[lieer] Release v1.2

2020-05-22 Thread Gaute Hope
Greetings, lieer v1.2 has been released: https://github.com/gauteh/lieer "Fast email-fetching and sending and two-way tag synchronization between notmuch and GMail" TL; DR: add the `-t` option to your config, and read the below paragraph: This release polishes the `sendmail`-emulation so

Re: [PATCH] emacs: split-window-sensibly in tree mode with open message

2020-05-22 Thread Mark Walters
Hi > For some historical context, split-window-sensibly was introduced in 2009 [1] > and the (split-window-vertically (/ (window-height) 4)) code in 2012 [2]. The > two functions seem pretty interchangeable. As far as I can see the split-window-sensibly version splits the window into two