Re: Experience Brocade ICX7750 and other vendor SFP

2015-04-01 Thread - Martijn Schmidt
Hello, Brandon , 31/3/2015 10:07 PM: I'm not sure where the VDX line ends up in this. It's apparently somewhat the result of actually merging the two technology lines, and it runs somewhat different software as a result. The VDX was AFAIK already

Re: AW: AW: AW: Peering Exchange

2016-01-27 Thread - Martijn Schmidt
; ANEXIA Internetdienstleistungs GmbH > > Telefon: +43-5-0556-300 > Telefax: +43-5-0556-500 > > E-Mail: > Web: > > Anschrift Hauptsitz Klagenfurt: Feldkirchnerstraße 140, 9020 Klagenfurt > Geschäftsführer: Alexander Windbichle

Re: AW: Peering Exchange

2016-01-27 Thread - Martijn Schmidt
"We also had problems where transit customers said don't want to be exported to a certain IX point of presence while he wanted to be exported at a different location." That's a fairly normal request. I think nearly every major IP transit provider has built out a BGP action community system to

Re: Customers announcing communities to SP of SP

2016-09-19 Thread - Martijn Schmidt
Hi Jason, The following reply which I sent to the IDR mailing list might also be helpful for you to understand the way most of these designs currently work - as well as some of the problems we encounter with the existing RFC1997 communities:

Re: Brocade MLXe Selective FIB Population

2016-11-30 Thread - Martijn Schmidt
Hi Graham, I haven't personally tried this but do have plenty of hands-on experience with the MLXe platform. As far as I understood from previous conversations with my Brocade SE, if your firmware is recent enough and the card doesn't have any ports used in a certain VRF the selective FIB

Re: Reviews - GTT, NTT and Telia

2017-08-08 Thread - Martijn Schmidt
Hi Ramy, Having worked with NTT & GTT, but not Telia, I can heartily recommend NTT. Every one of these providers has its peering challenges so you'll need diversity regardless of the one you pick, but the operations team over at NTT has been absolutely stellar in terms of technical know-how and

Re: Internet connectivity in Ghana

2017-06-04 Thread - Martijn Schmidt
TISparkle/Seabone also has an IP transit PoP in Accra, plus they have a partnership with Dolphin Telecom. On 06/01/2017 05:30 PM, Eric Kuhnke wrote: > All of the licensed mobile phone network operators in Ghana are also ISPs > and can reach enterprise customers. Within Accra or a few other major

Re: Hijacks: AS12506, AS327814, AS44582, AS62135

2017-08-31 Thread - Martijn Schmidt
Dear Ronald, Thanks for the investigative work, we will look into your report and take the appropriate action. Kind regards, Martijn Schmidt / AS49544 PS: if anyone suspects that any of our customers are misbehaving, we would very much appreciate hearing about it directly via

Re: ARIN NS down?

2019-01-11 Thread - Martijn Schmidt
Is this the right time to ask whether everyone who operates DNSSEC validating resolvers was required to click somewhere on the ARIN website that they agree to be bound by the Relying Party Agreement before their resolver can make DNSSEC lookups against the ARIN nameservers? Or does that logic

Re: Traffic ratio of an ISP

2019-06-19 Thread - Martijn Schmidt via NANOG
It kinda depends on the application that's being used. For example, videogaming has a ratio somewhere around 1:2.5 since you're only transmitting metadata about the players environment across the wire. The actual video is typically rendered at the end user's side. So it's not very bandwidth

Re: few big monolithic PEs vs many small PEs

2019-06-19 Thread - Martijn Schmidt via NANOG
Hi Adam, Depends on how big of a router you need for your "small PE". Taking Juniper as an example, the MX204 is pretty unbeatable cost wise if you can make do with its 4*QSFP28 & 8*SFP+ interfaces. There's a very big gap between the MX204 and the first chassis based router in the MX lineup,

Re: CloudFlare issues?

2019-07-05 Thread - Martijn Schmidt via NANOG
s are AT, Nordunet, DE-CIX, YYCIX, > XS4ALL, MSK-IX, INEX, France-IX, Seacomm, Workonline, KPN International, > and hundreds of others. > > > >> On Jul 4, 2019, at 5:56 AM, - Martijn Schmidt via NANOG >> wrote: >> >> So that means it's time for everyone t

Re: CloudFlare issues?

2019-07-04 Thread - Martijn Schmidt via NANOG
So that means it's time for everyone to migrate their ARIN resources to a sane RIR that does allow normal access to and redistribution of its RPKI TAL? ;-) The RPKI TAL problem + an industry-standard IRRDB instead of WHOIS-RWS were both major reasons for us to bring our ARIN IPv4 address space