Re: [nant-dev] Minor NAnt output bug.

2003-11-25 Thread Gert Driesen
Nick, This is now fixed in cvs. Thanks for the report, Gert - Original Message - From: Nick Varacalli [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Sunday, November 09, 2003 4:44 PM Subject: [nant-dev] Minor NAnt output bug. Using the Oct 31st, 2003 nightly build. After the total

[nant-dev] Branching policy and new release

2003-11-25 Thread Ian MacLean
After the previous discussion on branching I propose that we adopt a branching policy and document it on the wiki. I vote for the deferred branching policy [1] mentioned by Tom in a previous mail. Since its probably about time to start the 0.8.4 beta release cycle and I have some changes to

Re[2]: [nant-dev] Minor NAnt output bug.

2003-11-25 Thread Ivan Tarasov
Hello Gert, The similar thing happened, as I recall, in nunit2 task, it prints 0x0d after printing the tests results. GD Nick, GD This is now fixed in cvs. GD Thanks for the report, GD Gert GD - Original Message - GD From: Nick Varacalli [EMAIL PROTECTED] GD To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] GD

Re: [nant-dev] Re: release plan document

2003-11-25 Thread Ian MacLean
Done, thanks Jarek. Ian Jaroslaw Kowalski wrote: Gert, Ian, Can you include my task (expression evaluator) in releaseplan.html. The patch contains proposed changes to html. Jarek - Original Message - From: Gert Driesen [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: Ian MacLean [EMAIL PROTECTED] Cc: [EMAIL

[nant-dev] Perforce tasks

2003-11-25 Thread Bob Arnson
Ian, Back in September, you mentioned that you'd started some Perforce tasks. I haven't seen anything in the nightlies (or in NAntContrib nightlies). Are the Perforce tasks still on the roadmap? -- sig://boB --- This

Re: [nant-dev] Perforce tasks

2003-11-25 Thread Ian MacLean
Bob, They are. I've gotten a bit sidetracked - and then I had 3 weeks vacation. Jean Rajotte posted his own simplified version of a p4 task on nant-users. I was going to go thru and finish my port of Ant's p4 tasks and merge in what Jean has done. There have been quite a few requests for this