Re: [PATCH 15/18] crypto: actually stash session keys when try-decrypt=true

2017-12-01 Thread David Bremner
Daniel Kahn Gillmor writes: > On Thu 2017-11-16 08:53:14 -0400, David Bremner wrote: >> I'd be happier if we didn't further entrench the text format in the test >> suite. How hard would it be to use json output (+maybe python?) here? > > json output seems clunkier to me,

Re: DRAFT Introduce CFFI-based Python bindings

2017-12-01 Thread Floris Bruynooghe
Florian Klink writes: >>> I guess you'll have to convince the maintainers / users of alot and afew >>> that this makes sense before we go much further. I'd point out that >>> Debian stable is only at python 3.5, so that makes me a bit wary of this >>> (being able to run the