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2010-01-23 Thread Francis Tyers
Many thanks for your message, as I'm sure you appreciate, we also take 
free/open-source software and licensing very seriously, otherwise we
wouldn't have gone through such a long email exchange to obtain

Best wishes,


El ds 23 de 01 de 2010 a les 10:22 -0500, en/na Alan W Black va
 The license we include is a standard CMU license that we have used for a 
 number of our open source speech products over the last ten years, the 
 license has been checked by a number of different legal groups both 
 within and outside CMU.  The additional clause 5 has been added due to a 
 requirement and respect to the original groups involved in the 
 collections.  Although we are aware that some groups may only use the 
 data if it follows some existing predefined license that they own legal 
 group has approved, we do not see it necessary to change our license 
 when we have already had it vetted by a large number of groups.
 If this license does not satisfy your particular requirements then 
 unfortunately this data cannot be used by you.  That is a decision that 
 all developers make when choosing to use external resources.
 At CMU we take open source and licensing very seriously and choose the 
 license conditions based on what we decide will give the maximum benefit 
 for the potential user groups, without compromising our funding sources 
 and collaborators.  It requires hard decisions and negotiations in order 
 to please as many groups as we can.  In doing so we cannot always please 
 everyone all the time, but that is in the nature of licenses.
 We are fully aware of the consequences of adding clause 5, which we do 
 not have on much of our open source releases, but we still decided that 
 was the best option given the data that we have.  We knew that this 
 would exclude some people from being able to use the data, but we still 
 made that decision.
 Alan W Blackemail: a...@cs.cmu.edu
 Associate Professor
 Language Technologies Institute http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~awb/
 Carnegie Mellon University  tel: +1-412-268-6299
 5000 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh PA, 15213, USA. fax: +1-412-268-6298
 Robert Frederking wrote:
  Well, my understanding is that, unfortunately, most companies won't 
  touch anything that's under GPL, so I don't think that's a solution.  We 
  don't want to exclude commercial entities.
  Francis Tyers wrote:
  First of all, thanks to CMU for releasing the data. I've no doubt it
  will be valuable to people working in the field.
  I don't particularly like terms like lawyerbomb and obnoxious
  advertising clause, but this merits a response.
  People who don't get paid to work on the software they develop, aren't
  employed by big universities or companies are understandably concerned
  about getting sued -- you can say but they've never been sued before,
  so why should they worry -- but this isn't really convincing. They can
  get frustrated that people make more work for themselves and others.
  * Making up your own 'free/open-source' licence: More work for 
  you, more work for them.
  * Choosing an existing tried and tested 'free/open-source' licence: 
  Less work for you, less work for them.
  Furthermore, they can also find it frustrating that a non-profit
  organisation would release their work under a licence that is
  incompatible with that of over 60% of free software.[1]
  PS. Some of these same issues are reviewed in Ted Pedersen's excellent
  2008 article:
  1. http://www.blackducksoftware.com/oss/licenses#top20
  El dv 22 de 01 de 2010 a les 18:29 -0500, en/na Job M. van Zuijlen va
  Some of the verbiage used in this discussion (lawyer bomb...) doesn't
  particularly encourage people to make their data freely available.
  What happened to common sense?  I think CMU's initiative should be
  Job van Zuijlen
  From: Robert Frederking Sent: Friday, January 22, 2010 16:32
  To: Francis Tyers Cc: mt-list@eamt.org Subject: Re: [Mt-list] Public 
  release of Haitian Creole language data
  byCarnegie Mellon
  I'm not a lawyer, but let me start by stating that out intent was
  simply that re-use included acknowledgement.  This was not intended to
  be a splash-screen on every start-up, or making the software pronounce
  our names at the start of every sentence.  :-)  It only has to be
  clearly visible in anyone's source files.
  We aren't interested in suing people; we are a non-profit research
  organization.  But like the Regents in California, we have a
  responsibility to our sponsors that appropriate credit is given for
  our work.  So this is intended to be like the old BSD advertising
  clause, which is generally considered to be clear from a legal point
  of view.
  Please use the data however you want; just

Re: [Mt-list] Public release of Haitian Creole language data by Carnegie Mellon

2010-01-21 Thread Francis Tyers
El dj 21 de 01 de 2010 a les 14:49 -0500, en/na Robert Frederking va
 The Language Technologies Institute (LTI) of Carnegie Mellon University's
 School of Computer Science (CMU SCS) is making publicly available the
 Haitian Creole spoken and text data that we have collected or produced. We
 are providing this data with minimal restrictions in order to
 allow others to develop language technology for Haiti, in parallel with our
 own efforts to help with this crisis. Since organizing the data in a useful
 fashion is not instantaneous, and more text data is currently being 
 by collaborators, we will be publishing the data incrementally on the web,
 as it becomes available.  To access the currently available data, please
 visit the website at  http://www.speech.cs.cmu.edu/haitian/

Would you consider also dual/triple licensing the data under an existing
free software licence, such as the MIT licence[1] or the GNU GPL[2] ?
This way it could be combined with existing data under these licences
(e.g. the majority of free/open-source software) and researchers and
developers don't need to hire legal advice to determine if they can
combine their work with yours.

Best regards, 


1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MIT_Licence#License_terms
2. http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html

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Re: [OT] Terminology (RE: [Mt-list] NLP for (African) pi-languages, not minority languages)

2006-08-25 Thread Francis Tyers

 though we wouldn't think to call it, or Spanish or English, etc. As Francis
 puts it, situational minority languages. But that just shows how dependent
 the term is on context.

To avoid taking credit for this, I took the term from Peter Trudgill's
paper, Ausbau sociolinguistics and the perception of language status in
contemporary Europe, Int. J. App. Ling. 1992.



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Re: [Mt-list] Computers translation in Africa / involving African languages

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