Re: nettime revenge of the concept

2003-01-27 Thread Felix Stalder
In his excellent paper, Coase's Penguin: Linux and The Nature of the Firm, Yochai Benkler explains, not the motivation, but the technical and legal preconditions for cooperative informational and cultural production. The technical considerations are basically: telematically interlinked personal

Re: nettime anti-piracy goons considered harmful

2003-02-04 Thread Felix Stalder
At 03.02.03 19:14, Morlock Elloi wrote: The only way to benefit from openness is to use it and verify yourself, insteadof delluding yourself that someone out there will spend days doing that for ...what ? There are certainly advantages to doing things yourself (just ask all the guys hanging

nettime nettime 3000?

2003-03-04 Thread Felix Stalder
Right at the time when nettime reached the arbitrary yet symbolic number of 3000 subscribers, the number of error messages flooding the nettime system reached such proportions (several hundreds a day) that we were finally forced to go through the boring process of unsubscribing those addresses

Re: nettime dissolves and stalls its licenses

2003-07-02 Thread Felix Stalder
On Tuesday 01 July 2003 17:06, Florian Cramer wrote: As a lecturer in the humanities and net activist who has been evangelizing open content internationally in lectures, papers and as the moderator of congress panels since 1999, I feel like being slapped into my face. It is terrible if you

nettime Open Source translation of Harry Potter

2003-07-06 Thread Felix Stalder
After distributed proofreading [1], now distributed translating. According to this website [2] more than 1000 people contributed to the translation into German of Harry Potter 4. Now, they are translating volume 5, which has been released in English but not yet in German. The way it works:

nettime Six Limitations to the Current Open Source Development Methodology

2003-08-14 Thread Felix Stalder
Six Limitations to the Current Open Source Development Methodology The Open Source Approach to develop informational goods has been spectacularly successful, particularly in the area for which it was developed, software. Also beyond software, there are important, successfull Open Source

nettime Six Limitations to the Current Open Source Development Methodology

2003-08-14 Thread Felix Stalder
Six Limitations to the Current Open Source Development Methodology The Open Source Approach to develop informational goods has been spectacularly successful, particularly in the area for which it was developed, software. Also beyond software, there are important, successfull Open Source projects

Re: nettime Six Limitations to the Current Open Source Development Methodology

2003-08-16 Thread Felix Stalder
Hi Ben, I would be hesitant to define the open source approach solely or even primarily in terms of the characteristics you mention. Perhaps I did not put it as clearly as I should have. I did not mean to characterize the open source approach in terms of its internal organization. Rather,

nettime RIP: Walter Ong

2003-08-18 Thread Felix Stalder
Rev. Walter J. Ong; traced the history of communication By Mary Rourke, Los Angeles Times, 8/16/2003 ttp:// LOS ANGELES -- The Rev. Walter J. Ong, a Jesuit priest and a leading scholar in

Re: nettime [Fwd: Re: [ox-en] Felix Stalder: Six Limitations to the Current Open Source Development Methodology]

2003-08-26 Thread Felix Stalder
Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2003 19:46:55 +0200 From: Stefan Merten [EMAIL PROTECTED] Last week (9 days ago) geert lovink wrote: Six Limitations to the Current Open Source Development Methodology I'm not always sure in which way or to what areas the following points are limitations.

nettime basic terms in the IP discusssion

2003-08-28 Thread Felix Stalder
I'm writing a little glossary for a newspaper [1] we are putting together on IP issues. The newspaper will be distributed at WSIS [2]. Better definitions are welcome. Public Good: Goods whose use is non-rivalrous, i.e. using the good does not deplete it, and non-excludable, i.e.

nettime European Parliament Decision against Software Patentability

2003-09-25 Thread Felix Stalder
The discussion on software patents in the EU parliament in Strasbourg has triggered one of the most substantive political manifestations of the Open Source / Free Software communities in Europe to date. In Vienna, for example, there was a demonstration in front of the patent office, with a

nettime BBC Creative Archive

2003-10-14 Thread Felix Stalder
[This is not a new story, but it seems it hasn't made it yet on the nettime radar. It strikes me as a major initiative and one can hope it will put pressure on other public broadcasters to do the same. It will be interesting to see how they implement it since the rights situation of TV material is

nettime WSJ: Can Copyright Be Saved?

2003-10-21 Thread Felix Stalder
[It's quite amazing, not too long ago, an outfit like the WSJ would have any questioning of the absolute enforcement of copyrights slandered the way Forbes slandered the FSF recently. Now, suddenly, even the WSJ admits that things are up for grabs and that there are valid several options. Now, you

nettime Are all codes code?

2003-11-04 Thread Felix Stalder
[This is unlikely to be a legal case, though from a semiotic point of view, it's nevertheless puzzling. Is using images that are released under the GPL the same than using source code released the GPL? Is including existing images into new images, in this case, a screenshot of a kde desktop in

nettime Music Labels Tap Downloading Networks

2003-11-18 Thread Felix Stalder
It was long suspected that p2p usage stats could reveal more accurate user preferences than traditional traditional charts and 'hit parades'. Sad to see it implemented like this. Our hope was that we could take the technology revolution that Napster made popular and create tools for the

nettime Chip implant gets cash under your skin

2003-11-25 Thread Felix Stalder
[It's hard to decide if this is merely ridiculuous, just sad, or if a more general statement about the nature of (American) capitalism can be deduced from this. Probably not. A couple of years ago, a business idea like this might have attracted millions in venture capital. These days, the

nettime Canada deems P2P downloading legal

2003-12-13 Thread Felix Stalder
[This strikes me as a major precedence, though it's likely to raise as many question as it addresses. For example, how do you differentiate between uploading and downloading in a p2p networked? Do files in the 'shared folder' already count as uploaded? Also, one has to wonder if the old

nettime Dean and Kerry: Hot and Cool

2004-01-28 Thread Felix Stalder
Reading Ronda's article, it seems to me that she, and a lot of other people who write about Dean, the Internet and politics, miss some essential points. Usually, the story is one about grassroots involvement, the power of connectivity, etc. These are certainly important points, and they support

nettime Community Radio in Venzuela

2004-03-14 Thread Felix Stalder
[I have no direct knowlegde of the complex situation in Venezuela. Yet, I found this article on community radios/TVs to be very interesting. As far as I can tell, Chavez, though attacking the oligrachy (see Brian Holmes' post a few days ago), has not been shutting down, or taking over, their

nettime Transeuropean Picnic

2004-05-03 Thread Felix Stalder
Transeuropean Picnic Historic events are odd things, mostly disappointing. They feel either like empty routines of calendarial arbitrariness (200 years French Revolution, the millennium) or utterly imposed (9/11, war in Iraq). Either way, they usually render one passive, through boredom or


2004-05-27 Thread Felix Stalder
--- Forwarded message follows --- May 25, 2004 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE FBI ABDUCTS ARTIST, SEIZES ART Feds Unable to Distinguish Art from Bioterrorism Grieving Artist Denied Access to Deceased Wife's Body DEFENSE FUND ESTABLISHED - HELP URGENTLY NEEDED Steve Kurtz was already

Re: nettime Content Flatrate and the Social Democracy of the Digital Commons

2004-07-17 Thread Felix Stalder
This is a pretty good, if partisan, summary of the discussion and it highlights what is one of the most fundamental, and I would agree troubling, differences between the CreativeCommons and the 'flatrate' approach. CC relies on a bottom-up strategy that can start right here and right now. No

Re: nettime The Art of Sweatshop

2004-08-03 Thread Felix Stalder
Andrew, Rana, I know nothing about this particular outfit other than its email advertisement, so calling it a 'sweatshop' was more an act of parody a la 'spam kr!it!k' rather one of analysis. The subject line 'business' seemed rather bland. Yet, it was also not random, as the message struck me

nettime A 'licensing fee' for GNU/Linux?

2004-08-07 Thread Felix Stalder
It seems like the real battle over the future of Free and Open Source Software is being fought in the area of patents, not copyright. Copyright, which protects a particular expression, is very hard to infringe upon involuntarily. Even if two people happen to have the same idea, chances are,

Re: nettime A 'licensing fee' for GNU/Linux?

2004-08-08 Thread Felix Stalder
Felix, sorry if I sound rude, but this is not true, and you unintentionally spread FUD here! Proprietary licensing does _not_ protect customers from patent ligitation, unless the license contract explicitly states so. Software patents can be and have been enforced against users/licensees of

Re: nettime A 'licensing fee' for GNU/Linux?

2004-08-09 Thread Felix Stalder
OK, let me try to restate my argument somewhat differently as to take into consideration a) the fact that software being proprietary _per se_ does not indemnify the user (Florian's point) and b) that SW patents create a mess for all programmers (Scott's point) and c) that none of us is a patent

nettime I.B.M. to Give Free Access to 500 Patents

2005-01-11 Thread Felix Stalder
[As the article points out at the end, 500 patents is a relatively small number for IBM (which holds more than 10.000 software patents). Nevertheless, it represents a significant policy change in how to manage patents by the world's leading holder of patents. Is is also very different from

Re: nettime Re: What's the meaning of non-commercial?

2005-01-18 Thread Felix Stalder
On Sunday, 16. January 2005 06:22, Patrice Riemens wrote: This being said, the clausula that prior permission must be seeked before engaging in _possible_ commercial use does not appear so much of a burden. In a culture of copyright as our own, it is being routinely done all the time. This

Re: nettime The Ghost in the Network

2005-05-17 Thread Felix Stalder
On Monday, 16. May 2005 12:56, Alexander Galloway and Eugene Thacker wrote: We suggest that this opposition between closed and open is flawed. It unwittingly perpetuates one of today's most insidious political myths, that the state and capital are the two sole instigators of control. Instead

nettime Using copyright to stop the publication of 'mein kampf'

2005-06-23 Thread Felix Stalder
Here's an interesting use of copyright for all of those who track its (ab)use for political reasons. In Poland, publisher Marek Skierkowski is being investigated on behalf of the state of Bavaria for infringing on its copyright on the works of Adolf Hitler. The case is the following: The

nettime A pragmatic respone to a Critique of the Commons without Commonalty

2005-07-08 Thread Felix Stalder
Forwarded with the permission of the author. Felix -- Forwarded Message -- Subject: [ipr] A pragmatic respone to a Critique of the Commons without Commonalty Date: Thursday, 7. July 2005 19:58 From: Andrew Rens [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: iprpublicdomain [EMAIL PROTECTED] ... The

Re: nettime Benjamin Mako Hill on Creative Commons

2005-08-01 Thread Felix Stalder
The CC licenses, however, try to provide some protections for the producers of content by providing non-commercial clauses. Which is a bogus advantage. We had this discussion in Nettime before, and the common sense was that the concept of commerce implied in those clauses is neither

nettime nettime-l, and nettime-ann, as rss feeds

2005-11-29 Thread Felix Stalder
There are now rss feeds available from nettime-l, and the announcement channel, nettime-ann. To make even more relevant your continously-updating websites :) Many thanks to Silvan Zurbruegg who set-up the blogs from which the feeds

nettime The crisis of democracy and referenda

2006-01-13 Thread Felix Stalder
On 11/01/06, Prem Chandavarkar [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: A referendum helps to resolve impasses reached when you have polarised opinions on critical single cause issues. It cannot be a substitute for the day to day negotiations of representative politics. True. On the other hand, elected

nettime Netbase (1995-2006)

2006-02-18 Thread Felix Stalder
Yesterday, there was a party in Vienna. It was a small, at times sombre, at times exuberant affair, fitting for the occasion. The final call for netbase, the institute for cultural technologies. Today, the doors remained closed and the website turned static. After more than a decade sailing

nettime Open Source Projects as Voluntary Hierarchies

2006-03-17 Thread Felix Stalder
Open Source Projects as Voluntary Hierarchies Weber, Steven (2004) The Success of Open Source. Cambridge, MA, Harvard UP ISBN: 0-674-01292-5, pp. 311 Over the last half-decade, free and open source software (FOSS) has moved from the hacker margins to the mainstream. Corporations, large and

nettime TRIPS was a mistake

2006-04-03 Thread Felix Stalder
[It's amazing to see that the treaty which many identify as the corner stone of information feudalism (Peter Drahos) is judged as a failure by one of it's main designers. From Ian Brown's blog, via the always excellent EDRI newsletter [2]. Felix] Lehman: TRIPS was a mistake

Re: nettime let's go negative and join snubster

2006-04-06 Thread Felix Stalder
Negativity is has its charms, but the fate of being positive and community-minded is inescapable on the Internet. In order to do anything collaboratively, that is, anything at all beyond pure consumption, the 'community' has to minimize internal dissent and make people feel good about

Re: nettime Organised Networks: Transdisciplinarity and New Institutional Forms

2006-04-11 Thread Felix Stalder
Perhaps I'm missing here something obvious, but I always thought that networks are a basic type of organization (as are hierachies, markets, and communes, in fact, standard theory assumes that there are only these four basic forms). So, to speak of an organized network, makes no sense to me.

Re: nettime Network, Swarm, Microstructure

2006-04-19 Thread Felix Stalder
Wow! What an essay. It took me two days just to read it, and I think I'll have to read it a few more times. For the time being, I'll stick to half a paragraph, which is key in my view. I am beginning to think that there are two fundamental factors that help to explain the consistency of

nettime Coalition of Canadian Art Professionals Releases Open Letter on Copyright

2006-06-08 Thread Felix Stalder
[The voices of artists against the expansion of copyrights are getting stronger. Stuff like that will make it harder for the industry to claim to represent the interests of creators. Very good. Felix] Media Release: Coalition of Canadian Art Professionals Releases Open Letter on Copyright

RE: nettime nettime as idea

2006-06-09 Thread Felix Stalder
Hi everyone, sorry for my previous post, it went out without being finished. What I wanted to say was that many of the themes that critical net.culture talked about 10 years ago are now mainstream. They are now playing themselves out on a scale far beyond 'net.culture', indeed, they have

nettime nettime as practice

2006-06-12 Thread Felix Stalder
On Sunday, 11. June 2006 02:21, John Hopkins wrote: In this Light, I would challenge Felix and Ted (and any others feeling qualified) to write a brief task description of the (different) roles/positions necessary to run nettime as it is today. Put it out here. I certainly have some interest,

nettime Sweden could scrap file-sharing ban

2006-06-13 Thread Felix Stalder
[It would be ironic if the raid on turned out to be the trigger to create an 'alternative compensation system' (levy on broadband to compensate right holders in order to legalize p2p file sharing). The guys from piratebay have been among the most vocal (and astute) critics of

Re: nettime Peace-for-War

2006-08-09 Thread Felix Stalder
On Monday, 7. August 2006 00:34, Brian Holmes wrote: There seems to be a difference in the way the groups of steersmen operate, both on the diplomatic and economic levels. ... Generally the Marxist theorists give you a systemic explanation; capitalism does this or that, it has a long-term

nettime Feral Cities

2006-09-25 Thread Felix Stalder
[In a recent article of the German Telepolis Magazine [1], I found a link to the following article, written by an academic at the Naval War College, titled Feral Cities. I had to look up the term feral which appears to mean wild, in the sense of no longer domesticated. [1]

Re: nettime Copyright, Copyleft and the Creative Anti-Commons

2006-12-14 Thread Felix Stalder
I'm not sure I understand the main thrust of the argument. On the one hand, GPL-type copyleft is criticized for not preventing the appropriation (or, more precisely, use) of code by commercial, capitalist interests. These still manage to move profits from labor (employees / contractors who

Re: nettime Michael Malone : Regulating Destruction

2006-12-28 Thread Felix Stalder
On Thursday, 28. December 2006 15:12, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Too little -- The reason why there are so few IPOs nowadays is that the Internet Bubble is over and is not coming back. This has nothing to do with regulation. This is a cyclical change that follows a well-documented pattern, which

Re: nettime Iraq: The Way Forward

2007-01-10 Thread Felix Stalder
On Friday, 5. January 2007 20:36, Michael H Goldhaber wrote: We have reached a crucial turning point in American history. The November elections and current polls have made clear that Americans have soured on the Iraq war, and want the troops to be withdrawn rapidly. I'm not a close

nettime Machine Writing / Machine Reading

2007-01-17 Thread Felix Stalder
[This his how my script-based reading system (SpamAssassin) interprets Alan's script-based writing. The point is not that it (miss)qualifies as spam, but the interpretative rules that come into effect. Felix] - Forwarded message from Alan Sondheim [EMAIL PROTECTED] - X-Spam-Flag:

Re: nettime shocklogs wikipedia entry

2007-02-08 Thread Felix Stalder
On Wednesday, 7. February 2007 16:33, Geert Lovink wrote: What is kind of amazing is the Anglo-Saxon language policing, which term is and is not 'proper' English. An (English) wikipedia entry cannot be valid if it based on 'foreign language' sources now about that? Wikipedia is not a

nettime Torrents of Desire

2007-03-08 Thread Felix Stalder
[This is a revised version of a talk I gave late last year:] Torrents of Desire and the Shape of the Information Landscape We are in the midst an uneven shift from an information environment characterized by scarcity of

Re: nettime call for blogging code of conduct

2007-04-02 Thread Felix Stalder
I only followed this only very tangentially, but from what I can gather, I think Geert is right. In many ways, this is old news. It's a classic case of a community where all members used to have all the rules internalized, i.e. they were 'voluntarily' adhering to them, thus there was no need to

Re: nettime sad news

2007-04-25 Thread Felix Stalder
This is very sad news, indeed. As Trebor Scholz wrote Ricardo Rosas saw and established connections where few people could perceive them, let alone could make them work. Yet, once he pointed them out and set out to bring them into the world, they were natural. He introduced a lot of people,

nettime popular info warfare, narcocorridos, and youtube

2007-04-27 Thread Felix Stalder
[This is from one of the most interesting sources analyzing organized criminality, from a staunchly structural point of view. New modes of organisation (terrorist/criminal networks) operate against old modes of organisation (states and armies) and transform each other in the process. Or, as the

Re: nettime The Society of the Unspectacular

2007-06-11 Thread Felix Stalder
On Sunday, 10. June 2007 19:42, Morlock Elloi wrote: If empowerment of the public by cheap self-publishing has demonstrated anything, it is that a vast majority has nothing to say, lacks any detectable talent and mimicks TV in publishing the void of own life (but unlike TV they derive no