[PATCH v2] build: drop support for xapian versions less than 1.4

2020-04-21 Thread Tomi Ollila
Xapian 1.4 is over 3 years old now (1.4.0 released 2016-06-24), and 1.2 has been deprecated in Notmuch version 0.27 (2018-06-13). Xapian 1.4 supports compaction, field processors and retry locking; conditionals checking compaction and field processors were removed but user may want to disable

Re: [PATCH] emacs: Use `cl-lib' instead of deprecated `cl'

2020-04-21 Thread David Bremner
Jonas Bernoulli writes: > David Bremner writes: > >> A quick git grep suggests there are still cl-isms in the test-harness. > > I've fixed that now, see v2. > >> I get 3 test failures > > I am having issues running the tests. Currently > notmuch-mua-send-and-exit in emacs_deliver_message from