Re: [music-dsp] WAV player instrument recommendation

2018-06-14 Thread Kevin Chi
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[music-dsp] Antialias question

2018-05-31 Thread Kevin Chi
Dear List, Long time lurker here, learned a lot from the random posts, so thanks for those. Maybe somebody can help me out what is the best practice for realtime applications to minimize aliasing when scanning a waveform by changing speed or constantly modulating the delay time on a delay

Re: [music-dsp] Antialias question (Kevin Chi)

2018-06-01 Thread Kevin Chi
Thanks Frank, I use cubic interpolation to interpolate between samples and it seems a bit better than linear for me. I am more worried about the downsampling, when the playhead is going faster than the original samplerate and that's when the high frequencies of the original material start to

Re: [music-dsp] Antialias question

2018-06-01 Thread Kevin Chi
Thanks for your ideas, I'll look into those! It's actually just a digital delay effect or a sample playback system, where I have a playhead that have to read samples from a buffer, but the playhead position can be modulated, so the output will be pitching up/down depending on the actual

Re: [music-dsp] Antialiased OSC

2018-08-03 Thread Kevin Chi
Thank you for the quick ideas, the code looks nice. Currently I am not designing a wavetable OSC, I am just trying to do some basic VA waveforms (saw, tri, square) so naively I thought I just set up the 15-20 tables/waveform  from fourier series whenever I start the app/plugin and that could

[music-dsp] Antialiased OSC

2018-08-03 Thread Kevin Chi
Hi, Is there such a thing as today's standard for softSynth antialiased oscillators? I was looking up PolyBLEP oscillators, and was wondering how it would relate to a 1-2 waveTables per octave based oscillator or maybe to some other algos. thanks for any ideas and recommendations in

Re: [music-dsp] Antialiased OSC

2018-08-07 Thread Kevin Chi
I just want to thank you guys for the amount of experience and knowledge you are sharing here! This list is a gem! I started to replace my polyBLEP oscillators with waveTables to see how it compares! Although while experimenting with PolyBLEP I just run into something I don't get and