Re: [PATCH 15/18] crypto: actually stash session keys when try-decrypt=true

2017-12-01 Thread David Bremner
Daniel Kahn Gillmor  writes:

> On Thu 2017-11-16 08:53:14 -0400, David Bremner wrote:
>> I'd be happier if we didn't further entrench the text format in the test
>> suite. How hard would it be to use json output (+maybe python?) here? 
> json output seems clunkier to me, and i don't think it's necessary for
> the purposes of these tests.  Using python here isn't possible without
> updating the python bindings to accomodate decryption policy, which
> doesn't come until later in the series.
> so i'd prefer to leave it as-is, but i wouldn't object if someone wanted
> to propose a good patch to these tests that uses json.
>   --dkg

At some point I had the idea that we should get rid of the text output
format.  Looking at e.g. notmuch-show.c the stuff related to text output
is not as ad hoc as I remember, so maybe I should just give up on that

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Re: DRAFT Introduce CFFI-based Python bindings

2017-12-01 Thread Floris Bruynooghe
Florian Klink  writes:

>>> I guess you'll have to convince the maintainers / users of alot and afew
>>> that this makes sense before we go much further. I'd point out that
>>> Debian stable is only at python 3.5, so that makes me a bit wary of this
>>> (being able to run the test suite on debian stable and similar aged
>>> distros useful for me, and I suspect other developers).
>>> I know there are issues with memory management in the current bindings,
>>> so that may be a strong reason to push to python 3.6; it seems to need
>>> more investigation at the moment.
>>I am generally in favour of modernizing the notmuch python bindings,
>>especially when it comes to memory management and exception handling.
>>At the moment, the alot interface officially only supports python v2.7
>>but our dependencies have now mostly been updated and we are working on
>>port to python 3, see here:
> afew maintainer here ;-)
> I'm also very much in favor of a more modern and pythonic interface, and would
> gladly support retiring python 2, moving to the new interface.
> I had a quick glimpse on the code, and would like to do some annotations. I 
> fear
> it's a bit awkward to do this inside the huge patch, which might already have
> changed, and send back via email.
> Did you publish a changeset to github, or somewhere else where I could comment
> on it?

I now also pushed it to in the now, it's in the
cffi branch and all code is in bindings/notmuch-cffi.  Not sure if this
helps with commenting, I can make a pull-request to somewhere if you
want - just let me know where.

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