nettime ISEA2008 air deadline - 30th of june

2007-07-09 Thread Vladimir Todorovic
Dear Nettimers, the deadline for the ISEA2008 Artist in Residency call is coming up on the 30th of June. the exhibition part of the symposium is focusing on initiating the production of at least 20 new projects which would constitute the major exhibition. (there won't be any other calls

nettime Gnat swarming behavior

2007-07-09 Thread Alan Sondheim
(This strongly relates to the construct of avatars in Second Life; think of the gnats as prims. Their homeostatic behavior is amazing. Hieroglyphs of an ancient species... Also check ) Gnat swarming behavior The following video was made about 100 meters from the

nettime Essay, minus poor translations of punctuation.

2007-07-09 Thread Patrick Lichty
This is my draft-in progress on the exhibition. Please mind the missing references. They aren't entered yet, and the text is posted only for timeliness. In regards to the upcoming Automatic Update exhibition at the MoMA NY, there seems to be a great deal of question about a number of issues.

nettime Virtual Dreams, Real Politics

2007-07-09 Thread richard
Virtual Dreams, Real Politics ?What are we fighting Communism for? We are the most Communist people in world history.? - Marshall McLuhan, 1969. In 1961, at its 22nd Congress, the