Re: Is list still going

2018-08-27 Thread Rick Hegarty
Glenn, You raise a good point regarding the state of our test specifications, and it had been on my mind as well. I updated the Test Specifications for Unit Testing (JUnit and TestNG) during Release 9.0 testing, but they still need further work: - The JUnit tests (

Re: NetBeans 9.0 VC2 build artefacts uploaded to for NetCAT

2018-07-06 Thread Rick Hegarty
I spent about 90 minutes testing VC2: - I chose not to import 8.2 settings (since Glenn did), and installed nb-javac. - No plugins were available, but 44 plugins were already installedI created, debugged and tested Java 9 and Java 10 applications with no issues. - I created,

Re: Urgent: Help needed to check VC3 Update Center

2018-07-11 Thread Rick Hegarty
I'm a bit late responding but: - The download of updates.xml.gz worked fine for me on Windows 10 in the USA (size = 83,862 bytes). - Unzipping it also worked fine. The content was a single XML file named *updates.xml* (size=789,965

Re: [profiler] new spec

2018-03-12 Thread Rick Hegarty
uld everyone please verify that they are still able to > participate in testing? > > Manikantan Narender Nath > Josh Juneau > John Kostaras > Mark Stephens > Rick Hegarty > Sven Reimers > > We will need to spend a lot of effort to bring the test spec up to date > befo

Generic requirements for test specifications

2018-03-13 Thread Rick Hegarty
Hi all, I am working on new test specifications for Unit Testing. Since they both create web projects I need to document how to download and install the Java Web and EE plugins for both specifications. It occurred to me that others may also be going down the same path for their test

Re: [Unit Testing] Spec requires additional steps for Glassfish server

2018-03-15 Thread Rick Hegarty
Mani, Thanks for the feedback on that. I will enhance the [unit] specifications to include instructions on installing Glassfish as a test server. I am still working on the new [unit] specifications and will let you know as soon as they are complete, but any ongoing feedback is welcome: -

Re: [core] Missing extbrowser*.dll libraries on Windows

2018-03-14 Thread Rick Hegarty
Jirka, I was just about to report the same problem on Windows 10. It occurs if you select any browser option except *Embedded WebKit Browser* (which works fine). The stack trace is slightly different if you pick a specific browser such as Chrome of Firefox but the underlying problem is the same.

Re: [profiler] new spec

2018-03-14 Thread Rick Hegarty
> > Analyze Performance (test cases 2 - 7) > Glenn Holmer > > > Analyze Memory Usage (test cases 8 - 12) > Rick Hegarty > > > Unit Tests (test case 13) > Mark Stephens > > > OutOfMemory Protection (test case 14) > Josh Juneau > > SQL Query Profilin

Re: Apache Jenkins is down?

2018-04-04 Thread Rick Hegarty
lly ban someone who wants to automate downloading of Jenkins artefacts. > And then let us know... ;) > > Hope this helps, > -Jirka > > Dne 4.4.2018 v 04:01 Alied Pérez Martínez napsal(a): > >> which confirms that it's not a network issue, but we are blocked at >> Apache. >

Re: [news] NetBeans 8.2 & JDK 8 Update 171 bundle testing this week

2018-04-17 Thread Rick Hegarty
Hi Jirka, I realize that it is now past the completion date, but this is to let you know that I have spent a couple of hours testing JUnit and TestNG on NetBeans 8.2 using jdk8u171 with no problems. I tried to update the Confluence page but I guess it is locked down now. Regards, Rick On Mon,

Re: corrupted jars in Build 376

2018-03-24 Thread Rick Hegarty
Luca, I just downloaded and unpacked build #376 with no problems. I wouldn't run NetBeans if the "archive is corrupt". Try downloading again. The module errors you are seeing on startup might be an unrelated issue. I used to get a "..*could not start some modules...*" message when starting

Re: which build?

2018-03-24 Thread Rick Hegarty
Glenn, I had the same confusion but received the clarification from Jirka that we should always be downloading from https://builds.apache. org/job/incubator-netbeans-linux/ The zip file to be downloaded gets updated as bug fixes are incorporated in the build. Don't be put off by "linux" in the

[unit] Test Specification for JUnit Testing

2018-04-02 Thread Rick Hegarty
Hi Mohammed, Javier and Mani, I have finally completed the JUnit Test Specification, and it is ready for you to use: * * My apologies for the

Re: Apache Jenkins is down?

2018-04-02 Thread Rick Hegarty
n refused > * Failed to connect to port 80: Connection refused > * Closing connection 0 > curl: (7) Failed to connect to port 80: Connection > refused > > was I banned for my Jenkins API tests? I really hope not. > > On 04/02/2018 10:24 PM,

Re: [profiler] close JDK10 issues?

2018-04-03 Thread Rick Hegarty
I also verified that the Profiler works with JDK10 on Windows 10 using Build #388, and added a comment to that effect on NETBEANS-539 On Tue, Apr 3, 2018 at 9:52 AM, Josh Juneau wrote: > I have now successfully confirmed

Re: Apache Jenkins is down?

2018-04-03 Thread Rick Hegarty
t; > On 04/02/2018 10:39 PM, Rick Hegarty wrote: > > Alied, > > > > Well I just tried both of your links (http and https), and they both > > worked, and immediately rendered a small chunk of JSON. > > > > Then I tried both links again a minut

Re: Apache Jenkins is down?

2018-04-03 Thread Rick Hegarty> wrote: > I've been downloading Netbeans nightly all this time, and I was able to > download it from the office today. It all started after I tried to get > the latest build file name through Jenkins JSON API (see below). Also, > I'm not the only o

Re: [profiler] test spec editing rights

2018-03-16 Thread Rick Hegarty
Glenn, I confirm that I am able to edit the Profiler Test Specification for 9.0. Rick Virus-free.

Warning on starting NetBeans (Build #369)

2018-03-16 Thread Rick Hegarty
All, I don't know whether this is worth worrying about, but just in case... - I just downloaded and unzipped recent build #369 of NetBeans from - I ran *netbeans\bin\netbeans64.exe* on my Win 10 machine. - On startup NetBeans

Re: [MASSMAIL]Warning on starting NetBeans (Build #369)

2018-03-16 Thread Rick Hegarty> <#DAB4FAD8-2DD7-40BB-A1B8-4E2AA1F9FDF2> On Fri, Mar 16, 2018 at 10:57 PM, <> wrote: > March 16, 2018 9:59 PM, "Rick Hegarty" <skom...@gm

[unit] Setup testing for verifying the JUnit and TestNG test specifications.

2018-03-21 Thread Rick Hegarty
Hi Mohammed, Javier and Mani, Once you have NetBeans 9 up and running please run the first two test cases of the JUnit Test specification at your convenience, and use this email thread to let us all know how things went: -

[unit] Getting started with testing the Unit Testing specifications.

2018-03-21 Thread Rick Hegarty
Hi Mohammed, Javier and Mani, This is an overview on how things stand for running the Unit Testing test specifications. I am presenting them as bullet points in no particular order. - My name is Rick Hegarty and I am leading the Unit Testing tribe. - I will be checking my email several