[Mt-list] tomorrow is free online MT panel session for translation buyers

2010-11-09 Thread Jeff Allen
via open chat) Machine Translation (MT) trends Panel session ProZ Virtual Conference for Globalization Translation Consumers Wednesday Nov 10, 2010 http://www.proz.com/translation3/globalization-translation-consumers/program/5138 Regards, Jeff Allen Paris, France Engineering Tools/Processes

[Mt-list] list of new panels webinars on MT

2010-10-15 Thread Jeff Allen
/translation3/globalization-translation-consumers/program/5138 Overview on machine translation 02 July 2010 http://www.proz.com/translator-training/course/3418-machine-translation-by-jeff-allen Overview on machine translation On-demand http://www.proz.com/translator-training/course/3673-overview-on-machine

[Mt-list] Final Call for participation: CrisisCamps Paris 24 Apr 2010: sessions on language technologies

2010-04-23 Thread Jeff Allen
specifically indicated interest in the language technology topic. If you plan to attend, just send me a short email asking me to put your name on the wiki page to register you. Please spread the word to all different interested audiences. Thanks, Jeff === Quoting Jeff Allen jeff.al

[Mt-list] CrisisCamps Paris 24 Apr 2010: session on Creole language technologies

2010-04-09 Thread Jeff Allen
announcement in English followed by French Come participate at the First CrisisCamps Paris What: Workshop session(s) led by Jeff Allen on current up-to-date status of available systems, resources and data to quickly develop speech and translation technologies for Haitian Creole, during full day

[Mt-list] new article including MT and Haitian Creole

2010-03-09 Thread Jeff Allen
Haiti relief in the language industry. In MultiLingual magazine, Number 110, March 2010, pp 50-52 http://multilingual.texterity.com/multilingual/201003?folio=50 Note: use the arrows or page number function at top to read all 3 pages. ___ Mt-list

Re: [Mt-list] Public release of Haitian Creole language databyCarnegie Mellon

2010-01-23 Thread Jeff Allen
all of those works. So I guess this email is the short version. Yours faithfully and for the people of Haiti, Jeff Jeff Allen SAP Business Objects Division Advisor, MultiLingual (Computing Technology) magazine Advisor, LINGUIST-List http://www.linkedin.com/in/jeffallen === Quoting

[Mt-list] more Haitian Creole textual data has been released by CMU

2010-01-23 Thread Jeff Allen
a bilingual corpus of approx 13,000+ parallel sentences and and a huge glossary of work done by the team for a period of 2 years). So check the website again if you wanted more textual data. More still being checked with hopes of being able to make it available too. Regards, Jeff Allen SAP Business

[Mt-list] Re: SMS text message project

2010-01-23 Thread Jeff Allen
On Sat, Jan 23, 2010 at 9:53 PM, christopher taylor christopher.paul.tay...@gmail.com wrote: there is an organization that is offering a service in which you can translate SMS/text messages - the data is public domain - it is a crowd source effort and it makes your ability to assist in haiti

Re: [Mt-list] Public release of Haitian Creole language data byCarnegie Mellon

2010-01-21 Thread Jeff Allen
Sorry I couldn't intervene quickly enough guys. Dealing with lots of requests from people about the announcement. Bob has mentioned several of the things we are looking at right now, and concrete ways to meet specific needs. I'm on several networks with many translation agencies and

Re: [Mt-list] MT for languages with multiple scripts

2009-09-05 Thread Jeff Allen
, etc. must be reused. Best regards, Vadim - Original Message - From: Jeff Allen jeff.al...@free.fr To: mt-list@eamt.org Sent: Friday, September 04, 2009 11:54 PM Subject: [Mt-list] MT for languages with multiple scripts Hi listers, What is experience on creating MT systems

[Mt-list] Results several polls about MT among professional translators

2009-09-05 Thread Jeff Allen
Some may think that the professional translator community isn't interested in MT. Yet, here are the current results of several polls on www.proz.com (one of the main sites for professional translators). Do you use Machine Translation tools for professional purposes? Poll by Marco Cevoli Total

[Mt-list] MT for languages with multiple scripts

2009-09-04 Thread Jeff Allen
Hi listers, What is experience on creating MT systems for languages with multiple scripts? - choose only one script - Separate system per script - Toggle between variants after system launch - etc What factors that have influenced how you have chosen to implement multiple scripts for a given

[Mt-list] MT and Instant Messenger/chat

2008-07-20 Thread Jeff Allen
is the technical integration? Is it easy to use? Has it helped for language communication in your context? Jeff Allen Paris, France ___ Mt-list mailing list

[Mt-list] Thai to English MT

2007-10-26 Thread Jeff Allen
of anything. Thanks, Jeff Allen Paris, France http://www.linkedin.com/in/jeffallen e-mail: [EMAIL PROTECTED] or [EMAIL PROTECTED] ___ Mt-list mailing list

[Mt-list] Open positions at SYSTRAN

2006-08-25 Thread Jeff Allen
. Regards, Jeff Allen, PhD, certified ISO 9001:2000 Quality Auditor EMEA Director of Support Professional Services SYSTRAN, Paris, France [EMAIL PROTECTED] http://www.systran.fr/ or http://www.systransoft.com/ ___ Mt-list mailing list

[Mt-list] Conf: CLAW2006 Call for participation

2006-07-23 Thread Jeff Allen
)? REGISTRATION Workshop registration deadline: (see AMTA2006 website) http://amta2006.amtaweb.org/index.htm GENERAL INQUIRIES Please contact: Jeff Allen e-mail: [EMAIL PROTECTED] see profile page WORKSHOP COMMITTEE Program Coordinators: Jeff Allen (SYSTRAN) Arendse Bernth (IBM T. J. Watson Research

[Mt-list] re: Conf: CLAW2006 Call for participation

2006-07-23 Thread Jeff Allen
For the general inquiries section of the conference announcement below, the mention of a profile page does not apply. Jeff -- Forwarded message -- From: Jeff Allen [EMAIL PROTECTED] Date: Jul 23, 2006 9:03 AM Subject: Conf: CLAW2006 Call for participation To: mt-list@eamt.org Cc

[Mt-list] Conf: CLAW2006 submission intent deadline extended

2006-06-25 Thread Jeff Allen
Please note that the date of the workshop was incorrect in one place in the previous announcement. This has been corrected below. And the deadline for submitting intent abstracts for CLAW2006 has been extended to Wed 28 June 2006. Please send them to [EMAIL PROTECTED] Regards, Jeff Allen SYSTRAN

[Mt-list] Conf: CLAW2006 (Controlled Language Applications Workshop)

2006-06-12 Thread Jeff Allen
] GENERAL INQUIRIES: Please contact: Jeff Allen e-mail: [EMAIL PROTECTED] WORKSHOP COMMITTEE Program Coordinators: Jeff Allen (SYSTRAN) Arendse Bernth (IBM T. J. Watson Research Center) Andy Way (Dublin City University) Technical Review Committee Coordinators: Eric Nyberg (Carnegie Mellon

[Mt-list] Some statistics on interest concerning MT

2006-01-07 Thread Jeff Allen
MT-Listers, If some of you on the MT-List are interested in statistics about the interest in Machine Translation for a specific user audience, take a look at my 2005 report of the MT forum on TranslatorsCafe.com which was started in January 2005 and has been running since. TranslatorsCafe

[Mt-list] What do Christmas and MT have in common?

2005-12-25 Thread Jeff Allen
Over the past few years, Christmas has been the opportunity for me to collect translations on the packages and in the user bulletins and guides of various Christmas presents of family members. Some translations appear to be the result of MT and others of various quality levels ofhuman

[Mt-list] videoconference on Speech-to-Speech Translation

2005-10-27 Thread Jeff Allen
http://www.cmu.edu/PR/releases05/051013_alex.html October 18, 2005 Carnegie Mellon and University of Karlsruhe To Demonstrate Breakthroughs In Cross Lingual Communication and Speech-to-Speech Translation PITTSBURGH—Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Karlsruhe's joint

[Mt-list] new web page listing Open Source MT projects

2005-08-30 Thread Jeff Allen
/langtecheval/ regards, Jeff Allen http://www.geocities.com/jeffallenpubs/about-jeffallen.htm ___ Mt-list mailing list

Re: [Mt-list] Broken power translator files

2005-05-24 Thread Jeff Allen
Daniel, I've just forwarded your messages to Elisa who is not subscribed to the MT-List. I also have her Power Translator 7 file and will test your script on it. Jeff Jeff Allen Paris, France - Date: Tue, 24 May 2005 11:31:31 +0100 From: Daniel Burke [EMAIL PROTECTED

[Mt-list] RE: MT Italian English, Romanian- Italian

2005-03-29 Thread Jeff Allen
of MultiLingual Computing Technology, Number 69, Volume 16, Issue 1. Regards, Jeff Jeff Allen Paris, France [EMAIL PROTECTED] OR [EMAIL PROTECTED] -- From: Christian Boitet [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: Hermann Plustwik [EMAIL

[Mt-list] INFO: new language technology software/system reviews web site

2004-10-05 Thread Jeff Allen
are to extend it to authoring software/systems, etc Please feel free to send me links to other known existing software / system reviews which can be added to this site. Regards, Jeff Allen [EMAIL PROTECTED] http://www.geocities.com/jeffallenpubs

[Mt-list] Call for Participation: AMTA-2004

2004-07-29 Thread Jeff Allen
and service suppliers Please come visit the conference web site to see the program. NOTE: 15 August 2004 is the early registration deadline. Our apologies if you receive multiple copies of this announcement. Regards, Jeff Allen AMTA-2004 Program Committee

Re: [Mt-list] Where is MT at today?

2004-07-08 Thread Jeff Allen
Hi Andy, Thanks for your post to the list. A few comments: I think this is my main concern: SMT is very well (and deservedly so) established nowadays as the main way to do MT. Unless you're an MT person, you'd think that it was the _only_ way to do MT, as here. I would say: 1. Can SMT

[Mt-list] Software review of @promt Professional 2003, Expert 2003

2004-04-13 Thread Jeff Allen
on the URL link for this review. Regards, Jeff ** Jeff Allen [EMAIL PROTECTED] Jeff's publications page http://www.geocities.com/jeffallenpubs/ (Controlled Language, Translation Software, Speech systems, Minority Language Engineering

Re: [Mt-list] Software review of @promt Professional 2003, Expert 2003

2004-04-13 Thread Jeff Allen
Quoting Tomás Rosa Bueno [EMAIL PROTECTED]: In my main language pair (ENPT-Br), I have found PROMT ... It's a pity they only have it available for the general public in their online translation site. And, to my knowledge, it only works in one direction (there's no PT-Br EN translation

Re: [Mt-list] User-assisted MT

2004-03-30 Thread Jeff Allen
testing should be a key component to both Controlled Language and MT products, whether they be commercial, academic or government developed. Regards, Jeff Jeff Allen [EMAIL PROTECTED] http://www.geocities.com/jeffallenpubs/ ___ MT-List mailing list

[Mt-list] Controlled Language seminar: 2 April 2004, Paris, France

2004-03-09 Thread Jeff Allen
Controlled Language seminar at the Society for Technical Communication (STC) France Chapter. Date: 2 April 2004 Location: Holiday Inn Hotel, Paris, France, 19th arrondissement. Invited speakers: Jeff Allen (Mycom France and MultiLingual Computing Technology) Kathy Barthe (Airbus) More

[Mt-list] Perspectives on Machine Translation: MLCT #62 supplement

2004-03-09 Thread Jeff Allen
Perspectives on Machine Translation : a special Machine Translation supplement to issue #62 of Multilingual Computing Technology. Available at: http://www.multilingual.com/machineTranslation62.htm Table of Contents: Jeff Allen: Thinking about Machine Translation - questions to ask yourself

[Mt-list] CONF: AMTA-2004 (First Call for Papers and Proposals)

2004-02-28 Thread Jeff Allen
deadline for end user papers and presentations June 11 2004: Notification to authors July 2 2004: Camera-ready copy due July 23 2004: Final papers to publisher All conference details available at: http://www.amtaweb.org/AMTA2004/ Regards, Jeff Allen

[MT-List] MT Postediting publications

2004-01-31 Thread Jeff Allen
/presentations by other people on the specific topic of MT Postediting. If you have written a paper, thesis, dissertation or conference presentation on MT Postediting and would like it to be listed at this web site, please contact me offline with a link to a URL, or a copy of it. Regards, Jeff Jeff

[MT-List] 2nd Call for Contributions TAMA 2004

2004-01-14 Thread Jeff Allen
Hello listers, See conf announcement below. Jeff - Forwarded message from TermNet [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2004 14:25:55 +0100 From: TermNet [EMAIL PROTECTED] Reply-To: TermNet [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: 2nd Call for Contributions TAMA 2004 To: [EMAIL

[MT-List] Thesis on MT Postediting vs Human Translation

2004-01-14 Thread Jeff Allen
Many thanks to Lorena for making the results of her study available to the community at large. MT user organizations should hopefully be able to benefit much from this comparative study for their implementation decisions and efforts. Regards, Jeff Jeff Allen Editorial Advisory Board

[MT-List] MT thesis and article online

2003-12-01 Thread Jeff Allen
November 2003. http://www.promt.ru/news-e/news.phtml?id=293 ALLEN, Jeff. 2003. Review of Systran Premium 4.0. Now online at: http://www.multilingual.com/allen58.htm Best regards, Jeff Allen Multilingual Computing and Technology, Editorial Board http://www.multilingual.com/editorialBoard

[MT-List] parallel texts online

2003-11-06 Thread Jeff Allen
Someone made a post to the list a few months ago about where to find parallel texts. The MT archives site does not have original post nor the summary post, so I don't remember who to send it to directly. See the Euromap article archives for several articles available in bilingual format.

[MT-List] EAMT/CLAW2003 presentations

2003-10-13 Thread Jeff Allen
/s0305g.shtml EAMT/CLAW2003 Conference program http://www.eamt.org/eamt-claw03/programme.html EAMT/CLAW2003 Conference presentations http://www.ctts.dcu.ie/presentations.html regards, Jeff Allen [EMAIL PROTECTED] -- For MT-List info, see http://www.eamt.org/mt-list.html

Re: [MT-List] Pricing Post-editing of MT

2003-09-28 Thread Jeff Allen
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I'm looking for information about the prices of post-editing of raw MT output. Whereas human translation is mainly based on the unit word as a cost base, in the case of the post-editor, which is the situation? how much is s/he paid, more or less? Lorena, sorry for

[MT-List] more MT software review articles

2003-09-27 Thread Jeff Allen
City University. September 2003. Regards, Jeff -Jeff ALLENParis, FranceMobile Tel: (+33) 6 86 06 87 59e-mail: [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Message d'origine - De : Jeff Allen À : [EMAIL PROTECTED] Envoyé: Saturday, April 19, 2003 5:02 PM Objet

[MT-List] Book review published on MT postediting book

2002-03-27 Thread Jeff Allen
is available at: http://bookmasters.com/ksu-press/ksu071.htm Toll free 1-800-247-6553 in the US and Canada Price: Cloth/US$55.00 Shipping: US$4.50 Best, Jeff Allen [EMAIL PROTECTED] or [EMAIL PROTECTED] _ Send and receive Hotmail

[MT-List] postediting answers (was: questions on MT usage)

2001-12-03 Thread Jeff Allen
skill, but certainly a unique selling point for one's CV/resume in order to get a foot in the door within the market of postediting texts. Best, Jeff Jeff Allen [EMAIL PROTECTED] _ Get your FREE download of MSN Explorer

re: [MT-List] other languages

2001-06-22 Thread Jeff Allen
, Jeff Allen [EMAIL PROTECTED] - From: Denise.Morgan Subject: [MT-List] other languages Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2001 11:58:22 -0700 At our library, we are interested in knowing if there are FREE machine translation capabilities for Hindi and Vietnamese. We are trying to conduct programs that display

[MT-List] francais rationalise/controle : Rationalised/Controlled French

1999-11-02 Thread Jeff ALLEN
TECTED] en indiquant "oui, francais controle" comme objet. Best/Cordialement, Jeff ALLEN ===== Jeff ALLEN - Technical Manager/Directeur Technique European Language Resources Association (ELRA) European Language resources - Distribution Ag

[MT-List] re: MT for literary purposes

1999-11-02 Thread Jeff ALLEN
) From: Jeff ALLEN [EMAIL PROTECTED] Dear MT-listers, As we know, MT systems have been shown to be efficient for certain types of technical documentation. What I am now interesting in knowing is if there are academic research projects that have attempted (or are currently attempting) to use any

[MT-List] NCCAT EUCCAT consortia

1999-10-25 Thread Jeff ALLEN
contact Glenn Fields at [EMAIL PROTECTED] Best, Jeff From: "Fields, Glenn S (CRD)" [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: "'NCCAT-EUCAT - Jeff ALLEN (European Lang Rsrces Assn)'" [EMAIL PROTECTED], Subject: NCCAT-EUCCAT Email Lists Date: Mon, 18 Oct 1999 05:13:13 -0400

[MT-List] MT systems for Nynorsk or Bokmal

1999-10-13 Thread Jeff ALLEN
Just wondering if anyone is aware of MT development work being done for the Bokmal or Nynorsk Norwegian languages. Best, Jeff = Jeff ALLEN - Technical Manager/Directeur Technique European Language Resources Association (ELRA) European

[MT-List] another on-line e-mail MT service

1999-01-02 Thread Jeff ALLEN
- “but very rarely do we ever respond. You could try the Message Board if you like but there are no guarantees there either.” [the above write up appeared in the DQ week Delhi, vol3 No.43] = Jeff ALLEN - Technical Manager/Directeur Technique European