Re: Anybody mind if I remove this piece of strange code?

2003-10-20 Thread Anders Eriksson
[EMAIL PROTECTED] said: Anyone have a problem if I remove this test? Jon Not really. It might be worth to think about it twice though. I seem to recall reading in, was it the man mage for find(1)??, that this or a similar thing might speed up some types of directory structure traversals

Re: Fwd: [Bug #1393] sortm core dumps

2002-10-16 Thread Anders Eriksson
[EMAIL PROTECTED] said: | What else is left to be done before 1.1? I'm offline now, but i'd like to get this one in to bring it in line with the man page. /A --- nmh-1.0.4/uip/scan.cFri Feb 4 21:28:24 2000 +++ nmh-1.0.4/uip/scan.c.newTue Jan 15 07:57:48 2002 @@ -316,7

nmh cygwin, works?

2002-08-31 Thread Anders Eriksson
at least have a story about the autoconf version stuff. Maybe we need/should change our macros. Comments from autoconf skilled hackers would be appreciated! /Anders -- Anders Eriksson [EMAIL PROTECTED] -- - Come on home

Re: nmh cygwin, works?

2002-08-31 Thread Anders Eriksson
Earl Hood [EMAIL PROTECTED] said: On August 31, 2002 at 07:25, Anders Eriksson wrote: I tried to get a mail environment (fetchmail, postfix, nmh, exmh) setup under cygwin, but that failed quite hard. Any ideas wether nmh is supposed to work cygwin? I have a hacked build of nmh

Re: Update on repository move

2002-05-16 Thread Anders Eriksson
Any news is good news! Something is happening! [EMAIL PROTECTED] said: Just wanted to give everyone a quick status update. I've been working with the savannah folks on the nmh collection; however, one sticking point is that the copyright pedigree of nmh is not clear. Currently, the

[PATCH] scan %{folder}

2002-05-10 Thread Anders Eriksson
Hi Doug, According to the man page to scan there is a %{folder} escape, which supposedly insert the scan'ed folder in the output. The following patch makes that really happen regardless of if a header is printed. Please apply. Thanks, /Anders --- nmh-1.0.4/uip/scan.cFri Feb 4

ndbm.h autoconf anyone?

2001-12-08 Thread Anders Eriksson
Hi, In the quest to iron out the last iffies in the CVS I checked out the lastest and tried to make it. The make fails at slocal.c slocal.c:51:18: ndbm.h: No such file or directory I remember fighting with this like a year ago, and it was something about ./configure checking for the dbm

Re: Anyone home?

2001-12-06 Thread Anders Eriksson
I've some patches submitted to the list that hasn't made it to the cvs. On a direct query, noone spoke up as beeing able to do cvs-writes on mhost. So I take it we have zero maintainership at present. I'd appreciate if someone (Ken?) stepped forward and took the role as maintainer. /Anders

Parsing mime content

2001-11-01 Thread Anders Eriksson
Hi, I'm looking for a way to (from a (shell) program) deduce what parts there are in a mime message and a way to get at those parts individually. So far I've found little of use. Mhlist only display's top-level parts and doesn't follow message/rfc822 parts. Mhshow has no way to extract

Re: Please could we have nmh 1.0.5??

2001-08-23 Thread Anders Eriksson
Haven't seen much replies to this, have you? I'd like to see a 1.0.5 as well, but we seem to be in majority. I for one don't have a clue as to what the official release procedure is (I guess you need cvs write access, at least). If someone on the list feels that he's in the position to cut a

Re: Is anybody there?

2001-07-23 Thread Anders Eriksson
I don't have cvs access so I cannot help you. i must further admit I havn't looked at your stuff even though I vaguely remember the announcement. :-( I fear the community isn't as large as one would want it to be, especially during summer. A quick look to refresh my memory indicates that

ndbm redhat 7.0

2001-02-19 Thread Anders Eriksson
Hi, Playing around with the autoconf stuff I recently found myself not being able to compile nmh anymore. The weird thing is that a fresh copy of nmh-1.0.4 fails to compile as well. What happens is that the checks for the ndbm stuff finds the .h file but no library to link with. Looking at

Re: [Fwd: Re: Questions about IMAP and sequences]

2000-09-11 Thread Anders Eriksson
ly bloated with stuff from various storage fromats. As a comment to the caching issue discussed in the thread I'd like to see that handled _inside_ the "object" which handles imap storages. /Anders Disclaimer, "Object" does not mean C++, you can do OO-like design in C.

Re: [Fwd: Re: Questions about IMAP and sequences]

2000-09-05 Thread Anders Eriksson
Are you thinking of an nmh backend to an imap server or nmh ans an imap client? I'd love to see the actual storage used in nmh 'virtualized', so we can have the same powerful command line interface and different storages (mh files, mbx, mbox, imap, ...) /Anders [EMAIL PROTECTED] said:

bcc fails

2000-06-15 Thread Anders Eriksson
application/pgp-signature" Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2000 10:28:12 +0200 From: Anders Eriksson ander@localhost - --==_Exmh_1936606584P Content-Type: text/plain; charset=iso-8859-1 Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable testbcc - --==_Exmh_1936606584P Content-T

Re: Any way to read .pst format files into nmh?

2000-05-09 Thread Anders Eriksson
fetchmail is your friend in this case. /A Jim Kubon wrote: After last weeks fun with the "I LOVE YOU" virus I have sworn off all M.S. products for reading email.. But would like to convert my .pst files (which include multiple folders) into a format that I can read with nmh