[nant-dev] problem with solution task (GetDependentResourceNameCSharp)

2003-11-19 Thread Eric Burley
Title: Message Hi, I've been trying to use the solution task and hit a snag with some source I'm using from a third party. In GetDependentResourceNameCSharp a regex is used to build up the proper resource name for the accompanying resx file. In the case of the third party source, it looks

Re: [nant-dev] In case you haven't seen this yet

2003-11-19 Thread Scott Hernandez
Title: In case you haven't seen this yet Thanks for the update Alex. I didn't read the originalarticle, but this seems like a prettyshortsynopsis.I'm looking forward to seeing msbuild when it gets closer to release. As the MSBuild PM, do you know if the team has considered any interop