notmuch-search-get-tags unique candidates

2018-03-21 Thread Nicolò Balzarotti
Hi, I'm using notmuch with emacs and I'm loving it. One thing I don't like is that in `notmuch-search`, when applying a tag to a selection the tab completition return multiple copies of the same tag. Example: > -inbox > -lists/aaa > -lists > -inbox > -lists/aaa > -lists I changed

New Python bindings (was: Crash with Python bindings)

2018-03-21 Thread Justus Winter
Hi Floris :) Floris Bruynooghe writes: > This is exactly what I have fixed in my alternative bindings which I > created around the end of last year [0]. So we do have an idea of how > to fix this, at the time I said I do believe that it's possible to also > do this for the