What Caused Nettime??

2019-09-04 Thread newmedia
Ted: Geoff, if you and/or anyone else is committed to nettime as a project, however you see it, then you might consider starting a new list (or whatever) dedicated to that project and recruiting people to contribute. Speaking as someone who was there from the "beginning" (and as one of those

Re: Guardian Live on Assange's arrest

2019-04-11 Thread newmedia
Ted : > A better line of questions might involve what's changed since he > first >entered the embassy. A better line of questions involves what's changed in the last few weeks . . . !! What is now in motion is the investigate-the-investigators phase of the "soft coup" against Trump.  At the

Re: Foundations for "Anthropocene Socialist" Movement

2018-12-30 Thread newmedia
Brian: > However, emergence on its own appears useless as a principle of hope. Good point.  Allow me to amplify . . . "Emergence"was a DoD project.  Or, more properly a DoE one.  The US Department of Energy (spun-off from DoD to "control" nuclear weapons), established the Mecca of "emergence"

Re: Bridging the Gap between Technology and Progressive Politics in Europe

2018-12-04 Thread newmedia
Geert (old friend): How could this possibly succeed? Yes, there *is* something rotten in Denmark (and elsewhere) . . . !! Trying to use technology to "construct" the world as you'd like it to be is always confronted by the reality that technology is, instead, busy "constructing" you.

Re: Was cultural Marxism the leading force behind the new world order

2018-11-16 Thread newmedia
Nettimers: "Cultural Marxism" is, of course, a canard -- primarily because it never really had any impact. Adorno did manage to write "The Authoritarian Personality" (a favorite of Breivik) but he was tossed out of the Rockefeller Radio Research Project and few (at that level) ever paid much


2018-11-12 Thread newmedia
Geert: The 1998 Microsoft antitrust case effectively "wedded" the company to the Pentagon -- it was not run out of DoJ but rather the "intelligence community" (with me playing a minor role) -- so it is no surprise to find Microsoft speaking on behalf of that contingent today. There is a

Re: Nein, danke [was Re: Inhabit: Instructions for Autonomy]

2018-11-11 Thread newmedia
Charles, Brian : There's something happening here, what it is ain't exactly clear . . . -- Buffalo Springfield (For What It's Worth,1967) The inhabit.global website begins with the words, "The End of the World: It's over. Bow your head and phone scroll through the apocalypse. Watch as

**The Technology as a Cause** (by Raymond Williams, 1974)

2018-04-12 Thread Newmedia
[Raymond Williams, *Television: Technology and cultural form*, Chapter 3, "The Forms of Television," p. 129-132] C. The Technology as a Cause Sociological and psychological studies of the effects of television, which in their limited terms have usually been serious and careful, were

**Vice and "Sense Perception"** (by Joe Sachs)

2018-03-03 Thread Newmedia
[Joe Sachs, Nicomachean Ethics (Aristotle), 2002, Introduction, Part II, "The Mean," pp. xi, xx-xxi, also St. John's Review, "Three Little Words," 1997] Three words that anyone who has tried to understand the *Nicomachean Ethics* has had to wrestle with are HABIT, the MEAN, and NOBLE

Re: They Say We Can’t Meme: Politics of Idea Compression/Geert Lovink & Marc Tuters

2018-02-12 Thread Newmedia
Geert: The *medium* (or what we now call psycho-technological environments) that generated “memes” is, of course, the same one that dominated people’s lives when they were “discovered” in the 1970s – TELEVISION. Are you sure that’s how you’d like anyone to behave today? That medium is no

FW: John Barlow, Debbie and Me (plus Nettime)

2018-02-08 Thread Newmedia
Sent from Mail for Windows 10 Nettime: On the eve of my 70th birthday, John Perry Barlow, who was 4 months older and sometimes described as my "nemesis," passed away.  RIP, cyber-comrade.  In the interest of living memories, here's a JPB story (or two). In mid-1994, the Progress and Freedom

Re: Managerial capitalism?

2017-09-21 Thread Newmedia
Brian : > Try the vision thing. Nobody has it, everybody needs it, it's the rarest thing > on earth. I don't think that the post-2008 crisis will ever be resolved > until some socio-political agency comes up with a vision of the future > that is inspiring, workable and translatable into

Re: choose-your-own adventure: a brief history of nettime

2015-11-10 Thread Newmedia
Dear Nettimers: "McLuhanite technological determinism" . . . !! As maybe the only person from the Wall Street "wing" of the technology industry (with at least one confirmed *weird* "assignment" from the CIA) to ever participate in nettime -- starting with that late-night phone-call from

Re: nettime nottime: the end of nettime [2x]

2015-04-05 Thread Newmedia
- Forwarded message from newme...@aol.com - From: newme...@aol.com Subject: Re: nettime nottime: the end of nettime Date: Thu, 2 Apr 2015 08:21:35 -0400 To: nett...@kein.org Folks: The MEDIUM is *still* the MESSAGE . . . !! Mark Stahlman Jersey City Heights In a message

Re: nettime More Crisis in the Information Society

2014-07-24 Thread Newmedia
Eric: But society *cannot* be designed -- not by you or anyone else. Indeed, this is why so many people are naive to imagine that there is a Deep-State (which doesn't exist and about which the Snowden disclosures tell us nothing) or that there is anyone to whom you could give a Big

nettime Automation: Learning a Living (Marshall McLuhan, 1964)

2014-07-22 Thread Newmedia
[Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man, Marshall McLuhan, 1964, pp. 357-59, final chapter, the last four paragraphs] Automation: Learning a Living Such is also the harsh logic of industrial automation. All that we had previously achieved mechanically by great exertion and coordination can

nettime Manipulation of the Unconscious

2014-06-30 Thread Newmedia
Of course, the cultural industry and mass media are not the only places where the manipulation of the unconscious may actively be contemplated. The formidable challenge that confronts the cultural critic is the scenario where the battlefront of ideology has shifted predominantly

Re: nettime Pascal Zachary: Rules for the Digital Panopticon (IEEE)

2013-10-11 Thread Newmedia
Felix: Some people are using the concept of ban-opticon to express this. Correct. The principles involved have been in force for the past 100+ years -- long before *digital* systems. In the original 19th-century Benthamite Panopticon, the key idea was that the inmates had no idea if anyone

Re: nettime Pascal Zachary: Rules for the Digital Panopticon (IEEE)

2013-10-11 Thread Newmedia
Felix: Some people are using the concept of ban-opticon to express this. Correct. The principles involved have been in force for the past 100+ years -- long before *digital* systems. In the original 19th-century Benthamite Panopticon, the key idea was that the inmates had no idea if anyone

nettime This is Your Mind on Drugs (OAC Seminar: Hart, Drummond, Stahlman, McCreery etc)

2013-10-04 Thread Newmedia
Folks: Keith Hart (who I met on this list) was generous enough to let me participate in the now-almost 3-week-long Open Anthropology Cooperative seminar, which was begun around a discussion of Lee Drummond's essay Lance Armstrong: The Reality Show (A Cultural Analysis.) Lee is a

Re: nettime The secret financial market only robots can see

2013-09-30 Thread Newmedia
Felix: What has happened through financialization is not the rise of machines, or some creation of intelligent forms of agency beyond human comprehension. Who said any of this is beyond comprehension? If you choose to not even try to understand something, for your own reasons of *dogma*

Re: nettime The secret financial market only robots can see

2013-09-30 Thread Newmedia
Felix: OK. It's the machines. You convinced me. Now, what? HA!! Now you (and the rest of us) will have to *understand* the impact on *us* of our own inventions -- particularly the communications technologies that make up our social environment. This environment is man-made. Our behaviors

Re: nettime Phil Agre: Supporting the Intellectual Life of a Democratic Soc...

2013-09-21 Thread Newmedia
Nettime: Citizens would grow up accustomed to having a public voice, to receiving intellectual responses from others, and to articipating in a global intellectual culture. The cultural conditions of democratic intellectual life will have been achieved. Sorry (to Phil Agre) but this is

Re: nettime Phil Agre: Supporting the Intellectual Life of a Democratic Soc...

2013-09-21 Thread Newmedia
MP: What part of the technological environment prompted you to apologise twice in this email? The part that replaced the mass with the *individual* . . . !! While the MEMETIC notions of democracy and revolution were promoted by mass-media (therefore, to no body), digital technology has

Re: nettime The Whole Earth Conference + Turner interview

2013-07-28 Thread Newmedia
Karen: Reboot.fm has all the speeches/panels here -- https://soundcloud.com/rebootfm/sets/the-whole-earth-in-the-ether What Fred was talking about with his *two* countercultures is a matter of RELIGION -- although he doesn't put it in those terms (probably because his audience thinks that

Re: nettime The Whole Earth -- Conference (Berlin, HKW 21/22 June

2013-07-25 Thread Newmedia
John: Anyway, Mark, get the catalog and listen to the podcasts that Nina gave the addresses of... it's well worth your time. Thanks, I did. Unfortunately, it's all in German (including the translation of Fred's speech), except for his interview -- which I recommend. Maybe

nettime The Whole Earth -- Conference (Berlin, HKW 21/22 June 2013)

2013-07-19 Thread Newmedia
Folks: If this was mentioned on nettime (considering that it was once the primary topic of this list), I missed it -- did anyone from this collective attend and do they wish to offer a report? http://hkw.de/en/programm/2013/the_whole_earth/veranstaltungen_83124/veranst

Re: nettime a liberal revolution in 21st century Africa?

2013-07-04 Thread Newmedia
Keith: PS Mark S. Things digital do make an appearance in the book, but not in the essay. Thanks for the shout out . . . !! g There are revolutions and there are renaissances. My guess is that the latter would be a much more beneficial prospect for Africa. Revolutions --

Re: nettime In an Internetworked World No One Is Foreign

2013-06-25 Thread Newmedia
Eugen: It was from the RAND study that the false rumor started, claiming that the ARPANET was somehow related to building a network resistant to nuclear war. This was never true of the ARPANET . . . Correct! However, based on my recent conversations with Bob Taylor, you are leaving out

Re: nettime dark days

2013-06-14 Thread Newmedia
Felix: One is against authoritarian regimes . . . Another one is against the subversion of the democratic processes . . . And, one is against the increasing subversion of civil liberties . . . Fascinating how you frame all this. Authoritarian! Democratic! Liberty! Subversion!

Re: nettime dark days

2013-06-12 Thread Newmedia
Felix: There are dark days, these days. We, the humans, are in serious trouble. What we are up against isn't HUMAN at all; it's a system and that means MACHINES. The Google slogan is Don't BE Evil. That is a statement made by the machines about themselves. As anyone with a

Re: nettime Driverless cars, pilotless planes -- will there be jobs left fo...

2013-06-01 Thread Newmedia
Brian: You claim that fundamental issues are avoided, but most of the people who have written back in this thread say the current unemployment problem is not produced by any technological destiny. It is produced by the way technology is developed in an abusive capitalist society.

Re: nettime Jaron lanier: The Internet destroyed the middle class

2013-05-16 Thread Newmedia
Felix: Thanks -- I was hoping (okay, anticipating) that you would reply! g 1) Castels: Manuel Castells immediately springs to mind -- of course he does and I've read your excellent review/analysis of his work. How has he been received among his peers? I've talked with a few of them and they

Re: nettime Jaron lanier: The Internet destroyed the middle class

2013-05-15 Thread Newmedia
Jon: As i said it appears to me that people have been struggling with this since the 90s and i see no sign of it stopping. Thanks! You are certainly correct that the various professions have circled their own wagons and not stepped up to the challenge of understanding the effects of

Re: nettime Jaron lanier: The Internet destroyed the middle class

2013-05-14 Thread Newmedia
Brian: Let's get to work on this. Great idea! But, before you roll up your sleeves, if you want to have any useful ideas on the structure of labor (and leisure and consumption) then you must begin with a CRASH effort to understand the impact of *digital* technology on the economy.

Re: nettime Digital Politics -- Digital Economics

2013-05-13 Thread Newmedia
Flick: I hate to sound like a cold warrior myself . . . Thanks for this illuminating RANT -- yes, you *do* seem to be trapped in the COLD WAR (so, can I help you to escape) . . . ?? g My first trip to China was in 1997 and I have gone back many times since. No minders and no limit on

Re: nettime No Soap! Radio?

2013-05-01 Thread Newmedia
Ryan: I'm wondering if you can elaborate on something here, as I find what you're saying to be important, of course. in applying language, like McLuhan's environment to technologies or media, how do you disentangle our understanding of them from the environment itself? Carefully?

nettime No Soap! Radio?

2013-04-29 Thread Newmedia
Folks: One of the least understood *distinctions* drawn by Marshall McLuhan was the one he made between HOT and COOL media. In simplest terms, this refers to the broad differences between behaviors and attitudes in an environment saturated with radio (HOT) and with one saturated by

Re: nettime Essay-Grading Software

2013-04-26 Thread Newmedia
John: At this point I am quite pessimistic that the evolutionary drive to guarantee propagation of the species, a drive inseparable from life itself, and which includes the need for consuming any and all energy necessary for survival-to-reproduce, can be short-circuited by any altruistic

Re: nettime Essay-Grading Software

2013-04-26 Thread Newmedia
Patrice: Made me think of this very issue, where 'Hubos' (Human robots) would presumably make 'automated grading' even more efficient, and acceptable. Yes but this is based on another MISTAKE -- that robots are at all anything like *humans* (typical mistake #3). The meme that lingers

Re: nettime the leopard 2.0 - nothing changes in italy and the mummy wins (...

2013-04-23 Thread Newmedia
Alex: So the electoral quake was all a fake. Really? What is being reported over here (barely) is that this was a maneuver to avoid another election -- with the presumption that as frustration rises *more* people would vote for Grillo et al. Yes, there are more twists-and-turns to come

Re: nettime Means of production: The factory-floor knowledge economy (le mo...

2013-03-18 Thread Newmedia
Folks: Once again this article shows a profound failure to deal with the effects of technology -- pointing, among other places, to the underlying flaws in the MIT history of technology effort. With the advent of MASS media, industrial economics shifted from *production* to

Re: nettime Geopolitics and internet

2013-02-14 Thread Newmedia
Duda: Fascinating (one more time around the block with IW) while *completely* missing any discussion of the social impact of TECHNOLOGY . . . !! Not a single mention of the INTERNET (so, your title is misleadingly wishful) or even of the change from an industrial organization to a

Re: nettime Nobel laureate in economics aged 102 endorses the human economy...

2013-01-28 Thread Newmedia
Brian: But when you follow the technology, Mark, it leads to the questions of social reproduction and of government. Exactly! It's really a pleasure to discuss this with someone who does their homework! g According to Perez, it's only after the successful resolution of the

Re: nettime Nobel laureate in economics aged 102 endorses the human economy...

2013-01-23 Thread Newmedia
John: The submersion (perversion!) of much general systems thinking into the cybernetic/military-industrial was an unfortunate result of crossovers between all these people (and others) at the time. As I emphasized to Brian, when you look at any of this with perversion and

Re: nettime Nobel laureate in economics aged 102 endorses the human economy...

2013-01-23 Thread Newmedia
Brian: And the question is: Does this represent the longed-for foundation of a new expansionist wave? Or (more likely in my view) just the agitated death throes of neoliberal informationalism? There you go again! g You really can't put an ideology on these developments, since they are

Re: nettime Nobel laureate in economics aged 102 endorses the human economy...

2013-01-21 Thread Newmedia
Ed/Brian/Keith: Thank you for this wonderful essay . . . Hurray for the nettime lovefest! Ed loves Keith. Keith loves Brian. Brian loves (depends if you mean in public or in private) . . . ?? g Here's the discussion about Keith's *manifesto* on Facebook -- _Mark Stahlman_

Re: nettime Nobel laureate in economics aged 102 endorses the human economy...

2013-01-21 Thread Newmedia
Brian: Now, both Sugihara and Arrighi are clearly idealizing the Industrious Revolution, and I am not so sure (at all) that you would find these good things happening in the factories and supply-chains of Sony or the Toyota Motor Company! Does either Sugihara or Arrighi ever mention

nettime Romantic Nationalism or Digital Politics?

2012-11-28 Thread Newmedia
Folks: I presume that some on this list read the material from STRATFOR, an Austin TX based private intelligence network (mostly derived from foreign journalist inputs, according to the Wikileaks internal emails released last year) run by George Friedman. George sees everything through

Re: nettime Poorly hidden self promotion by Vuk

2012-10-09 Thread Newmedia
Vuk: Sounds fascinating -- hope you have a great time and looking forward to the fruits of your ART! By Technology Cycle do you mean Freeman/Perez's (Schumpeter/Kondratiev) Techno-economic Paradigms or McLuhan's book -- radio -- television -- Internet or something else or you don't know

nettime Vice, Freedom and Capitalist Market Expansion

2012-09-12 Thread Newmedia
Folks: This is a post I made on the _Points: The Blog of the Alcohol and Drugs History Society_ (http://pointsadhsblog.wordpress.com/) blog -- Hello: Vice regulation is, of course, an *economic* topic which is at the heart of capitalism -- as it has been at least since early 18th century

Re: nettime subjective math.

2012-09-11 Thread Newmedia
Brian: Your ruminations about the problems with the book are very important. Most of human history has been conducted through discussions and conflicts that cannot be put into books. A culture that is locked into books is a very ODD one indeed. This is the topic of McLuhan's !962

nettime The Revolution Will Not Be Televised!!

2012-07-29 Thread Newmedia
Folks: I'm curious about why there is so little discussion, let alone *righteous* anger, about television on this list? Could it be that many of those who post actually want their thoughts and actions to be noticed -- by television? Activist often connotes those who participate in

Re: nettime Eric X. Li: Democracy Is Not the Answer.

2012-07-15 Thread Newmedia
Carl: This is exactly the kind of sleazy, power-worshipping bullshit (h/t the late Hunter S. Thompson) that plays well at the Aspen Institute, a hangout of Li and other pet philosphers of global capitalism. No doubt. However, there are TWO glaring problems with your analysis -- 1)

Re: nettime Eric X. Li: Democracy Is Not the Answer.

2012-07-06 Thread Newmedia
Folks: Indeed. So, what is the question? Li: What is the end of political governance? That sounds pretty abstract. Means and ends? What is really being discussed here? Throughout the interview, the constant underpinning is industrialization and :economic development. So, is the

Re: nettime Nightmare or Opening?

2012-06-10 Thread Newmedia
Keith: In your chapter on money, you say -- In the second half of the twentieth century, humanity formed a world society – a single interactive social network – for the first time. Really? Does China want to a part of this world society? Or Brazil? Or Russia or India or Mexico or


2012-05-25 Thread Newmedia
Jon: Thanks for trying to wrestle with all this. While the analysis being discussed has been available for 50+ years, it has only rarely been considered as applicable to current events. The developments of the past 10+ years and, in particular, the current economic crisis compels us to

Re: nettime Wolff: The Facebook Fallacy

2012-05-23 Thread Newmedia
Nettime: Michael Wolff, who I met 15 years ago when negotiating to buy a business from him, is a very smart guy -- particularly about advertising. Listen to what he says. There is no there there. We are now in a DIGITAL economy and Facebook was sold (by its own management) as if we were

Re: nettime Capitalism is FINISHED -- As a Result of the Internet!

2012-05-20 Thread Newmedia
Jon: AS i wrote earlier, i'm doubtful about this - especially given the marketing succes of Apple, and the way that people seem to throw away old phones and tablets in a rush to get the newest Apple thing, which often does not seem to be a necessary improvement. As the folks at Apple

nettime Technology DRIVES Social and Personal Change (was Capitalism is FINISHED . . .)

2012-05-18 Thread Newmedia
Keith: How could any economy be one thing, especially the digital economy? Fine question! Because technology defines the *environment* in which we live -- so regardless of what we bring to the situation, the *ground* of our experience is the SAME! ECONOMY means (etymologically) how we

Re: nettime Capitalism is FINISHED -- As a Result of the Internet!

2012-05-18 Thread Newmedia
Marc: We now, in the West, are a society of individuals in search of society. Very well said! And, therein lies the problem *and* the solution. As in an every man/woman for themselves situation, there is no chance for *coherence* and coming up with a common STRATEGY is totally out of

Re: nettime Capitalism is FINISHED -- As a Result of the Internet!

2012-05-16 Thread Newmedia
Jon: Still don't know why digital tech is driving this process Excellent question! How much do you know about advertising and how analog mass-media works as a business? My comments on this are the result of spending lots of time with people in that industry over the past 20

nettime Capitalism is FINISHED -- As a Result of the Internet! (was Another insult . . )

2012-05-13 Thread Newmedia
Jon: The *effect* of digital media is to directly undermine conspicuous consumption which REQUIRED mass-media to prop it up. It's OVER!! Interesting point, but any evidence for it? Sure -- the inability of any of the developed economies to grow. For some unexplained reason -- which is

Re: nettime Another insult of the 1 percent: everybody does it!

2012-05-12 Thread Newmedia
JH: At any rate, much of the concept of capital investment and such abstractions lose any reason to exist without a passively operating consuming class which dominates the developed world. Excellent observation but . . . that is EXACTLY what has *already* happened! The *effect* of

Re: nettime Privacy, Moglen, @ioerror, #rp12 (Lascaux)

2012-05-10 Thread Newmedia
Self-conscious-artists-everywhere: By now, Lascaux has grown principally into a massive conservation/preservation industry mobilizing vast resources and hundreds of experts, many more than those actually concerned with its artistic content. Lascaux was NOT meant to be art! These are

Re: nettime Privacy, Moglen, @ioerror, #rp12

2012-05-08 Thread Newmedia
Dmytri: Eliminating privilege is a political struggle, not a technical one. Ahah -- therein lies the conundrum. Are you sure that you can defend this, apparently controversial, priority scheme? Where does one's politics come from? In particular, what might *cause* an anti-privilege

Re: nettime Why I say the things I say

2012-05-06 Thread Newmedia
Brian: If my dear friend Mark Stahlman were right, that is, if life in democratic societies were always and ever simply the rule of the powerful minority over the powerless majority, then another consequence must necessarily ensue. Thanks

Re: nettime The insult of the 1 percent: Art-history majors

2012-05-06 Thread Newmedia
Armin: I find that phrase 'let's be honest' highly problematic and just like 'complex' it serves a certain purpose of cutting discussions short. Not my intent at all. In fact, if you look at my let's be honest comment in context (i.e. the paragraph you took it from), you will see that

Re: nettime The insult of the 1 percent: Art-history majors

2012-05-04 Thread Newmedia
Ed: what I see in the words and actions of a Connard is desperation and an identity crisis. Yes, I think you are right . . . well beyond Connard, the ruling class is in seriously bad shape! The *problem* with neo-liberalism is that GIMME MORE is not a class cohesive or even

Re: nettime The insult of the 1 percent: Art-history majors

2012-05-03 Thread Newmedia
Brian: Imagine a world from which art has been surgically removed. Replace it with entertainment and compete 'till you're blue. As you know, artists have always depended on patrons -- as reflected in the $120M bid for Munch's SCREAM yesterday (and the way that Munch became a cultural

Re: nettime Galloway: 10 Theses on the Digital

2012-04-23 Thread Newmedia
Hello: What is the digital exactly? At last, someone is asking the right question . . . !! The digital means the one dividing into two. Actually, that would be BINARY -- named after binary arithmetic, with only two values. The widely used term bit is actually a contraction of binary

Re: nettime The $100bn Facebook question: Will capitalism survive

2012-03-10 Thread Newmedia
Allan: The TOTALITARIANISM of capitalism is simply that *everything* has a PRICE. Therefore, many people are naturally obsessed with *prices* and, often enough, those who tend to spend their lives focused on justice also fall into conversation about how Facebook can justify its own price

Re: nettime Political-Economy and Desire

2012-03-05 Thread Newmedia
Keith: Thanks for your thoughtful and generous reply. My fascination with the Germans is certainly driven in part by my inability to read the language (plus some potential ancestral linkage) and, alas, my French isn't proficient enough to read Dumont in the original but I'll gladly look

Re: nettime Political-Economy and Desire

2012-03-04 Thread Newmedia
Brian: Mark, this one is truly fascinating. Send updates as you go. Thanks. Here's some more . . . The key question, I believe, is what happened to VIRTUE in these socio-economic transitions. As you know, the *four* cardinal virtues and, thus, the foundation of Western culture --

Re: nettime Political-Economy and Desire

2012-03-02 Thread Newmedia
Mr. Ghost-of-Wells: As your email address indicates, you are apparently a fan of H.G. Wells. Of course, the Morlocks and Eloi (plural, one l) are the dramatis persona in Well's 1895 Time Machine. By the year 802,701 AD, _humanity_ (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_race) has evolved

nettime Political-Economy and Desire

2012-03-01 Thread Newmedia
Folks: In preparation for some work on the impact of digital technology on political-economy, I have been re-reading Mandeville, Smith, Maltham, RIccardo and others (including various commentators like Marx) to try to sort out what *assumptions* were made about humans in the beginning of

Re: nettime Portland Occupation's tactical innovation

2012-01-04 Thread Newmedia
JH: Best to walk away, scatter, make a new life elsewhere, and let the police fall flat on their faces as they push their phalanx around the urban centers, alone. Of course! This is what is already happening. All but for the few who haven't made it to the 21st century yet. C'mon

Re: nettime Portland Occupation's tactical innovation

2012-01-04 Thread Newmedia
Jodi: This post from Mark Stahlman is the most naive, misinformed, self-deceived, and deceptive piece of writing I've ever seen on this list. Thanks (but you must be new to the list g)! Have you ever actually tried to *do* in anything in Washington? I have -- many times. The US

Re: nettime The Coming War on General Computation

2012-01-03 Thread Newmedia
Joshua: I was wondering if there is also a transcription of the QA -- since, as is often the case, that's where the rhetorical nuance of the presentation tends to be expressed. I believe it was there that Doctorow emphasized the *analogies* of the WAR ON DRUGS as well as the one-time

Re: nettime Debt Campaign Launch

2011-11-21 Thread Newmedia
Sascha: Exactly! You can't OCCUPY the *moral* high-ground when your own personal morals are dubious to idiotic to plain-and-simple selfish. Furthermore, the CAUSES of income-and-rights inequality are not being examined in any depth, so the INTELLIGENCE high-ground isn't being *occupied*