Re: radio nettime: 8 Sept 2019 12:00-13:00

2019-09-04 Thread Magnus Boman
On Wed, 4 Sep 2019 at 02:42, tbyfield wrote: > ... > This list is some seriously bespoke shit. So, if you value this list, then > part of what > you value is our judgment. And our judgment now is that it's time to > think very seriously about shutting it down AND MAYBE ALSO trying > something

Re: Tom Hodgkinson: What do they do with all that money? (The Idler)

2019-04-25 Thread Magnus Boman
On Thu, 25 Apr 2019 at 22:09, Patrice Riemens wrote: > > > ... > > Jeff Bezos spent $1.6m and Uber boss Dara Khosrowshahi spent $2 million > on personal security, suggesting that while very important, they are not > quite as important as Zuckerberg. The other point to make is that if > they

Re: Peak Anger Rocks

2019-01-31 Thread Magnus Boman
Death Grips is not a band it is a pond in which you see who you will become in the future should you keep consuming what was not designed for heads up: you will be beautiful as the moon, terrible as an army with banners. "No love deep web", for instance, easily outweighs the mass of predictions in

Re: it is the end of history

2018-12-30 Thread Magnus Boman
I admire in particular the constructive attitude of including metadata like: >Copyright 2001 Reuters Limited. All rights reserved. Republication or redistribution of Reuters content, including by framing or similar means, is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of Reuters. For

Re: China needs more water. So it's building a rain-making network three times the size of Spain

2018-03-29 Thread Magnus Boman
So a relatively small number of researchers, one of which reports "promising results" to a Chinese journalist, and all of which are at best mediocre in the field, is paving the way for an installation of Tibet-placed burners for cloud seeding. How are we to trust the Chinese government with

Re: Oliver Leistert: "Blockcian as a Modulator of Existence"

2018-03-06 Thread Magnus Boman
On Mon, Mar 5, 2018 at 7:59 PM Morlock Elloi wrote: > In "Borat", there was a scene where a guy wanted to make sure that the > car he is interested in is a "*ussy magnet". > > Blockchain is * magnet, in the sense that it attracts everything, > especially *topian

Re: Josh Hall: Blockchain could reshape our world – and the far right is one step ahead (Guardian)

2018-03-03 Thread Magnus Boman
> > ... > > Hi, > > thanks guys for your opinions on blockchais, But neither pointing to > authority in the matter (apprently we are all experts all the time) nor > polemicizing against a non-mature technology will help me in > understanding the phenomena. let's get back to the subject in ten

Re: Spotify Threatened Researchers Who Revealed ‘Pirate’ History

2017-10-09 Thread Magnus Boman
Most importantly, I can confirm the pirating part as I was using the Beta, and thought at the time it was a cool thing to do. Unlike Fleischer, I did not have my own music or stuff I produced pirated, but looking at the money I get from plays it would not have mattered much to the economy of my

Re: The Five Minutes App

2017-08-04 Thread Magnus Boman
Restating what you call obvious in hype terms: on the voice app market, Amazon's Alexa is leading the race and this market is estimated to billions, with Google and Microsoft tailing. This is sold as getting rid of the keyboard and mouse, which surely never were much good to us for communication

Re: Why I won't support the March for Science

2017-04-24 Thread Magnus Boman
On Mon, Apr 24, 2017 at 4:37 AM David Garcia wrote: 3) Just as opposition against Trump creates false solidarity with neoliberals, opposition against climate change-denying, creationist etc. politics can create false solidarity with a Popperian

Re: For those who wanted to "give Trump a chance"

2017-02-02 Thread Magnus Boman
On Wed, Feb 1, 2017 at 11:31 PM Michael Gurstein wrote: For those who wanted to "give Trump a chance" it seems he is out of chances already : For those finding it difficult to keep up - here's a run down of the week so far To recap: ... Thank you

Re: Tagging Banksy: Using Geographic Profiling to

2016-03-05 Thread Magnus Boman
Are you sure? The first paragraph reads: >The pseudonymous Banksy is perhaps the most famous artist in Britain. His works regularly sell for hundreds of thousands of pounds but despite his popularity â and despite intense media interest â his identity officially remains a

Re: Vice > Peter Sunde > I Have Given Up

2015-12-21 Thread Magnus Boman
Last week Peter also announced his new art project, the Kopimashin, which copies a song about eight million times in a day, creating huge losses (sic) for the music industry: The Kopimashin creates an endless amount of copies of a specific audio track (gnarls barkleyâs crazy). The

Re: Vice > Peter Sunde > I Have Given Up

2015-12-13 Thread Magnus Boman
On Sun, Dec 13, 2015 at 12:24 AM Jonathan Marshall wrote: Morlock: > Equating 'freedom' with 'right' to consume unpaid commercial content was > the biggest meme hijack of the decade. It reminds of the sinister side > of some hippie

Re: nettime Guillaume Lachenal: Ebola: a brilliantly scripted

2014-09-25 Thread Magnus Boman
Thank you kindly for the translation. I have worked as a computational epidemiologist for almost ten years now, in Europe and in the Middle East, and I have tried not to contribute to the dichotomy outlined (reality vs. disaster movie) but it is very hard. The reason is not media, for once. I

Re: nettime Copyright Is Over - If You Want I

2014-07-21 Thread Magnus Boman
Forgive me, but it seems to me the work did not steal anything from you. It was rather your own behaviour in the face of authority that caused your frustration. Why did you let a sign and a security guard stop you? Again (like in last month's discussion), to me what is required to enjoy a bootleg

Re: nettime a free letter to cultural institutions

2014-06-17 Thread Magnus Boman
Great examples from Florian Cramer. Having run an indie record company and music publishing house for 32 years, I could add that punk attitude is something that extends far beyond any musical genre (punk included) and that incorporates a disdain from any representative of jurisprudence. The latter