[lieer] Release v1.2

2020-05-22 Thread Gaute Hope

lieer v1.2 has been released:


"Fast email-fetching and sending and two-way tag synchronization between
 notmuch and GMail"

TL; DR: add the `-t` option to your config, and read the below

This release polishes the `sendmail`-emulation so that it may be used
with several classic MUAs. This also includes validating recipients
specified in the headers versus those specified as arguments (not
possible when using the GMail API, use the headers). So you probably
want to add the `-t` option in your MUA config and make you MUA
provide recipients in the header fields if it does not already.

Credits for contributions in this release:

 *  Gaute Hope
 *  Stefan Kangas
 *  Adrian Petrescu
 *  Florian Klink

Regards, Gaute

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Re: [PATCH] emacs: split-window-sensibly in tree mode with open message

2020-05-22 Thread Mark Walters


> For some historical context, split-window-sensibly was introduced in 2009 [1] 
> and the (split-window-vertically (/ (window-height) 4)) code in 2012 [2]. The 
> two functions seem pretty interchangeable.

As far as I can see the split-window-sensibly version splits the window into 
two equal parts, whereas the split-window-vertically version (deliberately) 
makes the message pane bigger than the thread pane.

I definitely prefer the current version (unsurprising as I chose the split back 
in 2012), but others may disagree.

Best wishes


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