Re: Dodomenta, Diary from Kassel

2022-10-25 Thread Florian Cramer
On Thu, Sep 15, 2022, 02:17 Jo van der Spek M2M wrote: It was the absence of the lumbung artists in the venues that struck me, > A footnote to this: This absence was largely caused by the fact that the documenta organization had only obtained 90 days visitor visa for the participating non-EU

Re: CfP: Critical reflections on pandemic politics: left-wing, feminist and anti-racist critiques

2022-01-20 Thread Florian Cramer
ositional ‘left’ thinking that has completely fallen for the > government and big-pharma propaganda, and forgets to think critically about > power structures, knowing very well that right-wing and left-wing, while > also entertaining huge differences, are not pure opposites. Baudet would be >

Re: CfP: Critical reflections on pandemic politics: left-wing, feminist and anti-racist critiques

2022-01-20 Thread Florian Cramer
> > > - Government propaganda and censorship around lockdown and vaccination > [...] > - The role of mass and social media in anti- or pro-lockdown or vaccine > propaganda, political polarization and forms of media virality (eg. via > covid-19 memes) > [...] > - Mandatory vaccine rollouts as

Re: what does monetary value indicate?

2021-03-16 Thread Florian Cramer
On Thu, Mar 11, 2021 at 5:49 PM Felix Stalder wrote: > I'm sure many have followed the NFT art saga over the last couple of > months and seen today's headline that somebody just paid $ 69,346,250 > for a NFT on a blockchain, meta-data to claim ownership of the > "originalcopy" of a digital art

Re: what does monetary value indicate?

2021-03-15 Thread Florian Cramer
David Gerard, who wrote the excellent book "Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain: Bitcoin, Blockchain, Ethereum & Smart Contracts" in 2017, just posted a piece on his blog that provides an IMHO extremely useful primer and "for dummies" document on Crypto-Art and NFT tokes. (Thanks to Peter Horneland

Re: GameStop Never Stops

2021-02-04 Thread Florian Cramer
> > Finally, why not call BLM populist? > BLM probably fits Laclau/Mouffe's definition and notion of populism as agonistic. But since the movement is reclaiming minority rights, I don't think it fits Müller's and Mudde's definition of populism as positioning a majority of "the good people"

Re: GameStop Never Stops

2021-02-04 Thread Florian Cramer
Postscript to Jens Berger's article that I had posted yesterday: > This leads to the overlooked question: Who did sell the shares to the hedge > funds and the hobby speculators during the turmoil? Were it professionals > like ['Big Short' investor Michael] Burry, [Elon] Musk and the Winkelvoss >

Re: GameStop Never Stops

2021-02-03 Thread Florian Cramer
oint that this is "*all about money and the recognition, >> after a decade of quantitative easing and crypto bubbles, that money is >> somehow **meaningless.*" Part of this sensation may be the emotional >> experience of inflation, and a changing relationship to money as a >&g

Re: GameStop Never Stops

2021-02-02 Thread Florian Cramer
Just to clarify: On Tue, Feb 2, 2021 at 6:14 PM Max Herman wrote: > I wonder if there is a meaningful distinction between BLM and the alt-right phenoms recently accelerating. How do we distinguish between progressivism and populism? > > To my understanding BLM is not necessarily populist per

Re: GameStop Never Stops

2021-02-02 Thread Florian Cramer
GameStop checks all boxes of 'populism' as it has been defined by political scientists Jan-Werner Müller and Cas Mudde, namely as a revolt of "the good people" against "the corrupt elites". (I am less sure whether it would also check the boxes of populism as defined by Laclau/Mouffe). As you

Re: What is wrong the 'Vienna Declaration on Artistic Research'?

2021-01-27 Thread Florian Cramer
esearch? In any case, it has quite possibly > not yet been done. > > Full disclosure, I co-lead a research group studying the relationships > among meditation, neuroscience, and all the arts (including literature). > > All best, > > Max > > > -- &

What is wrong the 'Vienna Declaration on Artistic Research'?

2021-01-24 Thread Florian Cramer
rong-with-the-vienna-declaration-on-artistic-research # What Is Wrong with the 'Vienna Declaration on Artistic Research'? by Florian Cramer & Nienke Terpsma ## Found Footage > 'Artistic Research [AR]) is practice-based, practice-led research in > the arts which has developed ra

'Making Matters' conference in The Hague, Netherlands

2019-04-29 Thread Florian Cramer
ginger coons / Florian Cramer / <

Re: rage against the machine

2019-03-24 Thread Florian Cramer
Having zero knowledge of airplane technology, I do not know whether the following writeup/opinion piece on the 737 Max is a trustworthy source or not. It was written by a software developer (that I could verify) named Gregory Travis who claims to have been a "pilot and aircraft owner for over

Re: Christchurch and the Dark Social Web by Luke Munn

2019-03-19 Thread Florian Cramer
> > although I agree with a large part of Lukes analyse let me put in > question the point of machinic agency. All the more since 8chan, where the Christchurch killer was at culturally and literally at home and posted his announcement, is (along with the other chans) the least algorithmically

Re: James Bridle: Review of The Age of Surveillance Capitalism by Shoshana Zuboff (Guardian)

2019-02-10 Thread Florian Cramer
6525400cd8561 <>* bio: On Sun, Feb 10, 2019 at 6:54 PM Florian Cramer wrote: > While Zuboff popularized the term "surveillance capitalism" in 2015, she > wasn't the first person who

Re: James Bridle: Review of The Age of Surveillance Capitalism by Shoshana Zuboff (Guardian)

2019-02-10 Thread Florian Cramer
While Zuboff popularized the term "surveillance capitalism" in 2015, she wasn't the first person who wrote about it. The underlying issues had already been analyzed in Wendy Chun's "Control and Freedom" from 2008. Regarding the specific surveillance capitalism of the big social media companies,

Re: Foundations for "Anthropocene Socialist" Movement

2019-01-05 Thread Florian Cramer
On Sat, Jan 5, 2019 at 7:57 PM Brian Holmes wrote: > What we need, first of all, is a vision so carefully articulated that it can become a strategy and a calculable plan. > Exactly that is now emergent. The point is to make it actual. That means, to make it into the really existing state. Your

Re: Against Andrea Nagle's rightwing-masquerading-as-left tract on "open borders"

2018-11-28 Thread Florian Cramer
> Although not directly related to technology per se I found it related to our current discussions on the polis and inclusion, as well as a > continuing commentary on how the online right operates deftly in ostensibly leftist spaces. This is completely related to our previous discussion of

Re: Was cultural Marxism the leading force behind the new world order

2018-11-17 Thread Florian Cramer
The extreme right is just not educated enough to properly spot its enemies. Parts of Adorno's theory, for example, could be easily hijacked for conservative and right-wing ends: his resistance against mass culture, early writings against jazz music, fondness of Spengler and cultural pessimism,

Re: Inhabit: Instructions for Autonomy

2018-11-09 Thread Florian Cramer
That pamphlet is another piece of male fantasies and cyberlibertarian porn that might very well come from the Alt-Right. (Note the invocations of "fight clubs", "indigenous families" etc.) -F -- blog: *

Re: apropos of nothing

2018-11-04 Thread Florian Cramer
Alexander Bard is a typical example of a "Querfront" activist, and a member of this right-wing party: -F -- blog: * *

Re: Interview with Richard Stallman in New Left Review (September-October 2018)

2018-10-30 Thread Florian Cramer
Hello Carsten, You wrote: > Most Free/Open Source Software is in fact not created by unpaid > volunteers or even by underpaid workers, but by professional developers > at the companies or organizations who sponsor the projects. Define "most". What you describe is true for the Linux kernel and

Re: (no subject)

2018-10-29 Thread Florian Cramer
The problem with all debates of "identity politics" is that there is no clear definition of it, not even by Mark Lilla who popularized the term in 2016. (Lilla, by the way, doesn't even speak of or for the "left", but of two types of "liberalism", one that he supports and one that he rejects.)

Re: Interview with Richard Stallman in New Left Review (September-October 2018)

2018-10-28 Thread Florian Cramer
Today, IBM announced that it will buy up Red Hat for $30 billion. That value was mostly created by the labor of volunteer, un- or underpaid developers of the Free/Libre/Open Source software that makes up Red Hat's products. These people will not see a dime of IBM’s money. There need to be

Re: Quick Review..

2018-09-10 Thread Florian Cramer
Thanks, David - as I said in the discussion in Berlin, Stewart and I ended up in a weird place where we practically taught the "Alt-Right" its own history. One shouldn't read too much into its grasp of Gramsci though. This is what Milo Yiannopolous wrote about him in the original manuscript of his

Re: Unlocking Proprietorial Systems for Artistic Practice | By Marc Garrett.

2018-07-07 Thread Florian Cramer
> > And yet ... by nearly every agreed-upon measure, the "cultural, > political and economic systems in place" have contributed to what can be > called--with equal understatement--a significant reduction in global > poverty rates. A 74% reduction since 1990 by some estimates. > Let me guess -

Re: Reflections on Florian Cramer & Angela Nagle, discussion

2018-03-07 Thread Florian Cramer
Hello Kristoffer, David, Actually, I had tried (but may have failed) in my own contribution to the debate not to make any firm distinction between "subculture" and culture at large. This is why I had pulled in the "high-brow" examples of Simon Strauss and Götz Kubitschek, the examples of fascist

Re: The untenable technophobia of the Left

2018-03-05 Thread Florian Cramer
Which naive cyberlibertarian has written up this childish nonsense? work". As it happens, a PRIVATE WhatsApp chat got leaked in which some > policemen wrote > that they wanted to kill black people and also Madrid's mayor. Not to be > outdone, Madrid’s > mayor, Manuela Carmena, champion of the

Re: How do we govern ourselves? (was: Mechanical Turkish)

2018-02-22 Thread Florian Cramer
On Wed, Jan 31, 2018 at 2:27 AM, Brian Holmes wrote: > On Mon, Jan 29, 2018 at 10:18 PM, Blake Stimson wrote: > >> My premise is that the question "how do we govern ourselves? ... with which >> institutions, under which rules, backed by

Re: Mechanical Turkish

2018-01-27 Thread Florian Cramer
Thanks for sharing this. None of the issues described in this write-up can be blamed on the corporate ownership of the currently popular social media. If people used Open Source, community-owned and community-run social media instead (like, for example, Mastodon or diaspora), there would be the

Re: social media critique: next steps?

2018-01-15 Thread Florian Cramer
One could argue that today's mainstream social media critique has finally caught up with the critical media theory of 10-15 years ago. The major arguments have already been made in, among others, Wendy Chun's "Control and Freedom" from 2005. Today's social media critique is a simplified,

Re: Ten years in, nobody has come up with a use for blockchain

2017-12-30 Thread Florian Cramer
It's not either-or (technology and political agency), but both-and. The two things aren't cleanly separable. And this isn't any new or revolutionary insight, but exactly what McLuhan meant with "the medium is the message" and Wiener with the "human use of human beings" (or Lenin with his equation

Re: Ten years in, nobody has come up with a use for blockchain

2017-12-30 Thread Florian Cramer
On Sat, Dec 30, 2017 at 7:12 PM, Morlock Elloi wrote: But I want to get back to Bitcoin as a random mindless technology that > found its receptors in the society, and use proof by negation: Bitcoin has > three key components: asymmetric crypto (for signatures), Merkle

Re: Ten years in, nobody has come up with a use for blockchain

2017-12-29 Thread Florian Cramer
> The *goal* of the Bitcoin proof of concept was 'an electronic payment > system based on cryptographic proof instead of trust, allowing any two > willing parties to transact directly with each other without the need for a > trusted third party.' So when the author of this avid-reader essay >

The alt-right and the death of counterculture

2017-07-07 Thread Florian Cramer
[Olivier Jutel wrote an extensive review of Angela Nagle's new book "Kill All Normies - Online culture wars from 4chan and Tumblr to Trump and the alt-right" (Zero Books, 2017) for the Australian journal Overland: of-counterculture/

Musings on what's left of copyleft

2017-07-05 Thread Florian Cramer
eat Itself as a Tragedy of the Public Domain? % Florian Cramer, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences Gift Economies == ‘Potlatch’ is a traditional Native American gift exchange ceremony. In the twentieth century, the word was adopted for a radical politics and aesthetics of

Re: Can the Left Meme?

2017-06-15 Thread Florian Cramer
Tilman, I couldn't agree more - and would suggest to extend this history to the memes of the Luddites and even revolutionary pamphlets and caricatures in the reformation age. This was a highly successful political meme in its time, the early 16th century:

Re: Fwd: Neoliberalism & alt-rght trolls

2017-05-28 Thread Florian Cramer
According to Ancilla Van der Leest, those board members haven't been accepted into Baudet's party. However. this doesn't change the overall picture. It seems to be a good example of cyberlibertarianism and Internet rights activism (whether in the Pirate Party or in hacker movements) having

Re: Neoliberalism & alt-rght trolls

2017-05-15 Thread Florian Cramer
It's a yes and no, depending on the definition of neoliberalism you use. If you define neoliberalism along the lines of Hayek and Mises as libertarianism light, then yes, there are overlaps, particularly in cyber libertarianism. Within the larger current network and discourse of the "Alt-Right",

Re: Why I won't support the March for Science

2017-04-25 Thread Florian Cramer
On Mon, Apr 24, 2017 at 9:18 PM, Lunenfeld, Peter B. wrote: > or as little sense as anything else. If you feel there remains a > difference, then writing off the M4S comes off as pointlessly fractious > at best, and ally-denigrating, wheel-churning self-destruction at

Why I won't support the March for Science

2017-04-23 Thread Florian Cramer
(This was a social media posting, but I thought that I should share it with the larger Nettime community. -F) Why I won't support the 'March for Science':* 1) The central demand of the 'March for Science', "evidence-based policies and regulations", is toxic and dangerous. It means that

Re: Phillips/Beyer/Coleman: "false assumption that

2017-04-20 Thread Florian Cramer
Hello Gabriella, > "the false assumption that alt-right 'trolling' is equally >interchangeable with 4chan and Anonymous, an assumption that posits >static, ahistorical framings of both. Making this claim, eith >explicitly or implicitly, obscures the one basic, unifying fact of >

Phillips/Beyer/Coleman: "false assumption that alt-right 'trolling'

2017-03-25 Thread Florian Cramer
This collectively authored piece by Whitney Phillips, Jessica Beyer and Gabriella Coleman is worth reading and, perhaps, debating: The authors make important

Re: Hackaton exploring the digital landscape

2016-10-16 Thread Florian Cramer
Since about half a decade, these types of events have become typical for the Netherlands and its particular flavor of creative industries. Initially, "hackathons" had little to do with hacker culture since they adopted (or even hijacked) the term hacking in a broadly metaphorical

Re: living under algorithmic governance

2016-09-09 Thread Florian Cramer
This story has one flaw: Facebook's censors aren't algorithms but human low wage laborers. The issue isn't principally different from that of a press distributor/wholesaler deciding not to put an issue of a newspaper on the newsstands because it contains full-frontal nudity. This is a good

Re: Interview with German media theorist Sebastian Giessmann

2016-07-25 Thread Florian Cramer
On Mon, Jul 25, 2016 at 10:50 AM, Geert Lovink wrote: > It a very diverse piece of scholarly work in the tradition of > German humanities and media theory. As is often the case with > German theory, we start off in Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt > before moving on to

Re: Live Your Models

2016-05-04 Thread Florian Cramer
Debt is a separate phenomenon, and not necessarily related to non-fiat currencies, possession does not automatically imply debt, eg. if I invest my time into digging gold, and find some, who owes me? Debt is predicated on enforcement capabilities, without which it does not

Re: Live Your Models

2016-05-02 Thread Florian Cramer
Brian, > That's where the ambiguities lie. On > my view, the radical experiments of the Sixties and Seventies were > not misguided, yet they were partially absorbed into the new hegemony > of neoliberalism. That's why you have to be careful what you wish > for. Today it's time

Re: Guardian > Monbiot > Neoliberalism -- the ideology at

2016-04-17 Thread Florian Cramer
Nice story... > The term neoliberalism was coined at a meeting in Paris in 1938. > Among the delegates were two men who came to define the ideology, > Ludwig von Mises and Friedrich Hayek. Both exiles from Austria, > they saw social democracy, exemplified by Franklin Roosevelt's New > Deal and

Re: Ten Theses on the Panama Papers

2016-04-07 Thread Florian Cramer
> On 5 Apr 2016, at 14:42, Florian Cramer forwarded: > >> Panama Papers - not the Scoop but the Flop of the Century > > Florian, I'm pretty confident that Jens Berger's eruption won't age > hold up very well, and I really wonder why you bothered to forward such > a load of

Re: Ten Theses on the Panama Papers

2016-04-06 Thread Florian Cramer
On Wed, Apr 6, 2016 at 11:34 AM, Felix Stalder wrote: > > Some crucial questions remain unanswered: Why is there no notable US > > American citizen among the "accused"? > > But not for this reason. Much more important, as Brian pointed out, > is at the US

Re: Ten Theses on the Panama Papers

2016-04-05 Thread Florian Cramer
, Florian Cramer <> wrote: Jens Berger from the German political blog Nachdenkseiten has an opinion on the "Panama Papers" that indeed gives food for thought ("Nachdenkseiten" means "Food for Thought Pages). Here's a quick translati

Re: Ten Theses on the Panama Papers

2016-04-05 Thread Florian Cramer
Jens Berger from the German political blog Nachdenkseiten has an opinion on the "Panama Papers" that indeed gives food for thought ("Nachdenkseiten" means "Food for Thought Pages). Here's a quick translation: Panama Papers â not the Scoop but the Flop of the Century This

Re: Richard Stallman: Eradicate Facebook!

2016-03-22 Thread Florian Cramer
On Tue, Mar 22, 2016 at 4:51 AM, carlo von lynX wrote: I think we need distributed social networking, with nodes that act like a Facebook on your own device but only interact through a network of agnostic relays, Tor style, with zero external

Re: VW

2015-10-03 Thread Florian Cramer
Dear Florian, if this is your biggest concern, than you should at least mention that a large section of so called âcritical net culturesâ in Europe has been close to Burda Foundation since a long time: [1]

Re: VW

2015-09-27 Thread Florian Cramer
It'll be very interesting indeed to hear what the stars of ~German media theory have to say about this. Maybe about as much as most US academics have to say about their role in imposing indentured servitude on subsequent generations... The German state of Lower Saxony owns

Re: VW

2015-09-26 Thread Florian Cramer
I'd be curious to hear from people who have a more proximate sense of how this is playing out in Germany, and how the government seems like it'll respond. The implication for "our" field are much more immediate than one would expect, given that the Centre of Digital Cultures

Re: nettime gentrification of hacking

2015-08-26 Thread Florian Cramer
When Stephen Levy wrote Hackers in 1984, his description of hacker culture and his write-up of the hacker ethic were, to a considerable part, based on Richard Stallman. Already in that year, Levy called Stallman the last of the true hackers. Stallman created the GNU Project in the

Re: nettime Lori Emerson: What's Wrong With the Internet and How

2015-07-28 Thread Florian Cramer
On Mon, Jul 27, 2015 at 9:28 PM, [1] wrote: The Internet *is* it's lowest protocol layers. No, it isn't, since it is neither immaterial nor a perpetuum mobile, but runs on hardware and electricity. -F ... # distributed via nettime: no commercial use

Re: nettime Lori Emerson: What's Wrong With the Internet and How We

2015-07-27 Thread Florian Cramer
On Mon, Jul 27, 2015 at 3:11 PM, t byfield wrote: Via RISKS and-how-we-can-fix-it-interview-with-internet-pioneer-john-day/ Â Â loriemerson

Re: nettime Fwd: Global and Networked Solidarity with the Occupied

2015-03-02 Thread Florian Cramer
On Mon, Mar 2, 2015 at 2:00 PM, Ãrsan Åenalp [1] wrote: Netherlands, the sinking last welfare state, This must be, like so many contemporary perceptions of the Netherlands, based on outdated facts and nostalgic misconceptions. According toÂ

Re: nettime Rich User Experience, UX and Desktopization of War

2015-01-18 Thread Florian Cramer
On Sat, Jan 17, 2015 at 11:27 PM, olia lialina wrote: and the morning after UX, when people (formerly known as users) beiing fooled into invisible computing paradigm, find out that computers are there but the only think they can do with them is to take out

Re: nettime More Crisis in the Information Society

2014-07-21 Thread Florian Cramer
On Mon, Jul 21, 2014 at 8:46 PM, t byfield wrote: Felix is absolutely right that this is all at root political -- and not just politicized, in the way noted above, but political in the sharply defined sense of people's will and ability to recognize where they stand in

Re: nettime More Crisis in the Information Society

2014-07-20 Thread Florian Cramer
Hello David, And ask whether the generally low pay and insecure conditions for practitioners of what have become known as the creative economy really is such a new phenomenon? Are the average earnings enjoyed/endured by commercial photographers (and designers/illustrators/animators/writers)

Re: nettime More Crisis in the Information Society

2014-07-20 Thread Florian Cramer
Hello David, And ask whether the generally low pay and insecure conditions for practitioners of what have become known as the creative economy really is such a new phenomenon? Are the average earnings enjoyed/endured by commercial photographers (and designers/illustrators/animators/writers)

Re: nettime More Crisis in the Information Society

2014-07-19 Thread Florian Cramer
Your posting on the crisis of the information society struck me as a useful summary of a current state of affairs. There seem to be obvious conclusions to be drawn from this which, apparently, nobody dares to clearly state: (a) The Internet - i.e. anything traveling over TCP/IP and routed via DNS

Re: nettime a free letter to cultural institutions

2014-06-17 Thread Florian Cramer
Hello jaromil, First and foremost there is a confusion between the terms art and culture, which is created already in Ozgur's open letter and oddly whipped up by Aymeric. Art production is quite different from cultural production. This is mined territory as there are no whatsoever

Re: nettime a free letter to cultural institutions

2014-06-12 Thread Florian Cramer
I disagree with this letter since I am working for a small cultural venue (WORM in Rotterdam) myself and see a discrepancy between good intentions and not-so-good practical consequences. First of all: the release of work as free culture (according to the standards of or the FSF

Re: nettime tensions within the bay area elites

2014-05-12 Thread Florian Cramer
On Mon, May 12, 2014 at 5:36 PM, Hans de Zwart wrote: Just look at the graph displaying Google's DC lobbying investment and you will instantly realise that Google is not the same Google that it was a decade ago. To chime in here: If Facebook qualifies as scary, then Google

Re: nettime Philosophy of the Internet of Things

2014-04-27 Thread Florian Cramer
Hello Rob, There seem to be a few problematic assumptions in the text: The Internet of Things (IoT) is an umbrella term used to describe a next step in the evolution of the Internet. While the first phase of the web can be thought of as a combination of an internet of hyper-text documents and

Re: nettime Will your insurance company subsidize your quantified self?

2014-04-18 Thread Florian Cramer
Alexander, I can sense that we disagree already - and probably have to agree to disagree - but let me just state that netocracy is already well defined in internt social theory and needs no confusing redefinition from you nor anybody else. If Wikipedia can be believed, then the internet

Re: nettime Hans Magnus Enzensberger: Rules for the digital world

2014-03-11 Thread Florian Cramer
While I'd like to chime in with Andreas' fact check of Enzensberger's ten rules: For those who aren't nerds, hackers or cryptographers and have better things to do than keep up with the pitfalls of digitalization every hour, there are ten simple rules to resist exploitation and surveillance:

Re: nettime Hans Magnus Enzensberger: Rules for the digital world

2014-03-03 Thread Florian Cramer
of the Post-digital: some old problems with post-anything. (2013) Web. December 2013 Cramer, Florian. Post-Digital Aesthetics. _Jeu de Paume le magazine_, May 2013. Web. December 2013

Re: nettime Ippolita Collective: In the Facebook Aquarium (part One, #2.2)

2014-02-07 Thread Florian Cramer
'Mediatic euphoria' is never a good thing, because it is based on the implicit idea of technological determinism, a belief that is itself solidly grounded in the Enlightenment tradition. I dare to disagree. Technological determinism, as far as represented in late 20th century media theory and

nettime Anonymous movement in decline?

2014-01-05 Thread Florian Cramer
In a short but interesting article, he German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung observes a decline of the Anonymous movement just in a time where more and more of Snowden's material is being disclosed (

Re: nettime Fwd: Stephen Foley: Bitcoin needs to learn from past e-currency

2013-12-05 Thread Florian Cramer
On Wed, Dec 4, 2013 at 2:02 AM, Douglas La Rocca douglaro...@gmail.comwrote: There's a distinction between wallets and addresses. Addresses are traceable and can be analyzed in that manner. Wallets are collections of addresses which need not ever be publicly associated. Far from being

Re: nettime Stephen Foley: Bitcoin needs to learn from past e-currency

2013-12-03 Thread Florian Cramer
On Tue, Dec 3, 2013 at 9:02 AM, Antti J?rvinen wrote: While I understand that individual humans need to enjoy greater privacy than commercial or government entities (that, to my opinion, should not expect any privacy regarding their monetary- or other issues) this thing

Re: nettime Pascal Zachary: Rules for the Digital Panopticon (IEEE)

2013-10-15 Thread Florian Cramer
One aspect doesn't seem to have been addressed here yet: that the Panopticon may be an outmoded metaphor because of its sole emphasis on visuality. Twelve years ago, in 2001, the exhibition ctrl_space at ZKM Karlsruhe drew deserved criticism after its curators had departed from the notion of the

Re: nettime What if a work of sold for $34 million?

2013-05-15 Thread Florian Cramer
On Tue, May 14, 2013 at 8:24 AM, Edward Shanken rotorel...@gmail.comwrote: What would the world be like if Roy Ascott's La Plissure du Texte (1983) sold at auction for $34.2 million instead of Gerhard RIchter's ?Abstraktes Bild?? In what sort of world (and artworld) would that be possible?

Re: nettime Bitcoin, the end of the Taboo on Money.

2013-04-07 Thread Florian Cramer
Jaromil ( Nettime), What I fail to understand is why you consider this a political gain (to quote your paper): The Bitcoin dream is the autonomy of content producers, to exchange their production freely, without aggregations, without intermediaries. This is hardcore libertarianism, since it

Re: nettime Olivier Auber: Network symetry and net neutrality

2013-02-26 Thread Florian Cramer
Van Jacobson, one of the main promoters of Multicast has written in 1995: How to kill the internet? Easy! Just invent the web ! This reflects the web of the 1990s which for the most part consisted of static data. The problem of caching, back in those

Re: nettime The .art TLD again: E-Flux are soliciting support for their bid.

2012-06-24 Thread Florian Cramer
This seems to me to be a rather blatant power grab on the part of the E-Flux crew. The E-Flux service (which may or may not be non-profit) A postscript to that: In ICANN's domain application database, e-flux is listed as an LLC (Limited Liability Company) with Anton Vidokle as Founder and CEO.

Re: nettime Fwd: The .art TLD again: E-Flux are soliciting support for their bid

2012-06-21 Thread Florian Cramer
Beginning in 1999 as an informal mailing list, e-flux is an artist-run organization that has grown tremendously over the past ten years, What is the legal form of e-flux? The information above, and on the 'about' page of, is remarkably vague. There is no indication that e-flux is a

Re: nettime Privacy, Moglen, @ioerror, #rp12

2012-05-08 Thread Florian Cramer
On Tue, May 8, 2012 at 10:21 PM, wrote: Do they know that you really can't control anyone on Facebook and that the *primary* sales activity that happens is NEGATIVE (i.e. people telling each other what *not* to buy) -- you betcha. Yes; and the big four Internet corporations

nettime Maldivian artists occupy the National Art Gallery

2012-03-21 Thread Florian Cramer
[In the West, there has been almost no public attention to the coup d'etat in the Maldives, only four years after the first election of a democratic government - and consequently no attention to the current activism in the country. Please help spread the message and awareness. -F] Maldivian

Re: nettime Occupy Wall Street and the Left

2012-01-19 Thread Florian Cramer
Jodi wrote: as well as the ongoing threats to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid)?because people are mobilized as the 99%, the attack on capitalism takes different forms, forms loosely associated with the ideological span of the contemporary left. 1. Progressive/left-liberal Democrat:

nettime The medium is not the message (lecture to students)

2011-12-20 Thread Florian Cramer
[This September, the media department of the Universiteit van Amsterdam invited me to give the graduation speech for its Masters students of New Media. I had been asked to address the future of new media studies in my lecture, which was a difficult task since I had never studied or taught new

Re: nettime The fiction of the creative industries

2011-10-02 Thread Florian Cramer
On Sat, Sep 24, 2011 at 11:25 PM, Matze Schmidt wrote: Since the Creative Industry is not just the fiction or fantasy of some governmental managers and think tanks it will be and is a centralised action as re-action and in answer to the economy crisis today. The best

nettime The fiction of the creative industries

2011-09-24 Thread Florian Cramer
[This text was written for the emergency issue of the journal Open by the Dutch Foundation for Art and the Public Space (Stichting Kunst en Openbare Ruimte / SKOR) SKOR/Open is one of the arts organizations to lose their funding in the Netherlands. The complete (Dutch-language) emergency issue of

Re: nettime some more nuanced thoughts on publishing, editing, reading, using

2011-07-28 Thread Florian Cramer
On Thu, Jul 28, 2011 at 12:04 AM, McLaughlin, Lisa M. Dr. wrote: It does make me feel that I was correct in announcing that I'm stepping down from editing Feminist Media Studies at our last editorial board meeting. I always will defend the quality, importance, and the

nettime Piet Zwart Institute seeks course director for Master Fine Art

2011-07-23 Thread Florian Cramer
Piet Zwart Institute Seeks a new Course Director for the Master of Fine Art Programme Rotterdam, The Netherlands Application deadline: September 12 Job starting from November 1, 2011 0,8 FTE, 32 hours The Piet Zwart Institute is the Master programme of the Willem de Kooning

Re: nettime ISEA2011 Istanbul and some financial realities

2011-05-18 Thread Florian Cramer
It surprises me to read such a convoluted response, rich with repetitive rhetoric while thin on hard facts, by the person in charge of putting together ISEA 2011. A very interesting debate is going on with some facts and some clarifications needed - since most of you seem to be discussing the