Re: scaling the humiliation

2019-02-14 Thread morlockelloi
Rampant hypocrisy aside, it's interesting to note that regulating MAGAf would result in the almost exact "chinese" model as it is today. Which may explain the rabid opposition to it from the surveillance-industrial complex. For those that didn't pay attention, what Huawei is accused of was

Re: Catalonia and mainstream opinion

2017-10-06 Thread morlockelloi
Is there some small country Spain can engage in a war with? That would work for all parties involved. On 10/6/17, 10:08, chml wrote: So...let's say, this is like House of Cards, but real. It's disgusting, but it is like this. This situation led to an unprecedented polarization in wich (like in

Re: The 'Jake' Appelbaum case, or the rise and fall of

2016-06-11 Thread morlockelloi
The point is that it does take place, and that it places severe constraints on the organization that suffers from it. Whether the celeb-status is sought as a reward or loathed does not make any difference. Celeb-status creates a vulnerable focus point for the organization. In today's

How to Herd your Critics into Fake Communities and Waste their Time

2016-06-02 Thread morlockelloi
Kudos to JY for discovering this, an unwritten mission statement for nettime :) The full text is included below, without appropriate permissions. Moderators, moderate

Re: web networks and the assault on our critical capacities

2016-06-02 Thread morlockelloi
We can add this (pretty good) description of the dismal state of affairs to the growing collection. The previous ones did not do us much good, but one can always hope. It seems that at the core of these issues are two very different time constants. One is very short, and describes the time

Re: artfcity: Going Offline

2016-05-27 Thread morlockelloi
One interesting aspect about stylometry and its counter-measures, is that it appears possible to use counter-measures as the noise channel for steganography. In other words, instead of positioning oneself randomly within the crowd for each text (which is what, for example, Anonymouth does),

Re: artfcity: Going Offline.

2016-05-26 Thread morlockelloi
My limited exposure to Anonymouth was in 2013 - presentation, brief contact with Rachel Greenstadt, look at the published code, and few experiments. The conclusion was that stylometry works and it is very hard, if not impossible, to counter it without help of machines. Style goes deep. As a

Re: alex van der bellen wins austrian presidentials!!!

2016-05-25 Thread morlockelloi
These are connected, however unpalatable it sounds. The single prevailing reason for the mass people movements, voluntary or involuntary, in the last few centuries, since governments had solid means of closing the borders, is to lower the local wages and increase profits, thus the local

Re: artfcity: Going Offline

2016-05-23 Thread morlockelloi
Is there evidence for this? Any existing service where users pay curators for links/search results? On 5/22/16, 23:48, Jaromil wrote: but then why not simply release the archive in a torrent file? nowadays curatorial activities take place also within private trackers and there more people

Re: Live Your Models

2016-05-04 Thread morlockelloi
Maybe I'm missing something, but exchanging some gold (or BC) for some oranges or sex does not create a debt relationship. It's unclear how possessing an asset implies debt. Debt can exist without any obvious exchange medium in sight. You can owe somebody oranges, sex, or diamonds. Some of

Re: Live Your Models

2016-05-04 Thread morlockelloi
If the currency is inflationary, then it's useless as a vehicle for savings, leaving only local-force-monopoly-backed notion of "property" as the savings method. If it is not global, it's useless outside the local fiefdom and subject to whims of the local government. The above has been

Re: Guardian > Monbiot > Neoliberalism -- the ideology

2016-04-17 Thread morlockelloi
To enumerate what we know about the unknowable future shifts: 1. The change will not happen by violently interacting with keyboards, touchscreens and displays; 2. The change will not happen by violently interacting with others on the street. What envisionable venues does this leave

Re: Guardian > Monbiot > Neoliberalism -- the ideology

2016-04-16 Thread morlockelloi
The widespread imposed or voluntarily adopted anonymous (or not so anonymous) ideologies, that facilitate the demise of their believers, are hardly a new phenomenon. Expecting that naming them is going to change anything is a fallacy. The current predicament is exactly this - assumption that

Re: Review: Michel Bauwens and The Promise Of The

2016-04-13 Thread morlockelloi
If "community" means 100-200 people, the size of clan/tribe that persisted long enough for brains to get hardwired to it, there is no need for any technology. Everyone knows everything that needs to be known about everyone. Beyond this size, some technology is required, and today that means

Re: Richard Stallman: Eradicate Facebook!

2016-03-22 Thread morlockelloi
It is hard on Android and very hard on iOS to have a handset receive unsolicited messages, which is the only way to avoid centralized servers, even the rendezvous-only ones. This is by design. Tor is not the solution because the number of exit nodes is many orders of magnitude lower than the

Re: Richard Stallman: Eradicate Facebook!

2016-03-21 Thread morlockelloi
Open or closed software doesn't make much difference, it's all about data. An operator cannot 'open' data (like in letting everyone know what the data and its derivatives are) without factoring itself out of the business. On the other hand, there are (yet) no signs that consumers will stop

Re: Richard Stallman: Eradicate Facebook!

2016-03-21 Thread morlockelloi
Open or closed software doesn't make much difference, it's all about data. An operator cannot 'open' data (like in letting everyone know what the data and its derivatives are) without factoring itself out of the business. On the other hand, there are (yet) no signs that consumers will stop

Re: Fwd: Re: Shoshana Zuboff > The Secrets of Surveillance

2016-03-15 Thread morlockelloi
The question is, does it matter at all? The degree of mind-engagement is irrelevant if not properly coupled with feet-engagement. In other words, whatever you do with your fingers touching plastic surfaces and your eyes scanning electronic screens, your brain constructing fantastic models

Re: To distribute somethings while keeping others central?

2016-02-29 Thread morlockelloi
It should be noted that blockchain/bitcoin are inherently fascist - they blindly enforce the majority rule. Plus, this majority is not really the majority, as it is represented by less than ten (9, I think) privately operated minting outfits. Technology is the message. What is funny about

Re: High Country News > Hal Herring > Can we make sense

2016-02-17 Thread morlockelloi
Looks like another in the series of endless surprises that precarity is not just for the poor. Tune in 'first they came for ...', >Can we make sense of the Malheur mess? # distributed via : no commercial use without permission #is a moderated mailing list for net criticism, #

Re: notes from the DIEM25 launch

2016-02-13 Thread morlockelloi
The trend(s) that Europe is seeing itself dragged to are not result of 'wrong' thinking and misbehaviour of supposedly powerful masses. They are the result of material circumstances, and no amount of magical (group)thinking will change that. Material circumstances are mostly related to

Re: notes from the DIEM25 launch

2016-02-13 Thread morlockelloi
> I think you are overrating technologies of control, neither the Stasi > nor the KGB could save their systems from collapse (though the ruined > a lot of lives). I think that the conclusion that nothing really changed and that power grabbing and re-grabbing mechanisms are the same as they

Re: It’s Been 20 Years Sinc

2016-02-09 Thread morlockelloi
Well, it started as elite platform (one needed computer, modem, access, time, IQ), unregulated, then it was commercialized, commoditized, masses came in, and finally it got heavily regulated. Compare with European conquest of North America. Looks like 'space'. On 2/9/16, 11:05, Florian Cramer

Re: Julian Assange arbitrarily detained by Sweden and the

2016-02-05 Thread morlockelloi
The capital of the notion of something being 'legal' is wearing thin. It's interesting to observe what will replace it - make no mistake, the working system will pop up, so that the business can go on, and it won't be something simple as ad-hoc brute force threats. I guess that a

Re: de Jong, Lovink, and Riemens: 10 Bitcoin Myths #ANON

2016-01-14 Thread morlockelloi
Here ( ) is a proper requiem for Bitcoin, written by the insider: ... Why has Bitcoin failed? It has failed because the community has failed. What was meant to be a new, decentralized form of money that lacked

Re: aaaaarg lawsuit digest #ANON

2016-01-14 Thread morlockelloi
So you will keep and feed your own poet in your basement? Or is he going to be paid by the enlightened government? Or we'll just have to do with: - the already existing poetry? - bad poetry by Uber drivers written in their spare time? - free propaganda poetry funded by various parties? Pick

Re: aaaaarg lawsuit digest #ANON

2016-01-12 Thread morlockelloi
This reminds of sentiments of small software publishers in the 90s (but they used to express themselves in more colorful ways.) Ease of copying killed the cottage software industry (only the big 5 survived), and it's only now slightly recovering due to proprietary appstore/device platforms.

Re: introducing @nettime_bot

2015-12-28 Thread morlockelloi
Would it be possible, for those who don't want their names ending on TWTR disks, to have a Subject: tag that bypasses the bot - for example "MO:" (mail only), like in: MO: Re: introducing @nettime_bot Alternative to the full bypass would be omitting [Sender] field. --- The idea of opening

Re: Jason Scott > FaceFacts

2015-12-24 Thread morlockelloi
This is obviously an engineered backlash on the pot culture, as THC makes you lose short term memories and dissolves the Now. I wonder what happens to Facebook products when they get high on pot ... what's left? On 12/24/15 10:12 , nettime's_about_face wrote: and negotiate it for search and

Re: Vice > Peter Sunde > I Have Given Up

2015-12-12 Thread morlockelloi
Equating 'freedom' with 'right' to consume unpaid commercial content was the biggest meme hijack of the decade. It reminds of the sinister side of some hippie communities, where 'free love' was used to excuse rape. The worst part is that 'free' re-distribution of the commercial content causes

Re: de Jong, Lovink, and Riemens: 10 Bitcoin

2015-12-06 Thread morlockelloi
[2/x This message should not go out to the nettime-l list, but if it does we apologize. We're troubleshooting an issue that affects morlock's outgoing emails. -- mod (tb)] This concern also applies to other lowly workers in data mining industries (which is really the only thing going on in

***SPAM*** Re: de Jong, Lovink, and Riemens: 10 Bitcoin

2015-12-02 Thread morlockelloi
This concern also applies to other lowly workers in data mining industries (which is really the only thing going on in data centers today.) Colocations (one 'l') are cold, noisy, often locked down to the point where one needs an escort to go pee, there are surveillance cameras all around the

***SPAM*** Re: de Jong, Lovink, and Riemens: 10 Bitcoin Myths

2015-11-30 Thread morlockelloi
Compared to the trust in traditional currencies, the trust in Bitcoin is in the fanaticism end of the scale, due to the simple math - how much does it cost to subvert a currency: Traditional currencies, operated by the state-size actors, lose value when the state's economy and the state

***SPAM*** Re: what if we were all right but all wrong?

2015-10-31 Thread morlockelloi
IaaS indeed. Technology is the cause of everything, ideology is there to explain it. By 'technology' I didn't really mean things that happened in the last 10-20 years. The only recent developments of significance are establishment of vigorous keyboard punching as effective honeytrap for

***SPAM*** Re: Welcome to the Internet - if you've missed the past

2015-10-26 Thread morlockelloi
IPv4 is here to stay. The first consumer that gets IPv6-only line from ISP will find out that he/she cannot visit sites that did not convert to IPv6, and that would be the end of business for that ISP. This means that all servers that this consumer needs will have to convert *first* to IPv6,

***SPAM*** Re: What Happens Next Will Amaze You

2015-10-03 Thread morlockelloi
It's all about the economy, stupid, and the end game is straightforward: 1. All databases will be public When there is more than N records on one machine, and the cost of a breach is less than the value of each record times N, then records will grow legs. Looking at pricing trends for 0days

***SPAM*** Re: VW

2015-09-25 Thread morlockelloi
Consumers have been at the mercy of technology vendors for a long time. The novelty here is that it is the government that found itself in the subordinate role. The lowdown is that the technology one doesn't fully understand and have full transparency into ("user") can and will screw you, and

nettime ***SPAM*** Re: Lori Emerson: What's Wrong With the Internet and How

2015-07-28 Thread morlockelloi
I was present when people with pointy ears entered IETF meetings and ordered this. Is this the answer you expect? Perhaps search engines can provide better answers. Worth trying: ex. Without getting in codecs and frequency allocations, consider that

nettime ***SPAM*** Re: Hacked Team

2015-07-10 Thread morlockelloi
Exonerating makers of malicious tools because they did it only for the irresistible appeal of money (as opposed to being inherently evil and wanted to screw activists) is ridiculous. They knew exactly what they were doing. Just following orders is not a valid defense, for some time now.

nettime ***SPAM*** Re: Europe: from bad to worse

2015-06-28 Thread morlockelloi
Isn't the biggest fear of all that it won't, and that Greece and Greek will continue to exist in relative order? To ensure that such catastrophe does not happen, chaos must be created by any means. On 6/28/15 1:06 , Felix Stalder wrote: If Greece is being pushed into the wilderness outside the

nettime ***SPAM*** Re: nottime: the end of nettime

2015-04-03 Thread morlockelloi
To state the obvious, non-commercial and detached moderation is valuable and sought after, and cannot be bought. The reward chain is obviously broken, as all moderators get is some amount of unsaid appreciation from several hundred people around the world. I guess it may feel unreal - nothing

Re: nettime Photography and repetiion

2015-03-28 Thread morlockelloi
One of definitions of kitsch is that it shifts the focus from the object to both the subject and subject's peers. Emotions are triggered because it's so nice to have those emotions, and because it's so nice to have the same emotions others will also have - fuzzy ad nauseam. The object itself

Re: nettime The Greek elections?

2015-02-05 Thread morlockelloi
Look what you've done - now everyone is going to try this! On 2/5/15, 12:47, Flick Harrison wrote: money taken from the mouths of babes # distributed via nettime: no commercial use without permission # nettime is a moderated mailing list for net criticism, # collaborative text filtering

Re: nettime Hackers can't solve Surveillance

2015-01-06 Thread morlockelloi
This is exactly the issue - the (assumed) need for interpretation. If there is a small number of potential interpreters who really understand issues (1 in 1000?), and even smaller number among those who are willing to interpret to the public for altruistic reasons (1 in 1,000,000?), then it

Re: nettime Hackers can't solve Surveillance

2015-01-03 Thread morlockelloi
The nature of political challenges has changed *due* to the technology, and there is no way to enroll the unwashed into the action without understanding the said technology. In 19th and 20th century it was relatively easy to explain issues and causes - the rich get all the pussy and power,

Re: nettime The Creative Question--Nine Theses

2014-11-20 Thread morlockelloi
The main cognitive dissonance here is in the (implied) claim that creativity should be rewarded by the prevailing (capitalist) system currencies. Remove that requirement, and suddenly everything works like a charm ! On 11/19/14, 22:46, Geert Lovink wrote: artists can only participate if

Re: nettime FW: Blogpost: Smart Cities vs. Smart Communities: Enabling

2014-11-08 Thread morlockelloi
The problem is more fundamental, but was encountered before: literacy. Take a look at - we're somewhere in the computer literacy where France was in the traditional literacy in early 1700s. And it will probably take us as long to get

Re: nettime tensions? elites? governance?

2014-05-21 Thread morlockelloi
This is not a change in the production pipeline - the product was always the same. The change is in the demand - the herd of independent thinkers is no longer being *paid* for the product (through tenures, foundations, royalties), as that particular venting method became obsolete. There are

Re: nettime Gentrification - or a focus on income and wealth?

2014-05-18 Thread morlockelloi
We should not. The average nettimer earns 3x more than the average SF evictee, and we like it that way. Now back to the noble cause of helping the poor ... Should we not be more concerned with the classic issues of wealth and income distribution and Piketty's extremely vaiid point that Europe

Re: nettime do you know the way to san jose digest [x3: hankwitz

2014-05-17 Thread morlockelloi
This is a slippery slope. What is natural about diversity, or letting the poor live? Nothing natural about capitalism! # distributed via nettime: no commercial use without permission # nettime is a moderated mailing list for net criticism, # collaborative text filtering and cultural

nettime Survey

2014-03-26 Thread morlockelloi
Just doing a survey on a startup idea: Would you use a free condom with BT IPV6 address ? Totally free. On 3/25/14 19:58 , John Hopkins wrote: and Finally somebody makes a public argument against the breathless Red Herring

Re: nettime an historic retreat

2014-03-23 Thread morlockelloi
This seems like beneficial evolution from central authority to multiple authorities, and in the future probably to the truly decentralized personal level, as technology advancements begin to support smaller entities controlling their own namespaces and the routing. The Internet was never like

Re: nettime irreversible digest [x3: newmedia, hankwitz, hopkins]

2014-03-20 Thread morlockelloi
I find this crass anthropocentric approach to be unworthy of this list. These chauvinists draw an arbitrary line in the past when the air was good and water unpolluted, and then scream about pollution and exhaustion of the natural resources. What a BS. I didn't notice any matter destroyed in

nettime Attack on homoentropy [Re: Ippolita Collective, In the

2014-02-21 Thread morlockelloi
One of the hardest things with machines is to generate sufficient unpredictability, to create good encryption keys or quality simulations. Randomness is hard to come by, for computers. Usually this is done by listening to the supposed outside world, network interrupts, A/D noise, disk seek

Re: nettime Torygraph: The Snowden privacy panic has spread to

2014-02-08 Thread morlockelloi
This is not the problem, but it would be interesting to see who is behind declaring this to be a problem (or perhaps journalistic incompetence is indistinguishable from malice). A cursory search on de-identifying will provide insights about technologies that have been around and have been

Re: nettime The Californian Reality (from: New Geography)

2014-01-23 Thread morlockelloi
Where is the evidence that the present situation is not stable? The caste systems - and we do live in one - have been known to endure for centuries (compared to them, egalitarian societies are ephemeral flashes.) The steep pyramid of ruling class/praetorian guard/token citizenry/rabble

Re: nettime Harassing People for Watching a Movie in a Cinema

2014-01-23 Thread morlockelloi
Maybe we should look at the demand side for answers. This recruitment of gargoyles could be another attempt to create content surrogates. Looks similar to taping of video game walkthroughs, where hapless game consumers are compelled to record their 'experiences' and show them to the world.

Re: nettime John Naughton: Edward Snowden: public indifference

2013-10-26 Thread morlockelloi
The real problem is quantifying the consequences, the danger and negative outcomes of the surveillance. Why is surveillance bad? How does it affect one's life in unambiguous terms? What really happens to the victims of surveillance? Do they get less income/benefits in the future? Do they buy

Re: nettime Pascal Zachary: Rules for the Digital Panopticon (IEEE)

2013-10-11 Thread morlockelloi
This realization per se is pretty much useless, as are endless ruminations regarding how free we were, once upon time. The old Marxist postulate that awareness will save the species is blatantly false - look around you. These technologies came to rule the world because their proponents made