Re: nettime Rhizome's revenge

2003-01-27 Thread Morlock Elloi
The difference between money currency and social-ties currency is the owner, or mint. The former is owned by the local force monopoly; the latter is owned by the individual. Modern technology offers something that would cause even greater panic than providing sex services for money - self-minting

Re: nettime anti-piracy goons considered harmful

2003-02-03 Thread Morlock Elloi
However with open source it is more than likely - even perhaps inevitable - that that code *is* going to be scrutinised by people with the technical know-how to notice certain weaknesses or deliberate circumventions or backdoors. The same certainly cannot be said of closed source software

Re: nettime The problem with file-sharing

2003-02-09 Thread Morlock Elloi
So the only possible reply we, as people who read our email on.screen and do not let the secretary print them out, should somehow form an international lobbying organization to be a balancing factor against the interests of others in this matter... Good ... I'd like to see a subcommittee

Re: nettime Do domain names matter?

2003-08-03 Thread Morlock Elloi
the network, but by innovation at its edges. As end-user applications mature, they increasingly allow individuals to develop and share their own naming systems¬ónot to destroy the DNS, but to render it irrelevant. Exactly. There are two sides to this. First, the namespace has been conquered

Re: nettime Request to Nettime to be part of DISTRIBUTED CREATIVITY online forum with Eyebeam

2003-09-28 Thread Morlock Elloi
no defined mechanism for acting as a corporate entity. who do you ask? all of them. what if some say yes, some say maybe, and some say no? well, that's what it is. (i'm not literally recounting our conversation.) The moment nettime gets defineable in leadership/representative terms it will

Re: nettime Re: Re: New Media Education and Its Discontent

2003-10-09 Thread Morlock Elloi
[syntax problem @ nettime - resent by mod] An interesting thread. The real problem with the American educational system is that standards are not high enough. Public universities are packed with students who simply should not be in college. This policy US (and many others') educational

Re: nettime Linux strikes back III

2003-10-16 Thread Morlock Elloi
A gentle proposition given that the product was in breach with the GPL. Alternatively, the FSF could have asked to revoke all Linksys routers from the market and pay, say $10 compensation for each unit already sold. (In other words: $4M which could be used, for example, to pay Linus Torvalds

Re: nettime Linux strikes back III

2003-10-17 Thread Morlock Elloi
any commercial software company would have done whose licenses had been breached), but for releasing the modified code in public. So I don't know what you take issue with?! I take issue with a Good Cop principle. There is no such thing - if you want to use so-called legal system and IP

Re: nettime Era of LibreSelf-Deception Society Manifesto

2004-01-09 Thread Morlock Elloi
Why do I have feeling that profiteers' greed, propagandists' exposes and the like are on the higher universal ethical level than the drivel that appears on nettime, the impotent pseudo-intellectual masturbation along the lines they are bad and we are good and polluting the namespace with

Re: nettime Era of LibreSelf-Deception Society Manifesto

2004-01-15 Thread Morlock Elloi
you'd be surprised how many people still believe that the right sex will *naturally* get you to subscribe to the right politics. see the This is an amusing spin but just demonstrates the depth of denial. My beef was with mental-masturbatory verbiage. It is irrelevant which model of the

Re: nettime Agamben: No to Bio-Political Tattooing

2004-01-23 Thread Morlock Elloi
But a part of me is also wondering if this isn't always the case; if the notion that political sovereignty functions through a permanent state of exception/emergency is simply a constitutive part of the way that 'the body politic' has been formulated since Plato (I was thinking of Plato's

nettime RE: Limits of Networking

2004-03-16 Thread Morlock Elloi
1. Who is we ? When I hear we I go for my gun (paraphrasing Goebbels.) 2. Does anyone really think that the technological evolution and it's proponents give a fuck what proles think (or about 'desires' of 'users') ? All I see here is conservative ludditism, defending some imaginary times (I'd

Re: nettimeRe: Google buys Japanese painting of Google screenshot

2004-07-16 Thread Morlock Elloi
--- noci [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Reality Turns real Virtual virtuality in Real-Time virtual bla!? I hope the list is being archived for posterity. Must check if is taking snapshots. We are reaching the end of era of the attention economy. Before, whenever I thought that con-art

Re: nettime wobblies

2004-08-29 Thread Morlock Elloi
mv boss.class /dev/null This is probably the best example of total zaelot incompetence and ignorance which may provide a genetic excuse for fucking the working class (as if we need any.) Stupidity is a crime. You see, sounding geeky-cool is easy when the audience is composed of morons. What

Re: nettime In Praise of the Segue

2005-02-21 Thread Morlock Elloi
It's just a phase in shortening of the attention span of the masses ... eventually it will boil down to the single jingle, a single tone (2-3 notes for the more classically educated ones.) I mean, who is going to listen to the whole song? Plan on starting sub-song indexing. In the end, all

Re: nettime double-plus-unfree digest [byfield, elloi]

2005-03-03 Thread Morlock Elloi
You have to use your imagination. Film viewers don't need support contracts, but they might like to have more of a say in the sorts of films that get produced, and they might be willing to pay for that. I certainly would. The payment is the crucial problem for un-labelled content. Currently

Re: nettime Schijndel Smiers: IMAGINING A WORLD WITHOUT COPYRIGHT (Modified by Geert Lovink)

2005-03-05 Thread Morlock Elloi
The main problem here is the assumption that copyright has much to do with author, performer or artist. It is nominally attached to one, but its purpose is to enable cashing in on the work, and there is a large number of people and entities involved in that cashing in. The initial author gets just

Re: nettime Re: nettime-l-digest V1 #1560

2005-03-14 Thread Morlock Elloi
Look. That is never going to work. I mean- right now you can download all of my music for free and no one does it. Upping the price to 5 cents would mean that less zero people download my music. I would It's not supposed to work. You don't understand the business model here.

Re: nettime Arun Mehta: Unpacking Internet Governance

2005-04-16 Thread Morlock Elloi
This is perhaps the most naive part of the otherwise very naive article: Foremost among them, is the whole discussion of domain names, and who should control them. Internet traffic is routed using IP addresses, similar to phone numbers on the telecom network. People came up with the clever

Re: nettime Microsoft bans 'democracy' for China web users

2005-06-15 Thread Morlock Elloi
Anybody know if this is the first time Microsoft has cooperated with state authorities in this way? --dsw 'freedom' and 'democracy' are propaganda newspeak and have equivalent function and value as 'god' or 'allah'. As it is customary to remove such words that would infringe on the local

Re: nettime Katrina: The Spectre of a Soviet-Style Crisis in the U.S.

2005-09-15 Thread Morlock Elloi
American industry has been bled dry and it's the industrial decline that above all explains the negligence of a nation confronted with a crisis situation: All this euro-originated doomsday predictions fail to take into account two things: europe (as in people that hold power) is striving

Re: nettime Use of Computers in Preschools

2005-11-19 Thread Morlock Elloi
The difference between using computer and toilet roll insert is that there are several multibillion dollar corporations between movement of the mouse and something happening on the screen in the first case, and pretty much nothing between manipulating inserts and affecting reality in the second.

Re: nettime A Modest Proposal

2006-06-17 Thread Morlock Elloi
Anything a program can filter another program can make unfilterable. The real value of nettime *is* bipedal-based filtering, especially by those not turned into specialised data-processing contraptions. So cheers to all those brain cycles burned to filter nettime (not nettame) and their

Tools and Fools (was Re: nettime Ken's Taking No Prisoners)

2006-12-06 Thread Morlock Elloi
Thanx for the posting - interesting review. However it seems to lack proper insight into what tools really are. Creator's ideology gets projected into the tool, and then the Big Disappointment comes, because the tool really doesn't give a fuck. To put in more formal terms, creator C assesses

nettime The importance of shit hitting the fan at moderate rates

2007-03-27 Thread Morlock Elloi
Finally, a promising theory that may explain why too much peace or too much war is bad. For cognition-challenged, replace 'biofilm' with your favourite organisational form, nettime included, and pick your own 'evolved cheats' ;-)

Re: nettime For any reason or no reason - on virtual (extra-)territoriality

2007-05-30 Thread Morlock Elloi
How is the credibility of the fiction of the government diluted by subjecting one of its manifestations to the good will of a private corporation, whose only motive for not flipping the switch off is accounts receivable? Or is this just a start of the new strain of banana republics, Sweden being

Re: nettime The Society of the Unspectacular

2007-06-12 Thread Morlock Elloi
One reason for this is that in each battle space, symbolic or real, the stronger wants, well, to win. So if the increase of secrecy is seen as empowerment, it's only natural that one will want opponents (subjects) dis-empowered in that respect. Otherwise it would take all the fun and profit from

Re: nettime The Society of the Unspectacular

2007-06-18 Thread Morlock Elloi
I'll propose a purely information-theory and somewhat mechanical answer to this issue. As the art is effected through the exposure to information (which will hopefully fire some unused synapses and modify the future behaviour of its customers,) the real change with the networked society is that