Re: [Mt-list] Computers translation in Africa / involving African languages

2006-08-24 Thread Francis Tyers
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Re: [OT] Terminology (RE: [Mt-list] NLP for (African) pi-languages, not minority languages)

2006-08-25 Thread Francis Tyers
though we wouldn't think to call it, or Spanish or English, etc. As Francis puts it, situational minority languages. But that just shows how dependent the term is on context. To avoid taking credit for this, I took the term from Peter Trudgill's paper, Ausbau sociolinguistics and the

Re: [Mt-list] Public release of Haitian Creole language data by Carnegie Mellon

2010-01-21 Thread Francis Tyers
El dj 21 de 01 de 2010 a les 14:49 -0500, en/na Robert Frederking va escriure: The Language Technologies Institute (LTI) of Carnegie Mellon University's School of Computer Science (CMU SCS) is making publicly available the Haitian Creole spoken and text data that we have collected or produced.

[Mt-list] Re: CMU LTI Licence

2010-01-23 Thread Francis Tyers
. We don't want to exclude commercial entities. Bob Francis Tyers wrote: First of all, thanks to CMU for releasing the data. I've no doubt it will be valuable to people working in the field. I don't particularly like terms like lawyerbomb and obnoxious advertising clause