Re: [PATCH] cli/show: add --format=pretty

2021-07-05 Thread Hannu Hartikainen

Thanks for starting discussion on the matter. Do feel free to tell me if
I have the completely wrong idea about project goals.

On Sun, 04 Jul 2021 11:38:45 -0300, David Bremner  wrote:
> This is not really directed at Hannu, but at the notmuch community. As
> you can imagine I'm not super enthusiastic an every growing number of
> output formats to maintain.

I can appreciate that. I've maintained open source software before and I
know people come up with the weirdest feature requests that simply don't
fit the scenario I'm building the software for. If this text format that
I personally like to use isn't good for the project, it definitely
should not be merged.

What do you see as the mission statement for notmuch-cli? I'd like to
make it ergonomic enough to be usable without a MUA, and it's really
close already. But if notmuch-cli is meant to be something completely
different I might just have my own set of patches or consider starting
my own project.

> One thing the old format did not do, but a generically useful on the
> command-line format probably should is deal with signature verification
> and decryption. There is obviously potential for visual spoofing, but
> maybe color can help.

I'm pretty sure you can embed ANSI escapes in email and
they'll be displayed by `notmuch show` as color in a typical terminal.
Not sure if anyone should be worried about attacks specifically against
notmuch users, though.

> In my experience, notmuch show --format=raw works pretty well
> for this. There was an issue with encoded line endings but that is fixed
> in git 2.32. What advantage does this new format bring for patches?

--format=pretty is not any better than --format=raw for use with git-am
but the point is that it's as good. I have the shell alias ns="notmuch
show --format=pretty" and I can use something like `ns tag:unread` for
reading and `ns id:some-id | git am` for applying patches. I personally
really, really like simple things that work for multiple purposes.

For human consumption the pretty format is nicer than the raw format,
and it also supports showing multiple messages.

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Re: bug#49380: 27.1; is mm-inline-message supported outside Gnus?

2021-07-05 Thread Lars Ingebrigtsen
David Bremner  writes:

> I should have been more precise. I'm calling it indirectly via
> mm-display-part, which is useful in the case where someone attaches a
> message/rfc822 part to their message. In principle notmuch can (and in
> the general case does) render the part directly, but in certain odd
> fall-back cases it is handy to give a visual representation of the part
> in the buffer without parsing etc.. ourselves.  So the user does have a
> mail reader, namely notmuch. In fact I can almost make it work by
> forcing the buffer back into notmuch-show-mode after calling
> mm-display-part, but that has some side-effects I'd prefer to avoid.

Yes, that was what I was thinking about -- the rendered embedded message
can't be easily interacted with without the mail reader being able to
hook into the rendering.  I mean, it's a kinda semi-recursive thing: You
want to be able to use (some of) the mail reader's commands to respond
to the embedded message.  Which is why `mm-inline-message' calls the
Gnus functions here.

But perhaps the function should be rewritten to call a (say)
`mm-inline-message-setup-function', bound by the caller?  Then both Gnus
and notmuch could use the function.

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