Re: [PATCH v4 5/5] notmuch-emacs-mua: do not create a frame by default with --client

2015-08-26 Thread Tomi Ollila
On Sat, Aug 15 2015, Jani Nikula wrote: Make the default behaviour for --client the same as emacsclient default: do not create a new frame. Add a new option --create-frame, passing the same option to emacsclient to create a frame. --- v2: fix killing frame with

how to make return follow hyperlink?

2015-08-26 Thread Peter Salazar
How do I make it so that hitting RET on a hyperlink follows it? Is there a setting analogous to org-return-follows-link? I often have links in incoming emails, and I'd like to be able to open them in my browser with one keystroke. Thanks! ___ notmuch

[PATCH v2] devel/release-checks: added checking of copyright year in documentation

2015-08-26 Thread Tomi Ollila
Check that copyright year will be current year in generated documentation. Checking is done my matching that copyright line contains current year as a substring which is good enough approximation in this context. --- v2 of, perhaps

[PATCH 2/2] emacs: add function to resend message to new recipients

2015-08-26 Thread Tomi Ollila
The new function notmuch-show-message-resend re-sends message to new recipients using #'message-resend. Recipients are read from minibuffer as a comma-separated string (with some keyboard support including tab completion). Final confirmation before sending is asked. --- Note that

[PATCH 1/2] emacs: add defsubst notmuch-address--message-insinuated

2015-08-26 Thread Tomi Ollila
This inline function is currently used in notmuch-address-message-insinuate (to not enable address completion if it is already enabled). In some functions later this will be called to know whether address completion can be used there, too. --- Previous version of this 2-patch series is at

Re: muchsync files renames

2015-08-26 Thread Amadeusz Żołnowski
Hi David, (Resending, because I forgot to Cc mailing list.) David Mazieres writes: 3. I run muchsync SERVER. 4. When it lasted much longer then initialization I canceled it by single SIGINT (^c). Interesting. I wish I knew why this was taking much

Re: [PATCH] cli/lib: remove support for GMime 2.4

2015-08-26 Thread David Bremner
David Bremner writes: It's becoming a maintenance burden to do anything things with the crypto glue code twice, once for 2.4 and once for 2.6. I don't have any 2.4 version available to test on my development machine anymore, so the 2.4 specific code paths are likely not very