Re: Request for comment: update to mh-format.5

2003-06-27 Thread Ralph Corderoy
Hi, A format string consists of ordinary text, and special multi-character escapesequences which begin with `%'. s/eseq/e seq/ Cheers, Ralph.

Re: Solaris 'vim' configure bug

2003-06-03 Thread Ralph Corderoy
Hi, if echo 'r /nonexist-file q' | ex works but if echo 'r /nonexist-file q' | ex /dev/null 21 hangs. Redirecting just standard output cause no problem. But there doesn't seem any output to redirect anyway... Can you use strace on Solaris to see what ex is actually doing?

Re: Scan of folders with 10k+ messages?

2003-02-21 Thread Ralph Corderoy
Hi Harlan, I have a folder with more than 10k messages in it. Scan now displays these messages as ?nnn, where nnn is really digits. What do I need to hack to allow for a wider field? See scan's -form and -format options, and mh-format(5). In particular, copy the existing format file used

Re: Scan of folders with 10k+ messages?

2003-02-21 Thread Ralph Corderoy
Hi, I see we all chipped in to help Harlan, probably thinking no one else had yet. Is there any chance the mailing list can turnaround posts a little more quickly? $ s -nos lp | g '^Date' Date: Thu, 20 Feb 2003 10:48:49 -0800 Date: Thu, 20 Feb 2003 13:55:18 -0500 Date: Thu, 20

Re: POP3 handling of long lines (patch)

2002-11-07 Thread Ralph Corderoy
Hi Nick, ps: I have absolutely no idea if there will ever be a new nmh release, or if anyone really still cares (and is able) to make cvs commits, I know I can't. So development of NMH is dead, then? Well, there hasn't been any signs of life for a while, so it may be. Which is a shame

Re: [Fwd: Re: Questions about IMAP and sequences]

2000-09-12 Thread Ralph Corderoy
Hi, Well, the real crux of the problem is that there are some things that you simply cannot _do_ within the context of IMAP. The big one that comes to mind is annotations (there really isn't a way to modify messages on the server, from my reading of the specification). Ouch, that

Re: FORW: Yahoo! Directory Support Response

2000-07-18 Thread Ralph Corderoy
Hi, Well, after a long delay, I finally heard back from the Yahoo! Directory Support department, which I emailed asking why they seem to be refusing to list nmh. All they sent me was a form-letter with the same info I already read on their website. Feh. I wonder who the #2 web

Re: Off Topic: Text/ascii mh reader

2000-05-16 Thread Ralph Corderoy
Hi, I read your mail with the 'show' command, which is part of 'nmh'. I have defined my 'showproc' to be 'less', since I prefer that to the default. I am using the 'repl' command to reply. It invokes the 'vi' editor. This becomes even quicker once you tailor your shell with aliases or