permission denied messages flashes across screen

2002-05-03 Thread VB
I have been tinkering with my files and directories and I may have changed some permission I did not mean to. But now when I send mail from mutt, when I hit y to finally send the message, at the bottom of the screen I see for a split second that there is a message that flashes saying

Re: permission denied messages flashes across screen

2002-05-03 Thread VB
What exactly do the permissions look like? This is the wrong place to discuss it, but mind giving some 'ls -l'? Only executing chown(1) might not help. Also: If the file is in some subdirectory, are those permissions correct? It was a permissions problem. I was not aware that chown user


2002-04-25 Thread VB
Do my headers look ok? When I send messages to myself (I'm real lonely) it says X-Authentication-Warning and gives out some info that you don't need to know. I looked at google and it suggested adding needmailhelo under the privacy flag section for But that did not work. What

imap behavior

2002-04-08 Thread VB
In MS Outlook, actual deletion from the imap server is a two-step process. First, the item is marked for deletion. Here the message is not really gone because it can be undeleted. While marked for deletion, however, it can be hidden from view such that the user can pretend as if it really

basic config help

2002-04-07 Thread VB
. I created a .muttrc file in my home directory which says this: set folder=~/Mail set alias_file=.alias set postponed=.postponed set record=SendMessages set signature=.signature my_hdr From: VB [EMAIL PROTECTED] source =.alias I also created a subdirectory, Mail, and added a .alias file