Re: Submission. Technology: The Solution or the problem

2018-02-21 Thread chris mann
when eisenstein was working on the shooting script for das kapital he was particularly impressed by chestertons father brown stories because they introduced the dialectic into popular consciousness. bests On 21 February 2018 at 09:03, juana romero wrote: > Hi, > > I

Re: nettime Pascal Zachary: Rules for the Digital Panopticon (IEEE)

2013-10-11 Thread chris mann
sure, amateur DIT surveillance defines fb and credit, but lets not forget the enthused amateur surveillance defining fame. or fashion. or any of those. (i'm still convinced that the nsa is modelling a new version of capital.. louis fourteenth enthused about greed as a mechanism for policing the

nettime close to progress

2013-09-06 Thread chris mann
who woulda guessed, plato socrates kant that lot are now nothing so much as a smudge at the bottom of an nsa briefing protocol. knowledge language whatheveyou, that twee old hierarchy where some grammarian invariably knows better, has finally been liberated. and we did it. and not just as a series

Re: nettime dark days

2013-06-12 Thread chris mann
more inclined to think that the surveillance state has just obsoleted the economy as a policing mechanism. not a bad thing. (it allows the imf for example to declare its own irrelevance.) and unlike the economy, the state really doesnt care what you think. or say. the state only cares about the

nettime search

2013-02-12 Thread chris mann aka aka with maybe enough texts to illustrate the argument. more texts would of course be welcome, so if, please. ta. much. meantime, enjoy. bests # distributed via nettime: no commercial use without permission #

Re: nettime search

2013-02-12 Thread chris mann
its a search bar. try 'search'. click on the title of any results. the underlined words (the original searchterms) are linkable. drag one to another for a synthesis. you'll also find a sliding bar at the top of each of these texts. it slides for relevance. link any of the highlighted words. etect.

Re: nettime living systems theory [2x]

2013-01-23 Thread chris mann
Hopkins - From: John Hopkins Reply-To: Subject: Re: nettime living systems theory Organization: neoscenes Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2013 09:20:03 -0700 To: list nettime On 1/22/13 07:18, chris mann wrote