Dual BGP Sessions to Comcast

2014-10-24 Thread Mike Poublon
Anyone here have experience with running redundant BGP routers on a Comcast fiber Internet link? We are getting push back from the sales and front-line implementation groups while setting up a new BGP uplink to them. I have several full-feed Internet uplinks with various other ISP's running

Re: Rack Locks

2015-11-23 Thread Mike Poublon
). Mike Poublon Senior Datacenter Network Engineer 269-375-8996 Main Secant Technologies 6395 Technology Ave. Suite A Kalamazoo, MI 49009 On 11/20/2015 3:37 PM, Kevin Burke wrote: What kind of experience do people have with rack access control systems (electronic locks)? Anything I should pay

Re: Two BGP peering sessions on single Comcast Fiber Connection?

2016-10-13 Thread Mike Poublon
to set up an extra session. If anyone from Comcast is listening, there is customer demand for this. It's not about making it better for Comcast, it's about allowing customers to have more flexibility. Mike Poublon /Senior Datacenter Network Engineer/ *Secant Technologies* 6395 Technology