Re: new BGP hijack & visibility tool “BGPalerter”

2019-08-14 Thread Eric Lindsjö
On 8/14/19 4:54 PM, Job Snijders wrote: Dear NANOG, Recently NTT investigated how to best monitor the visibility of our own and our subsidiaries’ IP resources in the BGP Default-Free Zone. We were specifically looking how to get near real-time alerts funneled into an actionable pipeline for

Re: Service Provider NetFlow Collectors

2018-12-31 Thread Eric Lindsjö
Hi, We use kentik and we're very happy. Works great, tons of new features coming along all the time. Going to start looking into ddos detection and mitigation soon. Would recommend. Kind regards, Eric Lindsjö On 12/31/2018 04:29 AM, Erik Sundberg wrote: Hi Nanog…. We are looking

Re: YANG daemeon for Linux

2018-08-25 Thread Eric Lindsjö
What you want is probably sysrepo /Eric On 08/09/2018 03:56 AM, Marcus Leske wrote: Yes Rob, i’d like to do what you described: use netconf and yang to provision the quagga BGP implementation. Can you describe work arounds? If any. Can i convert a bgp yang

Re: SNMP "bridging"/proxy?

2016-05-23 Thread Eric Lindsjö
Hi Nathan, You should probably write a cacti script to ingest the data instead of this SNMP proxy thing. Writing scripts to ingest data into cacti is simple, you just need to output the values you want in key: value format and then do some clicking in cacti. There are good docs for how to do