Re: [nant-dev] localised resources

2003-11-23 Thread Gert Driesen
Damir, Can you verify whether this is working fine in the latest nightly build ? Thanks, Gert On Thu, 2003-11-20 at 15:30, Ian MacLean wrote: Damir Simunic wrote: Hi Damir, I'm just back from vacation and catching up on email. I'll take a look at this and get it working for non resx

Re: [nant-dev] functionality of version task

2003-11-23 Thread Scott Hernandez
I like it a lot. This is definitely something I want to be able to do with our (internal) nant builds so we can easily identify our build type and config from the binaries. If you are fine contributing it, I think we can review it and put it under source control. Please post a compressed patch

[nant-dev] nant 0.8.3 release - bug.

2003-11-23 Thread Dmitry Sapunov
Following exception is outprinted executing following task: cvs-checkout destination=${deploy.dir} cvsroot=${cvs.root} module=${} / where cvs.root is :local:v:/cvsrep . and modulename is PROJ or PROJ/SUB. Of course these directories are exists in the V:/cvsrep directory. Same

[nant-dev] csc /lib parameter handling

2003-11-23 Thread Yevgeniy . Tolmachev
Hello Gentlemen, I was in need of passing /lib parameter to c# compiler and being unable to find appropriate attribute in csc task I extended it myself. Please find the source code attached. I'm new here and would appreciate if someone could take care to incorporate it into the next release.

[nant-dev] solution task and linked VS.Net files.

2003-11-23 Thread Viehland, Kirk
Nant developers, I am getting this error when I compile a VS.Net 2003 solution with an ProductInfo file that has been linked from a parent directory. e.g. File RelPath = ProductInfo.cs Link = ..\ProductInfo.cs SubType

[nant-dev] Internal nant error

2003-11-23 Thread Olivier Dagenais
I was asked to report this to your address... Using nant 0.8.3. I have a nant task within my nant script, but it looks like the solution task tries to use the first task's currentDirectory (e:/src/buildrobot/) instead of the nant task's directory (e:/src/buildrobot/builds/razorrobot/4/).

[nant-dev] Is this a bug?

2003-11-23 Thread Clarence T. Yeoh
Dear Sirs/Mdms, I was trying to build a web application and below are the error I've got in return. I have no problem building this project using the IDE. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Clarence NAnt version 0.8.3 Copyright (C) 2001-2003 Gerry Shaw

RE: [nant-dev] nant 0.8.3 release - bug.

2003-11-23 Thread Clayton Harbour
Hi Dmitry, Thanks for the error report. The problem is occuring because the cvs root parser is looking for a [EMAIL PROTECTED] expression and is not finding it. In addition to this the local protocol is not supported. Please note I have forwarded this on to the sharpcvslib developers list and

Re: [nant-dev] solution task and linked VS.Net files.

2003-11-23 Thread Gert Driesen
Kirk, This should be fixed in cvs, and in the nightly builds. Are you using NAnt 0.8.3 ? Can you try a recent nighlty build ( and get back to us ? Thanks, Gert - Original Message - From: Viehland, Kirk [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: [EMAIL

Re: [nant-dev] nant 0.8.3 release - bug in documentation

2003-11-23 Thread Gert Driesen
Dmitry, This is fixed in recent nightly builds. Thanks for the report, Gert - Original Message - From: Dmitry Sapunov [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Monday, November 10, 2003 7:54 PM Subject: [nant-dev] nant 0.8.3 release - bug in documentation Documentation file