nettime Bruce Sterling: Viridian Note 00351, Decaying Media

2002-12-04 Thread geert lovink
From: Bruce Sterling [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Tuesday, December 03, 2002 1:17 PM Subject: Viridian Note 00351: Decaying Media Key concepts: intellectual property, planned obsolescence, DVDs, Viridian Embrace Decay Principle Attention Conservation Notice: It's really a Dead Media Project note

nettime Vietnam: Cyber-dissident jailed for 12 years (rsf)

2003-01-05 Thread geert lovink
Vietnam: Cyber-dissident jailed for 12 years Reporters Without Borders today strongly condemned the sentencing of cyber-dissident Nguyen Khac Toan to 12 years in prison after a sham trial and called on justice minister Uong Chu Luu to free him at once. It said the prison term, handed down on 20

nettime Oleg Kireev: Review of Hakim Bey-Chaos and anarchy in Russian

2003-01-14 Thread geert lovink
From: Oleg Kireev [EMAIL PROTECTED] politics. culture. anarcho-orientalism Hakim Bey: Chaos and anarchy in Russian. In the 1920s revolutionaries would expect the soon coming of worldwide communism. In the 60s, however, their dreams reduced to mere creation of resistance fronts

nettime Dotcom Observatory Special: AOL Watch

2003-01-16 Thread geert lovink
(The recent resignation of AOL boss Steve Case is a significant moment in Dotcom History. AOL's merger with TimeWarner, early January 2000, is usually described as the ultimate height of dotcommania--and the beginning of its demise. Over the last year I have sporadically collected material about

nettime The Spam Jamboree

2003-01-22 Thread geert lovink
Spam fighters to gather at MIT Spam, long the arch nemesis of e-mail users, has become so pervasive recently that a whole conference is being held to try to find better ways to fight it. Researchers, industry experts and spam filter hackers are descending on the Massachusetts Institute of

nettime Jonathan Peizer: The Great Software Debate

2003-02-22 Thread geert lovink
From: Jonathan Peizer [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: The Great Software Debate: Technology and Ideology The Great Software Debate: Technology and Ideology By Jonathan Peizer Open source software has intensified the ideological debate over what technology to deploy in a given circumstance. The public

nettime ICANN Shuts Down YellowTimes.Org In Censorship Move

2003-03-25 Thread geert lovink
From: steve zeltzer [EMAIL PROTECTED] Date: Tue Mar 25, 2003 01:24:10 Europe/Berlin To: Labortech [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: ICANN Shuts Down YellowTimes.Org In Censorship Move Account for domain has been suspended Reply-To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Message-ID: [EMAIL PROTECTED]

nettime George Soros: An Allergic Reaction To The Bush Doctrine

2003-03-27 Thread geert lovink An Allergic Reaction To The Bush Doctrine George Soros is chairman of the Open Society Institute and of Soros Fund Management. Iraq is the first instance in which the Bush doctrine is being applied, and it is provoking an allergic

nettime Janos Sugar on The Typewriter of the Illiterate

2003-05-29 Thread geert lovink
THE TYPEWRITER OF THE ILLITERATE Interview with János Sugár By Geert Lovink The Hungarian artist János Sugár produced a stunning short video piece about the popular technology of the Kalashnikov machinegun. He used still photos from mainstream news magazines that are displaying the world's

nettime police is breaking the doors to l'usine (G8/geneva)

2003-06-02 Thread geert lovink
(via florian schneider) please forward! from the independant media studio from geneva where all different media activists from all over the world are reporting life from the G8 protests around evian/ genf / lausanne. the police is rioting the building right now. please watch it and please

nettime After nettime-bold, the Internet (Andrew Orlowski)

2003-06-02 Thread geert lovink
It is not only nettime-bold that died, it is the Internet as a whole, if we have to believe Lawrence Lessig and this reporter Andrew Orlowski of The Register. But is there any way to make a distinction between 'objective' circumstances and mass psychology here? Is the collective psyche right? I

nettime Miltos Manetas: Neen Dogma of Painting

2003-06-13 Thread geert lovink
From: miltos manetas [EMAIL PROTECTED] Francesco Bonami, the Director of the Venice Biennial, presents a NEEN DOGMA of PAINTING ! We are proud to present: FRANCESCOBONAMI.COM there was a time when paintings were pretty and fresh things to create, in the same way

nettime WorldCom gets Iraq contract

2003-06-23 Thread geert lovink
(A I am trying to catch up, I missed this hilarous news item about WorldCom (soon-be-renamed-into MCI) winning a telecom contract in Iraq. Stories about fundamentalist right supporting WorldCom in the mid-late nineties have been around for a long time and plenty of evidence for this can be found

nettime Richard M. Smith: Microsoft Word bytes Tony Blair in the butt

2003-07-03 Thread geert lovink
(have a good laugh, but remember, all this also relates to you if you use word documents... ciao, geert) Microsoft Word bytes Tony Blair in the butt Richard M. Smith ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) June 30, 2003 Microsoft Word documents are notorious for

nettime Sasha Costanza-Chock: WSIS and the neoliberal agenda

2003-07-11 Thread geert lovink
(posted to nettime with the permission of the author. /geert) From: Sasha Costanza-Chock [EMAIL PROTECTED] WSIS, THE NEOLIBERAL AGENDA, AND COUNTERPROPOSALS FROM 'CIVIL SOCIETY' Sasha Costanza-Chock Presentation for OURmedia III, Barranquilla [Conference info at:

nettime Sasha Costanza-Chock: coyBOTt Software-Analyzing Branding, Boycott and Cultural Sponsorship

2003-07-25 Thread geert lovink
From: Sasha Costanza-Chock [EMAIL PROTECTED] The following is background for a software project called coyBOTt; a dynamic graphic representation of the relationship between brand rank and boycotts (see Project URL: Background and

nettime spamboree II

2003-07-25 Thread geert lovink
(the first spam jamboree digest was posted to nettime on january 21, 2003. enjoy, geert) MARKETING 101 You see a handsome guy at a party. You go up to him and say, I'm fantastic in bed. -- That's Direct Marketing. You're at a party with a bunch of

nettime Citizen's Guide To The Airwaves

2003-07-28 Thread geert lovink
Now Available! Citizen's Guide To The Airwaves New America Foundation July 1, 2003 The Citizen's Guide to the Airwaves is the New America Foundation’s attempt to educate the public about the tremendous value, government mismanagement, and impending giveaway of the nation’s airwaves - the most

nettime George Greve: Report of WSIS preparation meeting in Paris

2003-07-28 Thread geert lovink
(interesting report of a recent WSIS preparation meeting. i took out some of the formal stuff. if you want to read the entire report go to: /geert) Debriefing on World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) Intersessional

nettime introducing introvertster

2003-08-02 Thread geert lovink Introvertster is an online community that prevents stupid people and friends from harrassing you online You can use Introvertster to: 1. Avoid invites to chat, filter out annoying invitations for Meetup, birthday parties, or after-hours get

nettime Proposal: World Forum on Communication Rights during WSIS

2003-08-18 Thread geert lovink
From: Sean O Siochru [EMAIL PROTECTED] One day World Forum on Communication Rights during WSIS This introduces a proposal to hold a one-day World Forum on Communication Rights alongside the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) in December 2003. The CRIS campaign (Communication Rights

Re: nettime possible nettime model

2003-08-18 Thread geert lovink
One solution would be a seperate announcement list. Fibreculture, the Australian network of new media researchers and artists, has its own announcement list. It works quite well. On the main list, which is still open, there are around 750 subscribers. The announcement list is closed (in order to

nettime for those who attend n5m4: swap meet

2003-09-02 Thread geert lovink
From: Renee [EMAIL PROTECTED] CLAIM YOUR BLANKET WHILE SUPPLIES LAST: SWAP MEET For the Next 5 Minutes 4, De Geuzen is organizing a swap meet where tactical traditions, such as buttons, flyers, T-shirts, pie throwing, stencils and stickers can be displayed and generally talked about. For

nettime call for a campaign to save amsterdams free media

2003-09-05 Thread geert lovink
(posted to nettime-l with the permission of the authors. there are efforts under way to get this campaign up and running. a lot of the communication will in the first instance be coordinated via nettime-nl. more information such as email addresses, lists and blogs will be available next week

nettime WSIS? WE SEIZE!

2003-09-21 Thread geert lovink
(thanks to diplomatic efforts of deedee halleck and others there is a new wsis declaration drafted by the groups that will organize parallel counter-activities during the world summit on the information society in geneva. the text--a compromise after lengthy debates--was written and discussed


2003-09-25 Thread geert lovink
(usual outcome but shoking anyway. did anyone in geneva go to that presentation of this report? geert) PRIVACY INTERNATIONAL MEDIA RELEASE INTERNATIONAL CENSORSHIP STUDY FOREWARNS ESCALATION OF INTERNET RESTRICTIONS Corporations are now vying with governments to gag free speech and impede

nettime Gordana Novakovic: Electronic Cruelty

2003-09-26 Thread geert lovink
From: gordana.novakovic [EMAIL PROTECTED] 'Electronic Cruelty' Gordana Novakovic (presented at: 'user_mode' Symposium: Tate Modern, London; 2003; 'Consciousness Reframed 2003' Conference: CaiiA, University of Newport, Newport; 2003; [EMAIL PROTECTED] U.K. Academic List; 2003) Is it the form of

nettime wsis digest no.1

2003-10-01 Thread geert lovink
World Summit on Information Society Nettime Digest, no. 1, October 1, 2003 0. BBC: Sharp Divisions at Preperation Meeting 1. ITU press release 2. AMARC: Community media groups call for empowerment agenda at WSIS 3. Mosaic newsletter 4. Tunisia and WSIS 5. Monika Ermert: Dog fight over World

nettime While Californians vote... Arnold Unplugged (Greg Palast)

2003-10-07 Thread geert lovink
Arnold Unplugged Greg Palast, October 4, 2003 - GNN. It's hasta la vista to $9 billion if the Governator is selected It's not what Arnold Schwarzenegger did to the girls a decade back that should raise an eyebrow. According to a series of memoranda our office obtained today, it's his dalliance

nettime about Cicrle ID

2003-11-24 Thread geert lovink
Insight through Connected Intelligence CircleID: collaborative intelligence hub for the Internet's core infrastructure policies CircleID Network is a unique collaborative hub that shares the control of its content with the community it serves. Matters discussed here

nettime Interview with Milton Mueller

2003-11-25 Thread geert lovink
Trail and Error in Internet Governance ICANN, WSIS and the making of a global civil society. Interview with Milton Mueller By Geert Lovink In 2002 MIT Press published Milton Mueller's Ruling the Root, one of the first detailed investigations into the Internet domain name policies. In it Mueller

nettime Jonathan Peizer: The Quiet Revolution In Non-Profit Capacity Support

2003-11-26 Thread geert lovink
From: Jonathan Peizer [EMAIL PROTECTED] Satisfying Donor and Non-Profit Objectives: The Quiet Revolution In Non-Profit Capacity Support By Jonathan Peizer The economic downturn of the last three years once again served to highlight the tenuous institutional capacity most non-profits are forced

nettime Interview with Stephen Marshall (Guerrilla News Network)

2003-12-09 Thread geert lovink
Interview with Stephen Marshall Guerrilla News Network's Digital Documentaries By Geert Lovink The political videos of Guerrilla News Network are a challenging affair, both in terms of its content, aesthetics and distribution. Deeply hybrid, GNN is crossing boundaries in such a professional­and

nettime ICANN or UN? (Declan)

2003-12-12 Thread geert lovink
This posting of Politech Declan seems to representative of the U.S. libertarains and academics' postion towards WSIS--at least I have not yet heard other voices. This position seems to mix up national governments with UN, as if they are one and the same. But even more remarkable is their defense

nettime wsis digest no. 4

2003-12-12 Thread geert lovink
World Summit on Information Society Nettime Digest, no. 4 December 11, 2003 (I arrived in Geneva today. In between all activities I made this quick digest. It also contains some 'old' info. Over the weekend I hope to compile more actual information. For more 'live' information please visit the

nettime wsis digest no. 5

2003-12-18 Thread geert lovink
World Summit on Information Society Nettime Digest, no. 5 December 18, 2003 1. Allan Liska: More Questions Than Answers 2. WSIS Report by Jo van der Spek 3. Richard Stallman on WSIS 4. OurMedia Clemencia Rodriguez reports 5. Wolfgang Kleinwächter (Telepolis, in German) 6. World

nettime how was the summit? a helpful list in case your friends ask you

2003-12-19 Thread geert lovink How was the summit? A helpful list in case your friends (or any reporters) ask you Geneva/Berlin, 16 December 2003. Compiled by Rik Panganiban and Ralf Bendrath. The Good ICT4D Exhibitions It was quite inspiring seeing the hundreds and hundreds of great

nettime Vittorio Bertola: WSIS: What Is It 'Really' All About?

2003-12-28 Thread geert lovink
Vittorio Bertola: WSIS: What Is It 'Really' All About? Until a few weeks ago, almost everyone in the Internet governance circus seemed to ignore the very existence of WSIS. After it popped up on international newspapers, however, things have been

nettime Steven Clift's WSIS speech: Democratic Evolution or Virtual Civil War?

2004-01-06 Thread geert lovink
From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Steven Clift) Happy New Year. Below is my speech from Geneva where I shared a panel at the WSIS with the Foreign Minister of Greece, George Papandreou, Nicholas Negroponte, and Stephen Coleman from Oxford among others. As the media hype wagon continues to roar on the

nettime Media Philosophy: An Email Exchange with Frank Hartmann

2004-01-15 Thread geert lovink
Discipline Design: The Rise of Media Philosophy An Email Exchange with Frank Hartmann (Vienna) By Geert Lovink Lately, in German speaking countries a 'media philosophy' debate has unfolded. If you fear you missed something, don't worry. Unfortunately, there is not much at stake. At least

nettime have you also missed the Internet-Free Day?

2004-01-29 Thread geert lovink (thanx to Mieke Gerritzen for fwd.) The Global Ideas Bank, the primary website for new ideas to improve society (what we call social inventions), is promoting Sunday January 25th 2004 as the fourth International

nettime wsis digest no. 6

2004-02-14 Thread geert lovink
World Summit on Information Society Nettime Digest, no. 6 February 14, 2004 1. Global Forum on Internet Governance (March 25-26, NYC) 2. Experts' Round at ITU 3. ICC Paper on Clearing Up Confusion Over Internet Governance 4. re: ITU Internet Governance Workshop 5. ICANN's At Large Advisory

nettime tomorrow: grey tuesday

2004-02-23 Thread geert lovink
Grey Tuesday Civil Disobedience Planned February 24th Against Copyright Cartel DOWNHILL BATTLE (February 18, 2004) -- A coalition of websites will join in an online protest to offer free downloads of a critically acclaimed album that is being censored by a lawsuit threat from EMI Records. The

nettime what would be nettime's reading list?

2004-03-02 Thread geert lovink
(Would it include Empire, Crowds and Power, Male Fantasies, a Foucault, Ahrendt or even Deleuze? How much history (of science)? How much would politically correct and which titles would really be useful? Geert) The Problem with Dead White Males By

nettime manifesto by thierry chervel (launch of signandsight)

2005-03-02 Thread Geert Lovink
Dear nettimers, since yesterday an english version of the German 'perlentaucher' site ( is online. It was Janos Sugar would pointed me to this great online resource a couple of years ago. It's daily updated site/e-newsletter that summarizes the 'cultural pages' of German and

nettime Information War Intensifies as Unrest in Kyrgyzstan Continues (ONI)

2005-03-09 Thread Geert Lovink
(the same people in toronto recently launched the service. /geert) From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: Information War Intensifies as Unrest in Kyrgyzstan Continues Special Coverage: Information War Intensifies as Unrest in Kyrgyzstan Continues - Motives Remain Unclear as

nettime icannist venture capitalist joi ito meets italian squatters (Modified by Geert Lovink)

2005-03-14 Thread Geert Lovink 18:00 JST =BB Joi's Diary - Media and Journalism - Sharing Economy Yesterday, I had a meeting with some of the Italian Indymedia community at a squat. In most countries squatters are considered criminals and local law has very little tolerance for them. In Italy, the

nettime American Academy of Arts and Sciences calls for restoring trust in American business

2005-03-30 Thread Geert Lovink
(comments below on 'corporate responsabilty' report is somewhat predictable as Mokhiber and Weissman have been calling for conviction for corporate crime for years, without success as of yet, but interesting nonetheless. see link for press release and table of content. /geert)

nettime Rachel Konrad: For Some Techies, an Interminable Workday

2005-05-18 Thread Geert Lovink
(welcome to the flat world, techies and geeks. no fun, no choice? worth reading! /geert) For Some Techies, an Interminable Workday By Rachel Konrad (AP) SANTA CLARA, Calif. - The traffic jam ended hours ago, the parking lot is nearly empty and fluorescent lights are dimmed at PortalPlayer Inc.,

nettime media activism a la century 21

2005-05-22 Thread Geert Lovink Sunday, May 22, 7/6c Piestewa Family - SEASON FINALE In a two-hour special, the design team builds a new home for the family of a fallen Native American heroine killed in Iraq -- PFC Lori Piestewa -- and constructs a center for Native American military

nettime NL: Municipality wants to ban hacker gathering

2005-05-23 Thread Geert Lovink Municipality wants to ban hacker gathering The organisers of 'What the Hack', the 2005 edition of a series of famous Dutch outdoor hacker conferences, were told that their conference will not receive the municipal permit needed for the event to happen. 'What the Hack

Re: nettime Frank Rieger: We lost the War--Welcome to the World of Tomorrow

2006-01-09 Thread Geert Lovink
On 9 Jan 2006, at 6:37 AM, Florian Cramer wrote: I admire the perfect Carl Schmitt-ian (and by implication, Leo Straussian) rhetoric of this manifesto: The rhetoric of the emergency state, political friend-vs.-enemy antagonism, and its view of the status quo of democracy. You mean admire

nettime First Monday Special Issue on Urban Screens

2006-02-09 Thread Geert Lovink Urban Screens: Discovering the potential of outdoor screens for urban society By Pieter Boeder and Mirjam Struppek Introduction to First Monday, Special Issue #4: Urban Screens: Discovering the potential of outdoor screens for urban society

nettime Citizen Lab releases Psiphon

2006-02-22 Thread Geert Lovink
Hi, has anyone tried this one out yet? I wonder how many nettimers keep track what Citizenlab is doing and if you are, like me, also promoting things like /geert --- OLIVER MOORE Toronto Globe Mail Monday, February 13, 2006 TORONTO -- More than fifteen years after the

nettime blogonomics according to carr

2006-04-18 Thread Geert Lovink
(for me nicholas carr was one of the most interesting net critics of the past season. carr's rough type blog is one of the best places if you want to look for critical google watching. below you will find his sobering statistics on what it means, in economic terms, to blog. /geert)


2006-05-07 Thread Geert Lovink
(is this where tactical media is, right now, giving camcorders to US soldiers, in the hope they will shoot interesting footage? i bet they will. hard not to, i would say. anyone seen this film yet? /geert) In March 2004, just as the insurgent movement strengthened,

nettime definition of snarkyness

2006-05-19 Thread Geert Lovink
(While digging through the blogosphere I came across this German (?) theory prose on Revenge of the Blog. Net Criticism in the Age of Web 2.0? /geert) Snarkyness It would be wonder if American bloggers wouldn?t develope their ?own? jargon.

nettime Supporting Iraqi Radio Journalists (interview with Anja Wollenberg)

2006-05-19 Thread Geert Lovink
Supporting Iraqi Radio Journalists Interview with Anja Wollenberg, Media in Cooperation Transition (Berlin/Amman) By Geert Lovink Media in Cooperation Transition (MICT) is a Berlin-based organization that was founded in late 2004 out of a radio program that was conducted as Iraqi German

Re: nettime report_on_NNA

2006-06-08 Thread Geert Lovink
Hi all, just a few comments. I enjoyed the Montreal nettime online and the tech worked out fine. It is really a shame that the announcement of this (online) event came through only hours after the event ended. The reason for this is simple. Ted and Felix should be thanked for their massive

Re: nettime report_on_NNA

2006-06-09 Thread Geert Lovink
For the sake of clarity Geert are you putting yourself forward for all the hard work involved in being part of the next stage in the 'rotation'. you are proposing or is this a prompting that others rather than yourself should put themselves forward to take up this burden ? No, not at all.

nettime Support Iraqi Bloggers-Interview with Cecile Landman (Streamtime)

2006-06-16 Thread Geert Lovink
Support Iraqi Bloggers Interview with Cecile Landman By Geert Lovink Cecile Landman is a Dutch freelance investigative journalist, who specializes in the facts behind the news. One of the areas she researches and works in is Italy, a country she is passionate about. Cecile has often said to me

nettime Steve Cisler in search for ISEA 2006 blogs

2006-08-10 Thread Geert Lovink
The kiwis are writing a lot: ISEA by Proxy: Blog Collection 0.1 ISEA2006Rapporteur media arts network [ma-net] North West UK perspectives. CRUMB Crisis Centre

re: nettime Steve Cisler in search for ISEA 2006 blogs

2006-08-11 Thread Geert Lovink
From: Edward Shanken [EMAIL PROTECTED] Here are some more: And some additional individual blogs listed here: n=Main.BlogList Edward Shanken ISEA Rapporteur Professor of

nettime Pew: Experts assess Future of Internet

2006-09-26 Thread Geert Lovink
(report full of contradictions and yesterday's predictions. interesting that the growing international dimension of the Internet is not mentioned at all, except for a reference to mandarin. it is quite clear which narrow group of wasp expertocracy the pew internet project focused on here, and

nettime re: Important Thai education site closed

2006-10-05 Thread Geert Lovink
From: somkiat tangnamo [EMAIL PROTECTED] Date: Oct 1, 2006 2:54 AM Subject: Statement of the Midnight University Statement of the Midnight University Opposing the Closure of Channels of Free Communication Beginning on Friday September 29th, the Midnight University's website has been

nettime Internet and the Intellectuals

2006-10-31 Thread Geert Lovink
Dear nettimers, as some of you will know this week IGF, the Internet Governance Forum ( is on in Athens. It's the forum that has been created by Kofi Annan after the the second World Summit on the Internet Society, held in Tunis, November 2005. There are over 1200

nettime iTube, YouSpace, WeCreate

2006-11-17 Thread Geert Lovink
to the MyCreativity newspaper iTube, YouSpace, WeCreate Geert Lovink Ned Rossiter  **Have We Been Creative Yet?** Conferences on 'creative industries' have become a set feature in many countries over the past few years. They usually consist of government policy-makers, arts administrators, a minister

nettime in association with

2006-11-28 Thread Geert Lovink
CYBERSALON @ THE DANA CENTRE DIGITAL WORK CREATIVE MAPPING The Science Museum's Dana Centre, 165 Queen's Gate, South Kensington, London SW7 5HE Date: March 07 - to be announced Cost: Cost and booking details to be announced Nearest tubes: South Kensington/Gloucester

nettime old and new media: the fight is on

2006-12-01 Thread Geert Lovink
(Old and new media, once seen by some as a jolly hybrid, are ready for a fight. Watch this video: a clash between a 'journalist' and a 'shockblog' founder. Wikipedia reports that on 30 November 2006, a senior journalist at The Daily Telegraph, Glenn Milne, had to be restrained and escorted

nettime Interview with Saskia Sassen by Magnus Wennerhag

2006-12-01 Thread Geert Lovink
Denationalized states and global assemblages Interview with Saskia Sassen by Magnus Wennerhag The liberal state has been hijacked for neoliberal agendas, says Saskia Sassen in interview, and in some cases even for very modern

nettime Web 3.0: for the user, by the user, of the user

2007-01-14 Thread Geert Lovink
NUWeb: A project for Web 3.0: for the user, by the user, of the user! Taiwan's National ChungCheng University announced, in a press conference held in Taipei on December 27, a Web 3.0 project with a goal to build a new Web that is for the user, by the user, and of the user. Prof. Sun Wu, the

nettime blogging, the nihilist impulse

2007-01-15 Thread Geert Lovink
. routledge only owns the rights to the english version. best, geert) Blogging, the Nihilist Impulse By Geert Lovink An der rationalen Tiefe erkennt man den Radikalen; im Verlust der rationalen Methode kündigt sich der Nihilismus

nettime shocklogs wikipedia entry

2007-01-17 Thread Geert Lovink
(dear nettimers, together with students of the masters-of-media blog at the university of amsterdam i have been working on a wikipedia entry about so-called shock logs or shock blogs. it is been an interesting experience to see that our entry has been deleted on a number of occasions because

Re: nettime shocklogs wikipedia entry

2007-01-22 Thread Geert Lovink
a shocklog? Lankiveil 05:16, 21 January 2007 (UTC). -- On 17 Jan 2007, at 11:54 AM, Geert Lovink wrote: (dear nettimers, together with students of the masters-of-media blog at the university of amsterdam i have been working on a wikipedia entry about so-called shock logs or shock blogs

nettime Greenpeace launches greenmyapple campaign

2007-01-26 Thread Geert Lovink
(after e-waste campaigns such as this greenpeace initiative, targetted at apple, seems to be the next level, focussed on the production, and no longer on the recycling economy and the management of the waste side of computer use. geert) We

Re: nettime shocklogs wikipedia entry

2007-02-07 Thread Geert Lovink
Thanks, Pit. Here an update. A while the entry deleted (again). What is kind of amazing is the Anglo-Saxon language policing, which term is and is not 'proper' English. An (English) wikipedia entry cannot be valid if it based on 'foreign language' sources now about that? Wikipedia is

nettime radical sadness--exchange between ken wark and geert Lovink

2007-03-15 Thread Geert Lovink
Email exchange between Ken Wark and Geert Lovink Held during the week after Jean Baudrillard passed away. KW: You ask: what is radical sadness? That's an excellent question, and Jean poses it to us, so it's a good place to start. I have certainly felt a sadness since I heard Jean had died

nettime call for blogging code of conduct

2007-04-02 Thread Geert Lovink
Dear nettimers, I wonder how many of you follow the 'Kathy Sierra' case and what you make of it. My first response was that this scandal was the final chapter of the A-list, the presumed consensus culture of prominent US-bloggers that got famous by linking to each other in the time when blogging

nettime Interview with Vito Campanelli about Web Aesthetics

2007-05-12 Thread Geert Lovink
Interview with Vito Campanelli about Web Aesthetics By Geert Lovink Ever since I worked with Matthew Fuller in 2004 on A Decade of Web Design, I have been interested in the question if there is such a thing as ‘web aesthetics’ that could operate beyond the overheated nineteen nineties Internet

nettime no comments?

2007-07-04 Thread Geert Lovink
This is what Rhizome made of it... Anyone at nettime has already seen this show and would like to comment on it? Best, Geert New Media History Refreshed As with any vibrant art form, new media finds itself historicized in multiple and evolving ways. Significant attention has been paid to

nettime Organic Intellectual Work: Interview with Andrew Ross [REVISED]

2007-07-11 Thread Geert Lovink Organic Intellectual Work Interview with Andrew Ross By Geert Lovink Does cultural studies scholar and labour activist Andrew Ross need to be introduced? I became familiar with the work of U.S. American researcher of Scottish

nettime Hacking Public Spaces in Vilnius, an interview [u]

2005-06-22 Thread Geert Lovink [c]
Hacking Public Spaces in Vilnius Politics of a new media space inside the Lietuva (soviet) cinema Interview with Nomeda Gediminas Urbonas By Geert Lovink Ever since I met Nomeda and Gediminas Urbonas in 1999, two contemporary artists from Lithuania, they have been in search for an art space

nettime Richard Rogers and Anat Ben-David on the Palestinian-Israeli peace process and transnational issue networks (Modified by Geert Lovink) [u]

2005-08-22 Thread Geert Lovink [c]
The Palestinian-Israeli peace process and transnational issue networks: The complicated place of the Israeli NGO. By Richard Rogers and Anat Ben-David The study investigates the potential consequences of the predominance of the human rights frame in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The human

nettime Hernani Dimantas: Linkania--the Hyperconected Multitude [u]

2005-09-01 Thread Geert Lovink [c]
From: Hernani Dimantas [EMAIL PROTECTED] (posted to nettime with the permission of the author. /geert) Linkania - The Hyperconected Multitude By Hernani Dimantas I link therefore I'm. Edward Wilson 1 Thinking of citizenship in the web society is increasingly complex. How do chaos and order

nettime (CRIS): WSIS and Human Rights in Tunisia (Modified by Geert Lovink) [u]

2005-09-14 Thread Geert Lovink [c]
(Interesting report from the communication rights campaign coordinator Se?n ? Siochr? who recently visited Tunisia, the host country for the second world summit on the information society (wsis) that will take place in Tunis, mid November. Next week a third and last preparatory meeting

nettime Geert Lovink Ned Rossiter: Dawn of the Organised Networks [u]

2005-10-19 Thread Geert Lovink [c]
[from Fibreculture Journal - issue 5, - special issue: Multitudes, Creative Organisation and the Precarious Condition of New Media Labour] Dawn of the Organised Networks Geert Lovink Ned Rossiter At first glance the concept of organised

nettime call to nettime moderators to change email address/systems [u]

2005-10-31 Thread Geert Lovink [c]
Dear all, over the past months or longer each time my postings to ended up somewhere in a spam filter. Each time I have been waiting for days to see if something would happen. Then I have to send the posting to one of the moderators, Felix Stalder, who then puts my

nettime Interview with Lisa Parks [u]

2005-11-02 Thread Geert Lovink [c]
From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: Interview with Lisa Parks Date: 1 November 2005 2:49:46 PM To: Cc: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Out There: Exploring Satellite Awareness Interview with Lisa Parks By Geert Lovink http

Re: nettime Paris Burning [u]

2005-11-22 Thread Geert Lovink [c]
may i add this interview with alain finkelkraut and a response by canadian writer edna paris? i found them on the just-watch list. i really like this debate on nettime, however the (relative) absence of french postings slightly worries me. maybe i am wrong. i understood there was and still is

nettime are you creative? [u]

2005-12-19 Thread Geert Lovink [c]
From: Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO) [EMAIL PROTECTED] The ?Campaign for Creativity? (C4C) is the undisputed winner of the Worst EU Lobbying Award 2005! No less than 85% of the over 8000 people that took part in the online voting identified C4C as the most deceptive corporate lobby campaign

nettime Joost Smiers: Abandoning Copyright: A Blessing for Artists, Art, and Society [u]

2005-12-19 Thread Geert Lovink [c]
(posted to nettime with the permission of the author. /geert) From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Abandoning Copyright: A Blessing for Artists, Art, and Society By Joost Smiers de Volkskrant, 26 November 2005 (English translation of original