Re: provider email maintenance standard

2019-08-14 Thread Andrew Dampf
I ended up writing a flask app that parses provider maintenance emails and posts slack notifications at the start and end of the window. You can also extend it to take actions like drain/undrain traffic during windows. Right now the five supported providers are NTT, PacketFabric, EUNetworks, GTT,

provider email maintenance standard

2019-06-17 Thread Andrew Dampf
Hello nanog, I've heard second-hand there is an existing standard for provider maintenance emails that should be followed in the form of a calendar attachment, but I can't seem to find any information on it. Can anyone help me with the following: 1. Does this standard exist? If so, is there

Re: Templating/automating configuration

2017-06-07 Thread Andrew Dampf
Salt is great for generating configs based on jinja templates, and you can use napalm in conjunction with salt to push the configs to the device on a set schedule (typically this is done hourly). If manual changes are made to the router, salt would override them on the next run, so it's a great

Re: Smokeping targets

2016-01-07 Thread Andrew Dampf
Something I found that is helpful once you've gathered a list of targets is the following command for generating config to paste: traceroute -w 3 [IPaddress] | grep -v "*" | grep -v "traceroute" | sed -e 's/(//g' -e 's/)//g' | awk '{ gsub(/\./,"_",$2); print " "$2"\nmenu = "$3"\ntitle = "$2"

Level 3 contact

2016-01-02 Thread Andrew Dampf
Would an engineer from Level 3 please contact me off list? Thank you.