nettime Software Art After Programming

2004-10-19 Thread Richard
Are people still interested in ART on this list? Perhaps they are... Software Art After Programming Richard Wright, April 2004. First published in MUTE magazine, no. 28, Autumn 2004 NrIssue=3D28NrSection=3D10NrArticle

Re: nettime report_on_NNA

2006-06-11 Thread richard
Hiya, As you recall, Richard supported Tony Blair No I didn't! I was - and still am - a *left* social democrat. Like many members of the Labour party, I strongly disagree with the authoritarian and imperialist policies of its leadership... Later, Richard # distributed via nettime

nettime The Class of the New

2006-06-15 Thread richard
Hiya, OpenMute have just published my new book - The Class of the New. You can buy the hardcopy and download the text for free from the website: Enjoy! Later, Richard = The Class of the New by Richard Barbrook Netizens, elancers, cognitarians, swarm

Re: nettime RE: cybernetics and the Internet

2006-06-16 Thread richard
'God Golem, Inc' was published in *1964* - and he was still arguing for socialist-pacifism in this wonderful book which was written in the last few years of his life... Later, Richard # distributed via nettime: no commercial use without permission # nettime is a moderated mailing list

nettime Stop this MAD sacking

2007-02-04 Thread richard
2510 [EMAIL PROTECTED] Date: February 2nd 2007 Stop this MAD sacking Lecturers at the University of Westminster are soon to be balloted for industrial action over an imminent ?redundancy? in the School of Media, Art and Design (MAD) of Dr Richard Barbrook. The union chair, Chris Ellins, said

nettime Fwd: MESSAGE FROM VICE-CHANCELLOR --- Redeployment of Dr Barbrook

2007-03-15 Thread richard
/logo.gif The University can confirm that Dr Richard Barbrook is to be redeployed from the School of Media, Arts and Design to the School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Languages. The University has followed its agreed procedures in attempting to identify opportunities to redeploy Dr Barbrook

nettime Fwd: Terrific result for the Westminster University and College

2007-03-15 Thread richard
- Forwarded message from [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Date: Thu, 08 Mar 2007 17:42:10 + From: UCU - University of Westminster [EMAIL PROTECTED] Reply-To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: Terrific result for the Westminster University and College Union To: UCU [EMAIL PROTECTED]

nettime Virtual Dreams, Real Politics

2007-07-09 Thread richard
Virtual Dreams, Real Politics ?What are we fighting Communism for? We are the most Communist people in world history.? - Marshall McLuhan, 1969. In 1961, at its 22nd Congress, the

nettime auction on eBay

2002-12-09 Thread Richard Rinehart
of the project. Richard Rinehart and Shawn Brixey Chimera Obscura, 2002 Crossing the boundary between gallery installation and Internet art, Chimera Obscura is constructed around a telerobotic agent that Internet visitors use to navigate and decode a highly complex maze designed from a human

nettime Re: executed-coat-thief

2003-10-08 Thread richard barbrook
the current royal family... Up the Republic!! Later, Richard --- Dr. Richard Barbrook Hypermedia Research Centre School of Media, Arts Design University of Westminster Watford Road Northwick Park HARROW HA1 3TP

Re: nettime The Ultimate Straussian Links

2003-11-05 Thread Richard Barbrook
fantasy? Kojève's 'Lectures on the Phenomenology' was one of the key texts for the post-1945 generation of left-wing intellectuals in Europe and yet the English translation was edited and published in the USA by Straussians! Most bizarre... Later, Richard

nettime Re: Governing Hollywood Style

2003-11-29 Thread Richard Joly
hours. XX Does anyone know exactly what time this took place. ? Richard # distributed via nettime: no commercial use without permission # nettime is a moderated mailing list for net criticism, # collaborative text filtering and cultural politics of the nets

Re: nettime Will Rational Exuberance Prevail?

2004-10-28 Thread Richard Barbrook
rather than what leftie intellectuals claimed that they were thinking... -- Later, Richard --- Dr. Richard Barbrook, School of Media, Arts Design, University of Westminster, Watford Road, Northwick Park, HARROW HA1 3TP

nettime new white paper on digital art and copyright

2006-10-01 Thread Richard Rinehart
heritage community who may benefit from the discussion and analysis of the issues and proposed paths of action. The legal community may also benefit from the case studies and articulation of how one area of law is playing out in the larger society whether it reaches the courts or not. -- Richard

nettime Sorry to have to ask you again to protest about restrictions at Birzeit

2003-10-15 Thread by way of richard barbrook
On Wednesday, October 8, 2003, Israeli occupation forces closed off the Ramallah-Birzeit road, prohibiting even pedestrians from crossing the kilometer-long checkpoint situated near the village of Surda. Since the majority of staff and students live in Ramallah, they were denied access to the