Re: MySQL Community Server 8.0.3-rc has been released (part 1/2)

2017-09-28 Thread Sebastien FLAESCH

Can you please stop using C++ comments in header files designed for C 

/opt3/dbs/mys/8.0/include/mysql.h:36:1: error: C++ style comments are not 
allowed in ISO C90 [-Werror]
 // Small extra definitions to avoid pulling in my_inttypes.h in client code.
/opt3/dbs/mys/8.0/include/mysql.h:36:1: error: (this will be reported only once 
per input file) [-Werror]
In file included from /opt3/dbs/mys/8.0/include/mysql.h:68:0,
 from mys.c:42:
/opt3/dbs/mys/8.0/include/binary_log_types.h:68:8: error: C++ style comments 
are not allowed in ISO C90 [-Werror]
 #endif // __cplusplus
/opt3/dbs/mys/8.0/include/binary_log_types.h:68:8: error: (this will be 
reported only once per input file) [-Werror]
In file included from /opt3/dbs/mys/8.0/include/mysql.h:69:0,
 from mys.c:42:
/opt3/dbs/mys/8.0/include/mem_root_fwd.h:30:9: error: C++ style comments are 
not allowed in ISO C90 [-Werror]
/opt3/dbs/mys/8.0/include/mem_root_fwd.h:30:9: error: (this will be reported 
only once per input file) [-Werror]
In file included from /opt3/dbs/mys/8.0/include/mysql.h:83:0,
 from mys.c:42:
/opt3/dbs/mys/8.0/include/mysql_time.h:29:1: error: C++ style comments are not 
allowed in ISO C90 [-Werror]
 // Do not not pull in the server header "my_inttypes.h" from client code.



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MySQL Community Server 8.0.3-rc has been released (part 1/2)

2017-09-21 Thread Bjorn Munch
[Due to size limitations, the announcement is split in 2. This is part 1.]

Dear MySQL users,

MySQL Server 8.0.3-rc (Release Candidate) is a new version of the world's
most popular open source database. This is the first release candidate
of MySQL 8.0.

As with any other pre-production release, caution should be taken when
installing on production level systems or systems with critical data.

Note that 8.0.3-rc includes all features in MySQL 5.7.

For information on installing MySQL 8.0.3-rc on new servers, please see
the MySQL installation documentation at

MySQL Server 8.0.3-rc is available in source and binary form for a number of
platforms from the "Development Releases" selection of our download
pages at

MySQL Server 8.0.3-rc is also available from our repository for Linux
platforms, go here for details:

Windows packages are available via the Installer for Windows:

along with .ZIP (no-install) packages for more advanced needs. 

8.0.3-rc also comes with a web installer as an alternative to the full

The web installer doesn't come bundled with any actual products
and instead relies on download-on-demand to fetch only the
products you choose to install. This makes the initial download
much smaller but increases install time as the individual products
will need to be downloaded.

We welcome and appreciate your feedback, bug reports, bug fixes,
patches, etc.:

The following link lists the changes in the MySQL 8.0 since
the release of MySQL 8.0.2. It may also be viewed
online at


Changes in MySQL 8.0.3 (2017-09-21, Release Candidate)


   This is a milestone release, for use at your own risk.
   Upgrades between milestone releases (or from a milestone
   release to a GA release) are not supported. Significant
   development changes take place in milestone releases and you
   may encounter compatibility issues, such as data format
   changes that require attention in addition to the usual
   procedure of running mysql_upgrade. For example, you may find
   it necessary to dump your data with mysqldump before the
   upgrade and reload it afterward.

 * C API Notes

 * Character Set Support

 * Compilation Notes

 * Configuration Notes

 * Data Dictionary Notes

 * Deprecation and Removal Notes

 * InnoDB Notes

 * Optimizer Notes

 * Packaging Notes

 * Performance Schema Notes

 * Security Notes

 * Spatial Data Support

 * SQL Syntax Notes

 * X Plugin Notes

 * Functionality Added or Changed

 * Bugs Fixed

   C API Notes

 * The MySQL C API now enables clients to specify that
   metadata transfer for result sets is optional.
   Suppression of metadata transfer can improve performance,
   particularly for sessions that execute many queries that
   return few rows each. For more information, see C API
   Optional Result Set Metadata

   Character Set Support

 * MySQL now supports Russian collations for the utf8mb4
   Unicode character set:

  + utf8mb4_ru_0900_ai_ci is accent insensitive and case

  + utf8mb4_ru_0900_as_cs is accent sensitive and case

   Compilation Notes

 * For debug builds, the SAFE_MUTEX compilation flag was
   disabled if the memcached plugin was included in the
   build. This no longer occurs; SAFE_MUTEX is always
   enabled for debug builds. Some code issues found as a
   result of this change were corrected. (Bug #26442367, Bug

 * Binary packages on EL6 and EL7 now are compiled using
   Devtoolset 6 rather than Devtoolset3 and GCC 6.2.1 rather
   than 4.9.2. (Bug #26436968, Bug #87061)

 * MySQL now compiles for SPARC on Oracle Linux. (Bug
   #26306331, Bug #86745)

 * MySQL compilation on macOS using Clang now requires a
   Clang version different from 8.0, which has problems with
   certain inline constructs. (Bug #26279510, Bug #86711)

 * Work was done to clean up the source code base,
   including: Removing unneeded CMake checks; removing
   unused macros from source files; reorganizing header
   files to reduce the number of dependencies and make them
   more modular, removing function declarations without
   definitions, replacing locally written functions with
   equivalent functions from industry-standard libraries.

   Configuration Notes

 * The