nettime The Hit Man's Dilemma

2005-02-20 Thread Keith Hart
I have written a full draft of my little book, The Hit Man's Dilemma: on business, personal and impersonal. It is available for reading and possibly comment at The essay is 25,000 words and will be published in the spring by Prickly Paradigm through University of

nettime mediocrity delusion

2005-02-20 Thread Sandra Braman
Folks interested in the piece just posted by Henk Oosterling on mediocrity may also find it usefully provocative to read Hans Magnus Enzensberger's wonderfully titled and absolutely on point MEDIOCRITY AND DELUSION (1992). Sandra Braman # distributed via nettime: no commercial use without

nettime Opening up worlds of knowledge

2005-02-20 Thread Frederick Noronha (FN)
Opening up worlds of knowledge (FN) 19/02/2005 - 04:29 Over breakfast (or was it lunch?), we exchanged links and subversive ideas. Oh, what a world that would be, if only knowledge was really free! Jean-Claude Guedon of thbe Universite' de Montre'al is