Re: nettime Rapture billboard

2011-06-01 Thread Brian Holmes
On 05/30/2011 09:14 PM, David Mandl wrote: The Republicans have thrown crumbs to the religious right to gain their support politically (a brilliant and mostly successful strategy), but they surely roll their eyes at these yokels behind closed doors. The relation between the Republican Party

Re: nettime Are we in 1935 Germany or 21st Century Netherlands?

2011-06-30 Thread Brian Holmes
On 06/27/2011 10:57 AM, Florian Cramer wrote: Of course, this is just a small part of a larger development. The bigger picture is that Europe, and the Western World, is rapidly moving towards the model of Chinese politbureau capitalism where governments act as supreme CEO boards, and public

Re: nettime some more nuanced thoughts on publishing, editing, reading, using

2011-07-30 Thread Brian Holmes
and open-access activism are great, it's excellent to hear about. So are the other open-acesss initiatives that have been discussed here. Florian's idea of pursuing the conversation in an OA journal is perfect. All of this could come to something! best, Brian Holmes, PhD and blah blah blah

Re: nettime The fiction of the creative industries

2011-09-24 Thread Brian Holmes
On 09/24/2011 06:00 AM, Florian Cramer wrote: Therefore, almost every position paper on the creative industries starts with impressive economic figures. In the Netherlands, the most recent of these is Creatieve industrie in topvorm, a report of the Topteam Creatieve Industrie chaired by

nettime So maybe the white shirts are rent-a-cops for Wall Street?

2011-10-11 Thread Brian Holmes
[Generally speaking, US fascism is closer than you think. That is, it's already here, celebrating its tenth anniversary with pepper spray, swinging nightsticks, entrapment, arbitrary arrest and strict obedience to the paymasters. Not BP or Exxon in this case, but Wall Street itself, the 1%

Re: nettime Karl Rove: Occupy Wall Street protesters are just plain kooky (WSJ Op-ed)

2011-10-16 Thread Brian Holmes
Hey Keith, greetings from Chicago - On 10/15/2011 01:35 PM, Keith Sanborn wrote: There are no Koch Bros on the left in the US, though there might be some Mensheviks with a conscience. There is evidence of the late 1990s piggybacking of the RCP at work though. They have gone from a more Maoist

nettime Failure for 90 percent of the people (the rest will be fine)

2011-10-17 Thread Brian Holmes Failure for 90 Percent of the People (The Rest Will Be Fine) A Coup in the European Union? by SUSAN GEORGE European Union workers’ pretentions to better pay and working conditions, shorter working lives, munificent retirement

Re: nettime The Revolutionary Role of a Transnational Counterparty

2011-10-27 Thread Brian Holmes
Dmytri, I like your proposal of the transnational party. In fact the convergence of the European Indignado movements and the US Occupy Wall Street upsurge already lays the basis for such a thing. The question is, what exactly in this case would correspond to the internal organization and

nettime Global rebellion: The coming chaos?

2011-11-30 Thread Brian Holmes
[The sidebar texts on Al Jazeera have become the single best source for written analysis of global events, to my knowledge anyway--please inform if there is any place of similar quality. This article is the most far-ranging I've yet read on the current terminal crisis of neoliberalism. It

Re: nettime Portland Occupation's tactical innovation

2012-01-04 Thread Brian Holmes
On 01/04/2012 07:46 AM, wrote: OCCUPY your own *life*!! The ONE-PERCENT is a statistical account of wealth distribution -- NOT a useful description of *power* distribution. I agree with Jodi, this is idiotic. What's happening in the world right now is the perilous breakup

Re: nettime A Movement Without Demands?

2012-01-05 Thread Brian Holmes
This text is at once challenging and generous: it seeks the core of unfulfilled possibility in every limitation it critiques. Thanks for that. You say the Occupy movement lacks strong core principles that could serve to define itself as a transformative force in society. I agree. That lack is

Re: nettime A Movement Without Demands?

2012-01-07 Thread Brian Holmes
Well, Snafu was right and I'm sure that many good debates will flow from his and Jodi's co-written text. Keith, when I said the anarchists, I was thinking of David Graeber among others. And when I said Kudos to the anarchists I really meant it! Maybe I will find the answers to my questions in

Re: nettime The Death of the Avant-garde in the Attention Economy

2012-01-10 Thread Brian Holmes
On 01/10/2012 02:39 AM, Prem Chandavarkar wrote: Modernist art has centralized the notions of creativity and innovation because it seeks to align with history. Without seeking to either diminish or sideline creativity and innovation, we now must simultaneously seek to align art with

Re: nettime The $100bn Facebook question: Will capitalism survive 'value abundance'?

2012-03-03 Thread Brian Holmes
On 03/01/2012 08:23 PM, Jonathan Marshall wrote: To me, the problem is the complexity of what is to be thought, and a general refusal to allow paradox - ie that something can be both good and bad, that it can have contradictory drives - to exist within the same thought. I'm generally on

Re: nettime Political-Economy and Desire

2012-03-03 Thread Brian Holmes
Mark, this one is truly fascinating. Send updates as you go. What you say about desire largely holds, I don't disagree. But over that three hundred years since Adam Smith, a major corrective to the moral theory of desire, which is visible already in Marx and explicit in Nietzsche, is that the

Re: nettime The $100bn Facebook question: Will capitalism survive 'value abundance'?

2012-03-05 Thread Brian Holmes
On 03/03/2012 08:22 PM, Jonathan Marshall wrote: Let me put it this way, if you will allow. People using facebook, or any other source, engage in labour. The question here is do they get the full return on that labour? The answer is, I believe, 'no'. Do they get anything from that labour, yes

Re: nettime The $100bn Facebook question: Will capitalism survive 'value abundance'?

2012-03-08 Thread Brian Holmes
On 03/07/2012 12:57 AM, Mark Andrejevic wrote: If you boil it down, the valuation of Facebook is based on the promise of the power of the social graph and detailed forms of targeting and data-mining to do what? To serve the needs of advertisers. What needs? To move products and sell services.

nettime 'Occupy' as a business model: The emerging open-source civilisation

2012-03-12 Thread Brian Holmes
'Occupy' as a business model: The emerging open-source civilisation Michel Bauwens Last week I discussed the value crisis of contemporary capitalism: the broken feedback loop between the productive publics who create

Re: nettime Edufactory Debt Deptt: Alex Gavic is our hero!

2012-05-01 Thread Brian Holmes
Salut Patrizio! Here's a quote from the article on education and its payoffs in the late great United States: For instance, the typical worker with a bachelor's degree in petroleum engineering earned $120,000 a year and those with a degree in math and computer science earned $98,000,

Re: nettime The insult of the 1 percent: Art-history majors

2012-05-04 Thread Brian Holmes
On 05/03/2012 04:40 PM, Sascha D. Freudenheim wrote: My point is that I don't think over-generalizing from Conard's absurd comments is necessarily very helpful. He's one guy. He's entitled to his opinions, however ignorant we think they are. But there are people with significantly more complex

nettime Why I say the things I say

2012-05-06 Thread Brian Holmes
On 05/05/2012 01:56 PM, Nicholas Knouf wrote: How does one take a principled stand against the repugnant policies of the Koch Bros., while also holding out the possibility that their philanthropic actions just_might_ cause some positive change in the world? I reckon it's close to impossible.

Re: nettime Why I say the things I say

2012-05-06 Thread Brian Holmes
Hey Keith, good to hear from you. On 05/06/2012 05:50 AM, Keith Hart wrote: The first thing that stands out to me is that you identify your own role with that of a critic. There are other ways of engaging society and perhaps we should start with that. Which critics in history do you think made

Re: nettime Another insult of the 1 percent: everybody does it!

2012-05-11 Thread Brian Holmes
On 05/10/2012 03:23 AM, Dan S. Wang wrote: My friend at Yahoo, a senior engineer, tells me that his co-workers are in a lather. Their CEO, known for a leadership style, reorganization strategy, and corporate housecleaning method akin to swinging a double-headed axe blindfolded, apologized twice

Re: nettime Another insult of the 1 percent: everybody does it!

2012-05-12 Thread Brian Holmes
Thanks to Keith for the brilliant recap of Veblen's Business Enterprise (which is definitely the foundation behind The Engineers and the Price System). For anyone who hasn't read Veblen, Keith's choice phrases occasionally quoted in parentheses are there as a writer's homage to one of the

Re: nettime Capitalism is FINISHED -- As a Result of the Internet!

2012-05-18 Thread Brian Holmes
On 05/17/2012 12:28 AM, Keith Hart wrote: I would add that each individual or group inserts themsleves into the social and technical movement at a particular point in time with a bundle of assets and drawbacks in terms of skills, experience, online history and offline engagements. It is how

nettime Nightmare or Opening?

2012-06-09 Thread brian . holmes
[Greets everyone. I will be holding a version 2.0 or European redux of the Three Crises Seminar in Berlin from June 17 to 23 ( Armin Medosch will be there as an interlocutor for about half of it. Given the context I guess many will want to talk about KW, Occupy

Re: nettime Adieu Minitel, Adieu!

2012-07-05 Thread Brian Holmes
On 06/30/2012 07:45 PM, Patrice Riemens wrote: On the technical side, the Minitel was the losing pawn in the end in the 'system battle' between the centralised Transpac/X.25 network and the distributed TCP/IP based Internet (whose basic feature, packet switching, is claimed by the French to be

Re: nettime Naomi Wolf: This global financial fraud and its gatekeepers (Guardian)

2012-07-16 Thread Brian Holmes
On 07/15/2012 09:48 AM, Patrice Riemens forwarded this: The notion that the entire global financial system is riddled with systemic fraud – and that key players in the gatekeeper roles, both in finance and in government, including regulatory bodies, know it and choose to quietly sustain this

Re: nettime P2P Foundation: A Synthetic Overview of the Collaborative Economy (new book)

2012-10-01 Thread Brian Holmes
On 10/01/2012 02:55 AM, Felix Stalder wrote: For me, the political test for all these things is whether they are set as alternatives to commodity markets and private ownership, or as alternatives to public infrastructures. In the first case, one might get something interesting, in the second

Re: nettime open letter to art critics

2012-10-26 Thread Brian Holmes
forward? Thanks, Brian Holmes # distributed via nettime: no commercial use without permission # nettime is a moderated mailing list for net criticism, # collaborative text filtering and cultural politics of the nets # more info: # archive: http

Re: nettime Collectors, artists and lawyers. Fear of litigation is hobbling the art market

2012-11-24 Thread Brian Holmes
Fabulous article. The art market (now based on auctions and mega-fairs much more than galleries) is said to be the world's largest totally unregulated market. But I think narcotics have been conveniently left out of that calculation! Typically there is a large boom in the art market after

nettime Platinum jokesters

2013-01-16 Thread Brian Holmes
[From the we're-much-closer-to-socialism-than-you-think department.] Seriously, what's so funny about a trillion dollar coin? by Dan Hind Mohandas Gandhi once gave a useful summary of the political process: First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win. Each

Re: nettime Nobel laureate in economics aged 102 endorses the human economy approach

2013-01-20 Thread Brian Holmes
On 01/18/2013 08:05 AM, Keith Hart wrote: A century ago, Alfred Marshall, author of Principles of Economics (1890) and Keynes' teacher at Cambridge defined economics as both a study of wealth and a branch of the study of man. But, in a manifesto published in the Harvard Business Review last

Re: nettime Nobel laureate in economics aged 102 endorses the human economy approach

2013-01-20 Thread Brian Holmes
Hello Keith, hello everyone - On 01/19/2013 12:48 PM, Keith Hart wrote: I believe we are witnessing a drive for corporate home rule which would leave them the only citizens in a world society made to suit their interests. This is the logical conclusion of the collapse of the difference

nettime Last week's massive DDoS attack?

2013-04-03 Thread Brian Holmes
Are our Dutch hacker friends too embarrassed to report anything about last week's DDoS that is said to have caused the greatest slowdown of the Internet ever? Some nasty anti-Semitic declarations by the chief suspect filled the US brainwaves - repulsive stuff. Yet for all the rest I am

Re: nettime Essay-Grading Software

2013-04-25 Thread Brian Holmes
On 04/25/2013 05:31 AM, nettime's avid reader wrote: The software uses artificial intelligence to grade student essays and short written answers, freeing professors for other tasks. Such as: a. raw domination b. rank servitude c. outright revolution [Note: You can only tick one of the

Re: nettime Jaron lanier: The Internet destroyed the middle class

2013-05-13 Thread Brian Holmes
On 05/13/2013 07:11 PM, Keith Hart wrote: Lanier's ideas about the middle class as an artificial product of modernity are interesting and of course I loved all that stuff about the digital revolution generating a shift from formal to informal economy. The middle classes dependent on a

Re: nettime Jaron lanier: The Internet destroyed the middle class (2)

2013-05-14 Thread Brian Holmes
I'm sorry, I should have given the source for my observation about the return of high-wage and low-wage jobs in the US, compared to the devastating loss of mid-wage jobs. It is here: It's an amazing little animated graph, dated 2013.

Re: nettime the middle class doesn't exist

2013-05-15 Thread Brian Holmes
On 05/15/2013 08:56 AM, allan siegel wrote: The thesis of the death of the middle class is simple and not peculiar to Sweden: every time you try to define the allegedly most important contemporary social formation, this middle class breaks into two, writes Greider; one part that serves the

Re: nettime Driverless cars, pilotless planes -- will there be jobs left for a human beings

2013-05-27 Thread Brian Holmes
On 05/24/2013 04:50 AM, nettime's avid reader wrote: Larry Summers, former US treasury secretary, thinks that the challenge of the decades ahead is not debt or competition from China but the dramatic transformations that technology is bringing ... a world of what Summers calls automated doers.

nettime The Weakest Link: Spain in the Circuit of European Capital

2013-05-31 Thread Brian Holmes
For a few additional links and images see the blog version: THE WEAKEST LINK: Spain in the Circuit of European Capital An elder woman with a yard-long wooden spoon stirs a huge pan of paella bubbling over a ring of blue flame.

Re: nettime We are what we tweet: The Problem with a Big Data World when Everything You Say is Data

2013-06-04 Thread Brian Holmes
Here's something interesting: On 06/03/2013 07:04 PM, Fenwick Mckelvey wrote: ... we must come to terms with our own online activities feeding the appetites of algorithmically-driven machines designed to facilitate the expansion of profit and power by quantifying and modulating our desires.

Re: nettime dark days

2013-06-12 Thread Brian Holmes
I agree with Dimitry below. It should be noticed that existing communication circuits and forms of social cooperation have all been built over the last twenty years. On the one hand, social media was at least partially prefigured by Indymedia and similar iniatives fifteen years ago, the huge

Re: nettime dark days

2013-06-12 Thread Brian Holmes
I agree that' the specialist responses are the saddest. Not just clever people, but anyone who paid attention since TIA in 2002 knew this was going on. All the people who are trying to be more cynical than thou are lame. There is a huge difference between intellectuals knowing what the state

Re: nettime NSA-spying-on-Europe outrage somewhat disingenuous

2013-07-02 Thread Brian Holmes
On 07/02/2013 08:32 PM, Marko Peljhan wrote: Here in the US, more than half of the public opinion does not care much about the fact that all of our communications and patterns are being gathered and is an incredible reaction. Ah ha, but the beauty is in the other half, no? I

Re: nettime The Whole Earth Conference + Turner interview

2013-07-30 Thread Brian Holmes
On 07/29/2013 09:57 AM, Karen O'Rourke wrote: Brian, I think we sometimes need clearly drawn theoretical storylines (or pat simplifications, if you will) to allow some rewiring to take place (keep those neurons on their toes). We need to get Turner's map in our heads before we can confront it

Re: nettime The secret financial market only robots can see

2013-09-24 Thread Brian Holmes
On 09/23/2013 01:46 AM, nettime's avid reader wrote: The researchers say there’s much more to learn, especially at the border where human traders and robotic ones interact. One question is whether moving at computer speeds is inefficient because there’s less information available at that time

Re: nettime The Californian Reality (from: New Geography)

2014-01-21 Thread Brian Holmes
In 2009 I had a visceral experience of the world described in this post. As a former Californian I had long since understood that I was priced out of my home state and would never again live in the city of San Francisco (which anyway was losing its charms as the monoculture set it). It is a

Re: nettime The Californian Reality (from: New Geography)

2014-01-22 Thread Brian Holmes
On 01/22/2014 03:06 AM, allan siegel wrote: exactly what kind of planning/organizing/conceptualizing is necessary (or possible) not simply as a defense against the OS of a corporate totalitarianism but to envision and plan a new trajectory of possibilities altogether? Allan, always so

Re: nettime How Silicon Valley’s CEOs

2014-02-01 Thread Brian Holmes
On 01/31/2014 04:26 AM, d.garcia wrote about: the wider problem of how to re-connect political activism to some form of re-booted labor movement able garner credibility from the workforce in these van garde creative economies exemplified by Silicon Valley Well, if the Valley is the hivemind

Re: nettime How Silicon Valley’s CEOs

2014-02-01 Thread Brian Holmes
On 02/01/2014 03:02 PM, Michael H Goldhaber wrote: Sadly, Brian misspoke (or miswrote) Indeed I misspoke - or deluded myself? A moment of wish-fulfillment? The interesting thing is that the neighboring airport town of SeaTac passed a 15-dollar minimum wage law. It was challenged and a judge

Re: nettime A tribute to Stuart Hall

2014-02-12 Thread Brian Holmes
Jeremy Gilbert has written a beautiful tribute to Stuart Hall. Nothing could tell us more about the qualities of the man who has just passed than this living echo of those qualities, remade and transformed by another human being. One learns that the greatest thing you can possibly create is

Re: nettime conjunctural analysis

2014-02-16 Thread Brian Holmes
On 02/16/2014 02:25 PM, t byfield wrote: A first step in a conjunctural analysis might be to note that students and faculty are structural, maybe even 'natural,' allies. Step two might be for faculty to act accordingly. Understatement of the year award! ... One of the most decisive changes

Re: nettime conjunctural analysis

2014-02-22 Thread Brian Holmes
On 02/19/2014 10:38 PM, wrote: Tangentially related, this is a rundown of student economics as measured by lifetime ROI for the price of tuition (in the US): I loaded that up in Excel to get a picture of

Re: nettime Chron: Layoffs Without 'Financial Exigency'

2014-03-27 Thread Brian Holmes
It's important news. US academia has primarily been a game of self-interest over the neoliberal period. Will these new threats finally convince professors of two things? One: Only by taking the problems faced by debt-struck students seriously can they find powerful allies in their own

Re: nettime Douglas Belkin, Caroline Porter: Corporate Cash Alters

2014-04-13 Thread Brian Holmes
On 04/13/2014 01:54 AM, Patrice Riemens wrote: More companies are entering partnerships with colleges to help design curricula, as state universities seek new revenue and industry tries to close a yawning skills gap. Well, yeah, these are the trends that have been emerging since 2008. The

Re: nettime Douglas Belkin, Caroline Porter: Corporate Cash Alters

2014-04-14 Thread Brian Holmes
On 04/13/2014 03:41 PM, © Robbins wrote: Actually these trends have been recognized as in existence for far longer . Relative to my own experience on the academy ( in California, ) their both overt and covert influence relative to the directives of curricula has been exercised since the

Re: nettime tensions within the bay area elites

2014-05-11 Thread Brian Holmes
On 05/11/2014 01:38 PM, Michael Weisman wrote: I don't think this is a Bay Area thing. Google, Schmidt, and even Cory, operate at a supranational level, traveling from place to place and speaking and working all over the globe, without any regard to national borders or local cultures. Yet

Re: nettime tensions within the bay area elites

2014-05-12 Thread Brian Holmes
On 05/12/2014 04:47 AM, d.garcia wrote: Which company is currently in the spotlight and today's designated Dr. Evil is less important than the legitimate hostility and generalised anger at the winner takes all economy of info capitalism that these companies collectively represent. This is the

Re: nettime tensions within the bay area elites

2014-05-13 Thread Brian Holmes
On 05/13/2014 12:31 AM, michael gurstein wrote: Now that Google's halo is a wee bit dented some deeper reflection on what Google might, through its search algorithms, be doing to our underlying frameworks of knowledge--either inadvertently by structuring them in pursuit of its commercial goals

Re: nettime tensions within the bay area elites

2014-05-15 Thread Brian Holmes
in the US, the epitome of the Chinese-American exploitative production line, and what soft power wants to be when it grows up (ie, total ideological domination). So if you are already captured to the point of total servility, fine. They will enjoy that. Brian Holmes # distributed via nettime

nettime Consensus within the Bay Area elites?

2014-05-23 Thread Brian Holmes
In 2008, a fellow named Mark Leonard published what was probably the most useful book of the year, entitled What does China think? With great concision he went through the country's think tanks, one by one, with a five or six page summary of the people, the problematics and the major

nettime Foreign Trade Zone - A People's Consultancy

2014-05-30 Thread Brian Holmes
Hello everyone - Here's a report from recent activities in Chicago: Since April 25, Rozalinda Borcila and I have been developing a research device called Foreign Trade Zone: A People's Consultancy, in the metropolitan region of Chicago. It consists of a map room in ThreeWalls Gallery, a

Re: nettime Facebook's Mood Study: Orwellian newspeak 2.0

2014-07-09 Thread Brian Holmes
On 07/09/2014 12:53 AM, nettime's avid reader wrote: It turns out that one of the researchers who ran Facebook's recent psychological experiments received funding from the U.S. Department of Defense to study the contagion of ideas So why should the crossover of one researcher be so

Re: nettime Nick Montfort: The Facepalm at the End of the Mind

2014-07-15 Thread Brian Holmes
On 07/14/2014 09:19 PM, nettime_2.0 wrote: * Why did people who communicate and learn together, people who had the world, leave it, en masse, for a shopping mall? Once I met one of the enrages of May 68, who explained to me that even after that fateful day when De Gaulle

Re: nettime ERRATA From Deng Thatcher 1984 to the Hong Kong 2014

2014-10-05 Thread Brian Holmes
Excuse me, my infatuation with impressive numbers caused me to write billionaires, not millionaires, in the sentence below. Still, 114,000 of them makes a good-sized oligarchy! And a helluva dinner party, I would imagine... On 10/05/2014 10:28 AM, Brian Holmes wrote: Hong Kong is the city

Re: nettime Evgeny Morozov and the Perils of Highbrow Journalism

2014-10-17 Thread Brian Holmes
What I'm wondering is, where is Luther Blissett in all this? Now there's a guy who was interested in the ideas, not the authors. There's a guy (but it was also a girl) who really knew how to plagiarize. But... But... But... it's dawning on me! We misunderestimated him! Evgeny Morozov is a

Re: nettime Future Scenarios for a Collaborative Economy

2014-12-29 Thread Brian Holmes
On 12/27/2014 02:26 AM, Michel Bauwens wrote: Hi everyone, I would like to announce the publication of a 100-pages long book authored by Vasilis Kostakis and myself Find it here, for free of course:

Re: nettime [Networkedlabour] Future Scenarios for a Collaborative Economy

2014-12-30 Thread Brian Holmes
Michel, Vasilis, how encouraging to receive your answers. I will read the texts you suggest, and I will respond to some of your remarks here. For those who are interested in such things, I have surfed the long waves myself:

Re: nettime The Greek elections?

2015-01-27 Thread Brian Holmes
I agree with Felix. As I said before, we are now at the political turn of the this new Great Depression in Europe. And it's not just a few radicals who think that there are two forks in this road, one to the left, one to the right. Everyone thinks so. The disagreements are about the

nettime Crisis 2.0 - the political turn

2015-01-11 Thread Brian Holmes
Just before Christmas, Joschka Fischer - a man who incarnates the institutionalization of 1968 - published an article on the Project Syndicate website entitled Europe's Make-or-Break Year. At stake, for him, was the failed recovery, the divisive policy of austerity, the rise of economic

Re: nettime Crisis 2.0 - the political turn (some comments)

2015-01-14 Thread Brian Holmes
On 01/13/2015 03:58 PM, allan siegel wrote: Yes, there is a crisis, that shouldn�t be a big surprise but what precisely is the crisis?A number of contemporary philosophers have been wading into this question for some time now; is it the crisis that marks a break with modernity? Quite possibly.

Re: nettime Reframing the Creative Question

2015-03-15 Thread Brian Holmes
On 02/26/2015 04:47 AM, d.garcia wrote: The dialectical relationship between new styles of production, the rise of affective labor and the emergence of new social movements are yet to be theorised in ways that will help us as to locate the agents of progressive change in a control society. 13.

nettime World of Matter

2015-02-23 Thread Brian Holmes
-that-has-to-do-with-life-itself ** Something that has to do with life itself A review of *World of Matter* CUNY Graduate Center, New York, 9/1-11/1, 2014 / by Brian Holmes How to face the natural crisis of global society? How to engage with the overwhelming material conditions

nettime net.critique in autumn

2015-04-03 Thread Brian Holmes
Many fascinating things are coming out of this sudden burst of self-reflexivity on nettime, and I appreciate the listing of issues that Eric just did. It's also fabulous to hear from so many people who rarely post, like Sean or Peter or Claire or Helen with her fabulous poem. Now that we are

nettime Go Baltimore

2015-04-28 Thread Brian Holmes
Hey, I heard something in the USA! People are, like, talkin' in Baltimore! They're makin' smoke signals and everything! They're signifying! Go Baltimore! We live here in a country of great democratic ideals, murderous class violence, and until about a year ago, effective repression of any

nettime Aesthetics of Crisis

2015-05-08 Thread Brian Holmes
[ On Tuesday, the French National Assembly passed a law granting the state sweeping powers of surveillance in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo massacre. On Wednesday, the city council of Chicago passed the first US law granting reparations to African Americans tortured by the city's own police

nettime The corner bar

2015-04-02 Thread Brian Holmes
Down the street there used to be a bar called Dorothy's. A real Chicago dive, it was run forever by a Greek guy known as Gus. Home to down-and-outs and shambling drunks, the place would be seized by wild-eyed hilarity on Saturday nights or during football games. I used to stop by to pick up a

Re: choose-your-own adventure: a brief history of nettime

2015-11-03 Thread Brian Holmes
This is an intricate text with a lot of angles on the subject - not a bad thing, since the subject in question is now 4,500 people! I want to look behind just one sentence: "From the beginning, served as an environment for experimentation with the new medium and, beyond that, as a

Re: McKenzie Wark: Birth of Thanaticism

2015-10-16 Thread Brian Holmes
Well, 20 years after the Californian Ideology, at least we have three good concpets: -thanaticism -the inhumanities -the antisocial sciences Like a good cyber-communist, I'm just gonna put 'em in my bag and use 'em. thanks, BH On 10/16/2015 11:36 PM, nettime's_trial_balloon wrote: <

Hidden Hands

2015-11-17 Thread Brian Holmes
d a darkening cupola and start projecting their fantasies instead of looking at anything around them. Still hope springs eternal. So let's share our readings and our insights and see whether artists, software engineers and other random intellectuals can still perceive what's actually happening on

Re: "Speak Out with Snowden, Assange and Manning"

2015-09-18 Thread Brian Holmes
On 09/16/2015 12:41 PM, wrote: The sculpture seems to beg the question of "standing up" as an endeavor in itself. As is rightly pointed out, these figures are now, by and large, unable to "stick their heads out." Their chairs are inaccessible (or, at best, they may

aaaaarg lawsuit flood fund

2016-01-12 Thread Brian Holmes
dear nettimers, dear everyone, You may or may not know them personally, but Sean Dockray and Marcell Mars are at the heart of our extended community. Who's the we? Quite simply, anyone who has desired to participate. Knowledge was supposed to be the oil of the 21st century. Despite the fact

Re: Mexico City is crowdsourcing its new constitution

2016-06-06 Thread Brian Holmes
Whoah. or not, this is a fascinating greater-than-life-size experiment. Mexico City is at once one of the most difficult and one of the most vibrant urban regions in the world. The spirit of the early 20th century Mexican Revolution, relayed by 1968, continually clashes with the

Re: alex van der bellen wins austrian presidentials!!!

2016-05-26 Thread Brian Holmes
On 05/24/2016 11:29 PM, Alex Foti wrote: Wow, Brian, comparative analysis of euroamerican middle classes and the populist left! More like a provocation to make people think on their feet! according to laclau-chantalmouffe (from what I learned from Paolo Gerbaudo, check out

Re: England leaves Europe

2016-06-25 Thread Brian Holmes
On 06/25/2016 03:56 AM, Keith Hart wrote: For some time now Europe's political leaders and financial cities have threatened to abolish the City's immunity. That was the issue. The City wanted out, but didn't wish to make it obvious. See Nicholas Shaxson's Treausure Islands for the gruesome

Re: England leaves Europe

2016-06-26 Thread Brian Holmes
On 06/26/2016 11:30 AM, Keith Hart wrote: > I live in Paris and have in-laws in Switzerland, so I pick up more than > average doses of anti-City rhetoric. A major factor is that I spent a > quarter century in Cambridge and have a good feel for the British secret > state and its active wings in

Re: to Brexit or not to Brexit that was only one of the

2016-06-26 Thread Brian Holmes
On 06/25/2016 10:30 PM, siegel allan wrote: the present moment is simply a prologue marking more critical struggles that lay beyond our immediate horizon or sense of the possible Man, that's the interesting thing. [Allan and I met each other in Budapest for the first time a few weeks ago

Re: England leaves Europe

2016-06-24 Thread Brian Holmes
On 06/23/2016 11:42 PM, Alex Foti wrote: Either We Do Europe Now or We're Dead - meaning the chauvinists and the xenophobes will bring us back to the European nation-state that defends itself against migrants and any threat to its supposed cultural identity, unless we fight for a European

Life on Autopilot?

2016-02-11 Thread Brian Holmes
Orit Halpern's book, Beautiful Data, suggests that we live not so much in worlds of pure simulation a la Jean Baudrillard (or Philip K. Dick), but instead, in a fascinated relation with flows of signals whose referential nature does not stop them from forming a "new landscape" for the

Return of the F-scale

2016-02-27 Thread Brian Holmes
We've come full circle. Forget the Californian Ideology, forget the Flexible Personality. At issue today is exactly the thing that Adorno and his colleages studied in their sociological attempt to understand Fascism. What's happening in the US right now, and undoubtedly across Europe, is

Re: Return of the F-scale

2016-02-29 Thread Brian Holmes
This is so true, so goddamned true, Brian. Geert, I think you have to begin with the idea that societies across the world are gripped by the Big Fear. It came in a lot of ways, the economic crash, the realization of accelerating climate change, Fukushima, Greece, the failed revolutions in

Re: Shoshana Zuboff > The Secrets of Surveillance

2016-03-15 Thread Brian Holmes
On 03/13/2016 12:39 AM, Patrice Riemens wrote: "here's to that future" indeed, Brian, but I wonder how deeper we must sink before things get better. To answer your questions, Patrice, for sure, both North America and the EU are sunk in governmental gridlock, and that is the essence of the

Re: Shoshana Zuboff > The Secrets of Surveillance

2016-03-12 Thread Brian Holmes
This is a great article because it identifies a new variety of capitalism and demands a response. But Shoshana Zuboff should take three more steps to give her argument the scope it needs. First, it's false to claim that surveillance capitalism "corrupts the unity of supply and demand that has

Re: Shoshana Zuboff > The Secrets of Surveillance

2016-03-19 Thread Brian Holmes
On 03/17/2016 09:14 PM, wrote: What I see is way, way too much private money looking at way, way too few differentiated ideas. Dan, your thoughts are really interesting and I like the specifics of "the mid-space between investment capital and government programs." It seems to

Re: Ten Theses on the Panama Papers

2016-04-05 Thread Brian Holmes
Nicholas Shaxson has written the so-far definitive book on tax havens, entitled Treasure Islands (2012) - a fantastic book, I am amazed no one seems to be talking about it right now. His central thesis is that with the waning of Empire, British elites sought a way to retain their

Re: Ten Theses on the Panama Papers

2016-04-06 Thread Brian Holmes
On 04/06/2016 07:17 AM, Florian Cramer wrote: The Cold War has taught us to be suspicious about NGO activity and possible governmental agendas behind them. But Florian, don't you think we're at antipodes from the Cold War? And how much suspicion is really needed to understand those

Re: Guardian > Monbiot > Neoliberalism -- the ideology at

2016-04-23 Thread Brian Holmes
It is rather astounding to me - a token of the profound laziness and irresponsibility of contemporary intellectuals - that people still be in doubt or even in complete ignorance as to what neoliberalism is, how it has developed, what its major doctrinal differences have been, how its theory

Re: "Offshore Leaks" clickthrough

2016-05-11 Thread Brian Holmes
On 05/11/2016 02:23 AM, John Young wrote: On the other hand it satisfying to graze among the 1.7M items released by ICIJ yesterday, to ogle the 100,000s of offshore officers entities around the world, led by China and the Five Eyes, Russia a distant third, Europe hardly in the running. Then see

Re: Live Your Models

2016-05-03 Thread Brian Holmes
Molly Hankwitz wrote: I am interested in this idea of yours of the "flexible self" as I wrote much about "flexibility" in my critique of wireless imagination in my dissertation but did not know, at the time about your work Molly, when I was a kid in the 70s I went to the SNACK concert:

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