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2007-03-24 Thread Heiko Recktenwald Et voila: *Paris Embraces Plan to Become City of Bikes* By John Ward Anderson Washington Post Foreign Service Saturday, March 24, 2007; A10 PARIS, March 23 -- Paris is for lovers -- lovers of

nettime illtreatment in borderprison amsterdam

2004-05-25 Thread ac
++*++*++*++*++*++*++*++*++*++*++*++ web: e-mail: [EMAIL PROTECTED] telefoon: 020-6126172 opgeven voor maillijst: giften welkom op giro 6131418 St Afval Amsterdam

nettime LIVE: N5M Festival Amsterdam, day 2 (friday)

2003-09-12 Thread MEDIA LIVE NOW
Next 5 Minutes: International Tactical Media Festival DeBalie / Paradiso / Melkweg / WaagSociety / NIM Montevideo / ImagineIC / SALTO / online RealVideo stream 2003/10/11 from 11:00 till 04:00 C.E.T.(Amsterdam) / 5 am till 11 pm E.S.T.(New York) De Balie live: (all


2003-06-13 Thread by way of Pit Schultz [EMAIL PROTECTED]
100, 000 ANTENNAS FREE RADIO MANIFESTATION 11th June 2003, Amsterdam / From Wreck This Mess in behalf of all indie media in Amsterdam and the Netherlands It is time to inform you about a dire situation in Amsterdam. It is a call to all Free Radio makers, all small indie label musicians and