Re: [MTT users] Run MTT with pre-built ompi

2014-05-23 Thread Gilles Gouaillardet
Hi, i think you can use Module = Noop in the get and install phases. in my understanding, these phases cannot be skipped (otherwise you cannot go to the next phase), but they can do nothing if there is nothing to do. Gilles On 2014/05/23 12:14, Jaison Mulerikkal wrote: > Hi, > > I am just

Re: [MTT users] To run MTT on our cluster

2014-05-29 Thread Gilles Gouaillardet
Jaison, please note the ompi-tests repo is password protected (this is for legal reasons, there is nothing confidential here) if you do not already have access to this repo, please ask for it (just send an email to this mailing list, and someone will set this up for you) By the way, do you plan

Re: [MTT users] Actual releases?

2015-12-10 Thread Gilles Gouaillardet
+1 too Ralph, just to be clear ... from a mtt point of view, do you expect only a release tag and a tarball ? or do you also expect a .spec file (iirc, OpenHPC is RPM based even if they use their own .spec file) Cheers, Gilles On 12/10/2015 11:34 PM, Jeff Squyres (jsquyres) wrote: +1. We

Re: [MTT users] Where do I start?

2016-01-20 Thread Gilles Gouaillardet
Greg, MTT is a tool that automatically build, install OpenMPI and build and run some test suites, and upload the results to a web server. note the test suites are *not* part of MTT itself. for legal reasons, the test suites are in a private repository, that you could be granted access if

Re: [MTT users] Error while test-get

2016-06-17 Thread Gilles Gouaillardet
Hi, the message says the URI perl module is not found in redhat, yum install perl-URI will do the trick generally speaking, you can install perl modules with CPAN perl -MCPAN -e 'install URI' Cheers, Gilles On 6/17/2016 4:02 PM, Abhishek Joshi wrote: Hi, On trying to do a test-get