RE: [nfc-l] roll call!

2012-04-03 Thread John Kearney
I have a recording station on the coast of the Northumberland Strait (Gulf of St. Lawrence) in northern Nova Scotia. I tend to be slow on the analysis. John From: [] On Behalf Of David La Puma Sent:

[nfc-l] Help sought

2012-07-17 Thread John Kearney
Can anyone help me with the attached call, recorded about 5 hours after sunset last night over Antigonish County, Nova Scotia. -- NFC-L List Info:

[nfc-l] Nocturnal Migration in Nova Scotia

2012-08-21 Thread John Kearney
I've been conducting nightly recording and analysis of nocturnal migration over Nova Scotia since early July. I'm posting some of my results on a webpage: -- NFC-L List Info:

[nfc-l] ID of NFCs

2012-09-20 Thread John Kearney
The discussion today reminds me of a similar train of thought that I've been pondering lately. Namely, in today's world of birding and ornithology, we require a high of degree of certainty when it comes to documenting the classification of our observations to the species level. Basically,

[nfc-l] Update on Nova Scotia Nocturnal Migration

2012-10-01 Thread John Kearney
I have updated my website with charts for the nocturnal autumn migration over Antigonish County, Nova Scotia at John -- NFC-L List Info:

[nfc-l] Any help appreciated

2012-11-03 Thread John Kearney
I had two calls last name that I can't figure out. The first one looks like a Northern Waterthrush but I don't think it is especially as it was preceded by a few seconds by the second call attached. The sound is not very clear so I didn't include it. Thank you. John -- NFC-L List Info:

RE: [nfc-l] Any help appreciated

2012-11-03 Thread John Kearney] On Behalf Of Andrew Albright Sent: November 3, 2012 17:13 To: John Kearney Cc: Subject: Re: [nfc-l] Any help appreciated I'm not very good at just looking at the spectrograms (and not being able to hear the sound), but this looks similiar to Gold-crown

RE: [nfc-l] NFC protocol redux

2013-03-02 Thread John Kearney
Hi Andrew: Thanks to you and your team for reviewing this subject. It is a very important and timely to develop this protocol, and your consideration of this matter is much appreciated. I have read the protocol a couple of times and look forward to begin entering my remote data in eBird. I do

RE: [nfc-l] NFC Protocol - more

2013-03-08 Thread John Kearney
Hi Andrew and All, Thank you for your response to my email. The changes to the protocol seem reasonable to me. I believe having this information on eBird will generate even more interest in this field of bird studies. John From:

[nfc-l] Ipswich Sparrow?

2013-09-18 Thread John Kearney
Is anyone familiar with Ipswich Sparrow night flight calls and might the attached be one? Thanks John PS. The wav file is unfiltered and will sound clearer in a sound editing program like Raven. -- NFC-L List Info:

RE: [nfc-l] Processing NFC recordings with Raven Pro

2013-10-07 Thread John Kearney
Hi Debbie I sent you Raven Pro preset files as an attachment for high and low frequency detection that are used by the Cornell Lab (where they were given to me). However, if you are like me, you may not be comfortable dropping files from a stranger into your Raven Pro folders. So here are the

[nfc-l] More on processing night flight calls

2013-10-07 Thread John Kearney
Hi All, As a follow-up to Debbie's question about processing night flight calls with Raven Pro, I recall that Laura Gooch recently raised the dilemma of the great amount of work required in processing lower frequency, thrush-like calls, due to traffic noise. I have a problem with ambient noise

RE: [nfc-l] flight call count and list protocols

2014-10-25 Thread John Kearney
Hi Andrew, Many thanks to you and the eBird team for clarifying the NFC protocol. Your efforts and time commitment are much appreciated. I would, however, like to take you up on your offer to write a separate email about automated processing and automated recording units. I would be very

RE: [nfc-l] Migrants 5/24/16

2016-05-25 Thread John Kearney
[] Sent: May-25-16 13:20 To: John Kearney <> Cc: Subject: Re: [nfc-l] Migrants 5/24/16 Hi John, I'm in Delaware, I meant to include that and forgot. Yes, I record overnight, and I save calls that I hear live. I'm

Re: [nfc-l] Migrants 5/24/16

2016-05-25 Thread John Kearney
ter luck with other >> board-based computers which are a bit more careful about power. I've heard >> good things about Beaglebone. >> >> best wishes, >> jesse >> >>> On Wed, May 25, 2016 at 10:39 AM, John Kearney >>> <john.kear...@ns.sympatico.c

RE: [nfc-l] Migrants 5/24/16

2016-05-25 Thread John Kearney
-batteries. Perhaps no such thing exists as yet. I suspect even Beaglebone would require more power than that? John From: [] On Behalf Of Jesse Ross Sent: May-25-16 15:17 To: John Kearney <john.k

RE: Alternate NFC Recording Devices (WAS Re: [nfc-l] Migrants 5/24/16)

2016-05-29 Thread John Kearney
mputers which are a bit more careful about power. I've heard good things about Beaglebone. best wishes, jesse On Wed, May 25, 2016 at 10:39 AM, John Kearney < <> > wrote: Thanks Jerald. I find it very interesting to lea

RE: [nfc-l] Unknown call -- bittern?

2016-04-27 Thread John Kearney
Hi Geoff, There is a call of Least Bittern on the sound site, Dendroica, that is similar to your recording. It's the last one listed on the Canadian version of the site. Thanks for raising the question about activity on this list. While I've played an active role on the NFC Facebook group, I

RE: [nfc-l] Article about NFCs and light

2016-04-30 Thread John Kearney
Hi Dan and all, Thanks for your summary of your recent paper. I look forward to hearing more about your study of the alternatives that might explain these results. It seems to me that your work indicates that in the future we should include some measure of light levels as part of the metadata

RE: [nfc-l] Another Shorebird

2016-05-14 Thread John Kearney
Hi Jerald, This looks and sounds like a Spotted Sandpiper to me. When I’m searching for Spotted Sandpiper in my recordings, I set the detector to 4 – 5 kHz. The Solitary Sandpipers that have passed through here in Nova Scotia are 6 kHz or more on the upper part of the spectrogram. John

[nfc-l] Two Year Acoustic Study

2016-05-18 Thread John Kearney
Hi All, I monitored night flight calls on a coastal headland for two autumn seasons, 2013 and 2015, using the same methods and equipment in each year. You can see a summary table of the results here: There was a remarkable

RE: [nfc-l] Recent activity in southwestern PA and a few questions

2016-05-10 Thread John Kearney
Hi All, To enhance this listserv as a learning medium, I think it is important to try to find a consensus on identification questions. After looking at more low frequency flight calls (including those on Paul Driver’s blog), I also agree that Orchard Oriole is the best choice. John From:

[nfc-l] Migrants 5/24/16

2016-05-25 Thread John Kearney
Hi Jerald, An impressive list! Have you told us where you are located? Are you recording and if so, what kind of equipment are you using? John From:

RE: [nfc-l] Sparrow/warbler NFCs last night

2016-08-03 Thread John Kearney
Hi Jerald, Here are some thoughts are your calls. The first could be a VESP that is shorter duration than average. It could also be an OVEN. It seems to have the arch of an OVEN. The second one is rather indistinct. Possibilities might be YRWA, BTNW. John From:

[nfc-l] Early autumn movements

2016-08-04 Thread John Kearney
Hi all, I've posted a short report on nocturnal movements at my acoustic monitoring station at Carleton, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia for the 4th week of July. It is at the following url: John -- NFC-L List Info:

[nfc-l] Early Fall-out

2016-08-14 Thread John Kearney
Hi All, Yesterday morning, 13 August, four minutes before civil sunrise at 0551 hours (0852 UTC,) in Carleton, Nova Scotia, I recorded what appears to be a fall-out of American Redstarts (AMRE) and Black-and-White Warblers (BAWW). In the space of 1 minute and 20 seconds, there were 21 American

RE: [nfc-l] recording of Swainson's Thrush nocturnal flight calls before song on Manitoba breeding grounds

2016-08-14 Thread John Kearney
Hi Jeff and all, Quite interesting. I've heard this in Nova Scotia as well, especially near the end of the breeding season. John John F. Kearney Carleton, Nova Scotia CANADA From:

[nfc-l] Nocturnal Migration for the 1st Week of August in Nova Scotia

2016-08-08 Thread John Kearney
Hi All, The rate of nocturnal movements of warblers almost doubled over the previous week at Carleton, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia. There was a total of 240 calls and at least 181 individual birds at a rate of 34 calls per night. Warblers composed 99% of the calls recorded. Despite a continuing

RE: [nfc-l] Interesting Call

2016-09-06 Thread John Kearney
at the second call, I thought it was a Magnolia Warbler due to the spacing between humps, but on closer examination its high frequency, number of humps, depth between humps, and somewhat descending character fit better with Cape May Warbler. John John Kearney Carleton, Nova Scotia From: bounce

RE: [nfc-l] Intersting pattern in data recording

2016-09-06 Thread John Kearney
_ From: <> < <> > on behalf of John Kearney < <mailto:john.kear.

[nfc-l] NFCs Week of 8/26 through 9/2

2016-09-06 Thread John Kearney
Hi Jerald and all, Thanks for sharing your monitoring results. I look forward to your next report. As for your strange call, it is indeed strange; very high frequency. I wonder if it is a bird at all. It is almost mouse like. John John Kearney Carleton, Nova Scotia -- NFC-L List Info

RE: [nfc-l] migration technologies overview

2016-09-08 Thread John Kearney
Thank you, Jeff. It is indeed a useful summary of the state of the art. I recently received some literature on a new version of the Kaleidoscope bioacoustics software with cluster analysis by Wildlife Acoustics. Has anyone used this new version for the analysis of night flight calls? John

RE: [nfc-l] Cape May Warbler

2016-08-31 Thread John Kearney
boreal forest specialists on this list serve who could shed more light on this matter. John John Kearney Carleton, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia From: [] On Behalf Of Laura Gooch Sent: August-30

RE: [nfc-l] NFCs Week of 9/3 through 9/9

2016-09-12 Thread John Kearney
To: John Kearney <>; 'NFC-L' <>; 'Meena Madhav Haribal' <>; 'Jerald' <> Subject: Re: [nfc-l] NFCs Week of 9/3 through 9/9 Folks, I haven't had time to look at my recordings much, so I

RE: [nfc-l] Interesting Calls

2016-09-23 Thread John Kearney
Hi Preston, Here’s my take on them. 2.54.06- Palm Warbler 2.54.07-Ovenbird 3.27.37-Indistinct call-Unknown 3.28.58-Also indistinct, looks like a “Double-up Warbler”- maybe Black-throated Green Warbler John Kearney Carleton, NS From:

RE: [nfc-l] Interesting Calls

2016-09-24 Thread John Kearney
Hi Jerald, I think some of the quality of the calls is lost when I convert your mp3s to wav files. I had a bit of trouble reading the spectrograms. There were a number of birds in those recordings. I could discern Swainson’s Thrush, Hermit Thrush, one Rose-breasted Grosbeak, and perhaps one or

[nfc-l] 4th Week of September in Nova Scotia

2016-10-04 Thread John Kearney
week of July being recorded during this period. John Kearney Carleton, NS -- NFC-L List Info: ARCHIVES: 1) http://www.mail

RE: [nfc-l] Virtual Meet and Greet

2016-10-04 Thread John Kearney
Dimorphism and Individual Identity? PLoS ONE 11(6): e0156578. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0156578 It’s open access so it is easily accessible here: John Kearney From:

[nfc-l] Weekly report

2016-10-09 Thread John Kearney
-crowned Warbler, Black-capped Chickadee, and Dark-eyed Junco began to appear this week. The most common birds were Yellow-rumped Warblers and White-throated Sparrows. John Kearney Carleton, NS -- NFC-L List Info:

RE: [nfc-l] Sparrow Call

2016-09-15 Thread John Kearney
Hi Jerald and all, I can see why you would think Field Sparrow. It could be the short variant of Field Sparrow since it is only 57 milliseconds in duration. The second band (which is uncommon in Field Sparrow) is even shorter and beneath the longer band. I believe a second (shorter or fainter

RE: [nfc-l] NFCs Week of 9/10 through 9/16

2016-09-18 Thread John Kearney
Meena, Jerald, and All, My summary for the week can be found here: Totals were 926, down from 1,383 the previous week. Cheers, John Carleton, NS From:

[nfc-l] Nocturnal migration for 3rd Week of September

2016-09-23 Thread John Kearney
among the birds that were moving. John Kearney Carleton, NS -- NFC-L List Info: ARCHIVES: 1)

[nfc-l] Fallout in NS 23 September

2016-09-28 Thread John Kearney
Hi All, I have written up a short report using weather radar and acoustic monitoring to document a fallout of small passerines in southwest Nova Scotia on the morning of 23 September 2016. Here is the link: Comments welcome. John John Kearney

RE: [nfc-l] NFC Report Week of 10/1 through 10/7/2016

2016-10-24 Thread John Kearney
Thanks for sharing this Jerald. I’ve had the worse week ever for microphone damage. We were hit with the remnants of Hurricane Matthew and then another severe storm. What kind of microphone do you make and how do you waterproof it? John Carleton, NS From:

RE: [nfc-l] NFC Report Week of 10/1 through 10/7/2016

2016-10-24 Thread John Kearney
] On Behalf Of Jerald Sent: October-24-16 11:31 To: John Kearney <> Cc: nfc-l <>; Samuel Miller <> Subject: Re: [nfc-l] NFC Report Week of 10/1 through 10/7/2016 John, I built my mic using the plans on B

RE: [nfc-l] 2016 Fall NFC Update

2016-12-05 Thread John Kearney
Joshua Mennill Sent: December-05-16 12:37 To: Debbie Leick <>; Cc: John Kearney <>; Kate Stone <>; Carrie Voss <> Subject: Re: [nfc-l] 2016 Fall NFC Update All, In r

RE: [nfc-l] 2016 Fall NFC Update

2016-12-02 Thread John Kearney
Hi Debbie, Very interesting work. Low elevation in your area would be very high in a coastal area. It makes me wonder how the preferred flight altitude of a migrant is related to sea-level and local geography. John Carleton, NS From:

RE: [nfc-l] New Online Nocturnal Flight Call Recording Guide

2017-07-11 Thread John Kearney
Nice work David. It is always interesting to see the different ways that people use to achieve the same objectives! I appreciate your creative approach to a number of the steps in your process. John Kearney Carleton, Nova Scotia From:

[nfc-l] Early migration

2017-08-02 Thread John Kearney
Warbler, and Canada Warbler. The closest weather radar at Caribou, Maine indicates very low density of echoes so far. The totals for last night are listed below. John Kearney Carleton, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia. Nocturnal Migration for the night of 1-2 August 2017

RE: [nfc-l] Mystery Calls

2017-05-02 Thread John Kearney
, and NJ. John Kearney Carleton, NS From: [] On Behalf Of Preston Lust Sent: May-02-17 06:47 To: Nfc-l Digest Recipients <> Subject: [nfc-l] Mystery Calls 5/1/17 -- 10

RE: [nfc-l] Mystery Calls

2017-05-03 Thread John Kearney
From, Preston Lust On Tuesday, May 2, 2017 5:22 PM, Benjamin Van Doren < <> > wrote: Perhaps Snow Bunting? On May 2, 2017, at 2:10 PM, John Kearney < <> >