[Nagios-users] check_disk solaris problem and solution

2009-03-24 Thread Philip Brown
Odd thing we've been in the process of upgrading from an ooold set of plugins, to a new one, on solaris we have some very large filesystems we want to monitor. the old 1.3.1 plugin version of check_disk worked fine. the newer ones did not, at one point. (I'm dealing with 1.4.13 of the

[Nagios-users] use of check_udp

2009-03-25 Thread Philip Brown
Hmm.. another snag I hit upgrading from plugins version 1.3.1, to 1.4.13. previously, it was perfectly valid to use check_udp -H hostname -p and it worked. but now, you have to specify BOTH a 'send' string, and an 'expect' string. The help/error message is not entirely clear: With UDP