RE: [nfc-l] Interesting Calls

2016-09-24 Thread John Kearney
Hi Jerald, I think some of the quality of the calls is lost when I convert your mp3s to wav files. I had a bit of trouble reading the spectrograms. There were a number of birds in those recordings. I could discern Swainson’s Thrush, Hermit Thrush, one Rose-breasted Grosbeak, and perhaps one or

Re: [nfc-l] Huge flight over NY, VT

2016-09-24 Thread Bill Evans
Same large flight down the Hudson River Valley last night with 2930 warbler and sparrow calls recorded with a 21c mic between 9pm-5am at a station in Chatham, NY (~20 miles southeast of Albany). Hourly record as follows: 9-1088 10-11127 11-12151 12-1 211 1-2402

[nfc-l] NFC Report Week of 9/17 through 9/23

2016-09-24 Thread Jerald
Hello all, The winds were favorable for the most part this week, with north winds almost every night. The number of calls almost doubled from last week, with a grand total of 473 NFCs, 299 of which were identifiable. Veery was again the most numerous species. Other thrushes began to come