[nfc-l] Huge flight over NY, VT

2016-09-23 Thread Kenneth V. Rosenberg
There is s huge flight of thrushes over White Lake NY and Bennington VT tonight - I counted 300 plus thrushes in 30 minutes of nearly continuous layered calling. Mostly Swainsons but quite a few Gray-cheeked. All of which got flagged. Also 3 Am Bitterns Ken (visiting Bennington College) Sent

Re: [nfc-l] Interesting Calls

2016-09-23 Thread Jerald
I have had a few interesting calls this week as well. They sound rather thrush-like, but don't match any of the thrushes. I'm guessing they're Rose-breasted Grosbeak, but I would appreciate confirmation. Jerald, Delaware On Fri, Sep 23, 2016 at 6:09 PM, Jerald wrote: > I have had a few

Re: [nfc-l] Interesting Calls

2016-09-23 Thread Preston Lust
Thank you for the input. Alas, I have yet to find a way to extend the recordings, which has annoyed me very much as well. From,      Preston Lust On Friday, September 23, 2016 5:29 PM, Jay McGowan wrote: Hi all,I just wanted to post a reminder that when sending out flight calls for

Re: [nfc-l] Interesting Calls

2016-09-23 Thread Jay McGowan
Hi all, I just wanted to post a reminder that when sending out flight calls for ID, some of us would really appreciating your leaving a second or two before and after the target sound. This really helps a lot when trying to actually listen to the recordings, as it can end up sounding like just a

RE: [nfc-l] Interesting Calls

2016-09-23 Thread John Kearney
Hi Preston, Here’s my take on them. 2.54.06- Palm Warbler 2.54.07-Ovenbird 3.27.37-Indistinct call-Unknown 3.28.58-Also indistinct, looks like a “Double-up Warbler”- maybe Black-throated Green Warbler John Kearney Carleton, NS From: bounce-120821350-28417...@list.cornell.edu

[nfc-l] Interesting Calls

2016-09-23 Thread Preston Lust
9/21-22/16, 9:00 PM-6:20 AM -- Yard, Westport CT A night ago I recorded a couple interesting calls, which I have failed to identify spectrographically. If anyone could help in their identification, I would be very appreciative. Preston Lust, Westport CT -- NFC-L List Info:

[nfc-l] Big Double-up

2016-09-23 Thread Bill Evans
Dear NFCers, My colleague Manuel Grosselet and I recorded an unidentified night flight call in southern Mexico (near Minatitlan) in fall 2012. We call it “the big double-up” for obvious reasons as one can see in the attached spectrograms. We recorded 32 of the calls near Minatitlan from Oct

[nfc-l] Linking sister birding clubs to protect neotropical migrants

2016-09-23 Thread Jody W Enck
HI All, With such an interest in listening to migrating birds at night, I thought you’d all be interested in this effort. The Cayuga Bird Club in Ithaca, NY has started an effort to establish a network of sister birding clubs in North and Central America linking the migratory pathways