDonald, he used that answer. As to putting his butt on the line. Even if he is not re-elected, he will have curried favor with the rich and connected.A win situation no matter

[Mpls] Pathetic Excuse for a Mayor

2003-10-18 Thread m1r3201
I think Michelle Gross's description of R.T.Rybak is quite accurate. Mayor Rybak consistently ignores constituents who do not have power or money connections. He has yet to respond to my request for his reaction to what other cities have done to address the unfair treatment of people

[Mpls] B.E.E.P....the Excess Project...being sold out

2003-11-04 Thread m1r3201
I looked at Ken Avidor's B.E.E.P. cartoons. Thought he did a very good satiric rendering of how local politicians make decisions not based on what is best for a city or its people...but on who has the money. Margaret Hastings-Kingfield-Mpls

[Mpls] Flyover ramps and bridge rods (transient barriers)

2003-11-05 Thread m1r3201
Ed Feilene's post mentioned flyover ramps and the folks who would be living underneath them if they are built as [part of the excess project. One group of people who will not be under them are persons living in homelessness---rest assured, bridge rods will be placed under them to prevent those

[Mpls] Mayor Counts Shelter Beds (Mats) As Affordable Housing

2003-12-01 Thread m1r3201
From the most recent issue of Skyway News, reporter Scott Russellreports on City of Minneapolis Mayor RT Rybak counting 251 new sheltermats as new production of 'affordable housing.'http://www.skywaynews.net/display/inn_news/news01.txtFrom the article:The city's goal is to produce or preserve

[Mpls] Mayor Rybak and the numbers game: how many mats equal a decent home?

2003-12-01 Thread m1r3201
Although Mayor Rybak did not create (from what I can tell) the practice of counting mats on shelter floors as affordable housing... that does not mean it is ok for that practice to continue. I hope the Mayor will come forward to change this practice. It is a use of numbers to mislead. I do

[Mpls] shelter

2003-12-03 Thread m1r3201
Regarding the post about the failed attempt to get a shelter in the Love Power Church. Why is it a bad idea to have a children's mission and a homelessshelter in the same building? Margaret Hastings-Mpls-Kingfield

[Mpls] Some clarification please

2003-12-03 Thread m1r3201
Tom L. notes that most of the numerical goals of affordable housing have been met: As always-- the term affordable housing gets used without definition of what affordable means. Also, as we now know, shelter beds, mats are being counted as affordable housing, is Tom using those numbers as

[Mpls] still need clarification

2003-12-03 Thread m1r3201
I was not asking for links to web sites regarding Tom L's post on affordable housing. I was asking for Tom to define what he meant by affordable housing when he talked of it in his post. and when he said that most of the numeric goals have been meant-- does that include the counting of

[Mpls] Bridges as affordable housing

2003-12-04 Thread m1r3201
With bridge rods preventing people who are homeless from finding shelter under our bridges... the opportunity to list bridges as units of affordable housing has been missed by our Mayor. Margaret Hastings-Mps-Kingfield

[Mpls] (no subject)

2003-12-09 Thread m1r3201
I have sent an e-mail to Erik Takeshita requesting that he or the mayor do a filmed interview with me about the bridge rods (transient barriers). However, if Erik or the Mayor do not want to do this with me, I would hope they would be willing to talk to the Skyway News, Southwest Journal or

[Mpls] RE: David Feldman and bridge rods

2003-12-10 Thread m1r3201
I got an off post comment that David Feldman no longer is with the mayor's office and the poster assumed I must have tried to contact him after he left. So, to avoid the issue getting lost in this sort of side issue: My e-mails to David Feldman were when he was in the Mayor's office and as I

[Mpls] repetition

2003-12-10 Thread m1r3201
On Tue, 9 Dec 2003, LEE EKLUND wrote: [I] lose interest rapidly as a post re-affirms the same point a number of times. Yes, let's go for the sound bite approach.better yet, once anybody has said anything on any topic on the list...ban them from talking about it again. I know I have seen both

[Mpls] Lack of Adequate shelter for people experiencing homelessness

2003-12-11 Thread m1r3201
MPR had a story yesterday on the status of homeless shelters (i.e.,full) and what is expected this winter (i.e., full). The story is at:news:news.mpr.org/features/2003/11/27_hughesa_homeless/ It isimportant to get the facts about the shelters because a few locallandlords put out the the false

[Mpls] The Importance of this List

2003-12-11 Thread m1r3201
The mpls mnforum list is a valuable service and guess I just wanted to say what I have been thinking for a long time. Like all efforts to contribute to discourse, it has limitations, people who choose not use it, and is subject to many criticisms. NonethelessI sure use it, it has proved a

[Mpls] Putting Mpls homeless problem in perspective

2003-12-11 Thread m1r3201
just because San Fran has more person experiencing homelessness does not let Mpls off the hook. the perspective of one person who lives in homelessness or 10,000 is the same...it sucks. Margaret Hastngs-Mpls-Kingfield REMINDERS: 1. Think a member has violated the rules? Email the

[Mpls] No response yet from Erik or the Mayor on the Bridge Rods

2003-12-11 Thread m1r3201
In fairness to Erik, he did post to me, but only to say that it is MNDOT that is putting in the bridge rods. (I already knew that) have my interview with MNDOT on film. Since that was not the point of my post to him.. I responded that he had not answered my question. which was--- will he

[Mpls] getting time with the Mayor

2003-12-12 Thread m1r3201
Here is the reason I resort to the issues list to try to get the Mayor's response about the outrageous treatment of people living in homelessness. When pursuing another interview with the mayor about the criminalziation of person's living homeless I went through the channels suggested

[Mpls] Camp'n Out at the Kaplans

2003-12-13 Thread m1r3201
Many would agree with me that $100 is a lot of money to pay for an audience with the Mayor. Sowhy pay for it, when you can camp outside the place he will be partying at? Actually camping out is an exagerration--- one year I had to stand for a total of about 30 hours on a public

[Mpls] The Mayor and the Stadium..A Home for the Twins/Not for Persons Who are Homeless

2003-12-14 Thread m1r3201
In Sunday's Strib 12/14/03: from story Kelly and Rybak: The Rivals Rybak had campaigned against spending public money on a new ballpark... Rybak flip-flopped on his position: Within two weeks of his election, apparently overcoming his anti-stadium stance, he was looking

[Mpls] The Right Kind of Advocacy

2003-12-15 Thread m1r3201
In response to the issue raised by Mr. Snyder and the Mayor's fundraising party-- I asked that the Mayor respond to a question that is reasonable to pose to him, and ,given that he campaigned on affordable housing, one I would expect him to be willing to answer. He has posted on the forum

[Mpls] Homeless Memorial Service

2003-12-17 Thread m1r3201
Info on this years's service: The 19th annual statewide Homeless Memorial Service will be Thursday, Dec.18. A walk from Project Offstreets/Youthlink, 41 N. 12th St., Mpls. will begin at 5:00 pm. Marchers will walk in silence, carrying signs stating the name, age and city of the people who

[Mpls] Star Trib commentary: Those Who Die Without a Home

2003-12-18 Thread m1r3201
See Cathy ten Broeke's commentary in today's star and tribune: one line from her commentary Americans have mastered the art of living with the unacceptable. Margaret Hastings-Mpls-Kingfield REMINDERS: 1. Think a member has violated the rules? Email the list manager at

[Mpls] The Kaplan's, The Mayor and Inacessability

2003-12-21 Thread m1r3201
The location for the Mayor's New Years fundraiser seems to be a metaphor for his inaccessibility regarding the topic of the bridge rods. Wanting to know where I would be spending my time from 6p.m. to 6a.m on New Year's Eve, I took a Sunday drive to the Kaplan's. I was not suprised to

[Mpls] The Mayor and Bridge Rods

2003-12-21 Thread m1r3201
I have copied this to Mayor Rybak and now am posting to the forum in plain text: Seems that Mayor Rybak still reads the forum..so once again... I would like to hear the Mayor's feelings about the bridge rods that are installed under some of our Mpls city bridges. I have just

[Mpls] At the Kaplan's (or as close as I can get) and the Mayor's open house

2003-12-22 Thread m1r3201
Although I still plan to be at the Kaplan's for RT's fundraiser (attempting to balance on the few inches of public land I can to keep me legal), I have decided to give it a go again at the Mayor's open house that Erik his aide referred to. So, for those who would like to find out how my

[Mpls] wanting the plan

2003-12-23 Thread m1r3201
I would encourage those who have stated they really want to work on ending homelessness to join me at the Kaplan's and also at the Mayor's next open house. If you do not care for my style of addressing the social injustice of homelessness, I would encourage you to contact the Minesota

[Mpls] a plan and self education

2003-12-23 Thread m1r3201
I forgot to mention, that if you want information related to mental health issues and homelessness, you might want to read works by the psychologist Paul Toro who does an excellent job desribing the lack of attention to individuals struggling with trauma, depression, addiction, mental health

[Mpls] A Simple Plan

2003-12-24 Thread m1r3201
The Plan (or at least my plan) 1) point out that it continues to be a consistent pattern for Mpls Mayors, and other politicos, to largely ignore the needs of our residents experiencing homelessness. 2) Consistently refute the claims of there not being

[Mpls] Mayor Rybak please call Mayor Hickenlooper re: Homelessness

2003-12-24 Thread m1r3201
From the article in today's Strib (12/24/03)about Hennepin County literally exporting persons experiencing homelessness: ...Mayor John Hickenlooper called the policy 'unacceptable'...Hickenlooper, who took office in January, is particularly concerned about the city's homeless

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